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The Dan and Leah thread

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Yes, they are one of my favourite couples at the minute, along with (spoiler for UK)

Ric and Matida

. I love how they've been through so much together and they're still going very strong. The way they got through some of those tough times puts shame on the couples that break up over silly things. (This isn't the place, so I won't mention names). But Leah and Dan are just great! :wub:

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:o How can you like Leah and Dan?! :o

If you dont like them why come on their appreaciate thread. Not everyone is obessed with Jack/Martha (who I dont really have anything against but I am sick of the hype about them & I don't understand it.)

What's not to like about Dan & Leah, they are one of the best & real couples on the show. Both fantastic actors who are very natural & realistic together (which is so important). They are so sweet together & always have fun (which is mainly due to Dan who brings out Leah's silly side more). I love how they support each other, especially lately. They are much better & easier to watch than some other couples.....

I love them, hopefully they stay a strong couple for a long time yet.

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I think Dan has made me like Leah. I never used to, but recently i've been willing her to get more storylines. I do love Dan and Leah as a couple, partly due to the sillyness, but also the closeness they seem to show together. Like the other night (UK) when Drew was at the table, Dan and Leah were curled up on the couch together watching a film. Except Sally and Superdoc Flynn, i don't think we get to see that very much on the show.

I also love Dan and Leah as parents, they seem to be the most responsible parents on the show. The way Dan is taking charge of disciplining Drew, whilst Leah teaches him the lessons he really needs to learn. (I'm basing my not-adding-Sally to the reponsible parent list on the time everyone was downstairs, and Sal said, "I'll just go get Pippa out of the bath" !! )

Leah must be very tolerant, and very loving of Dan, to put up with all the crap from Amanda she has received, and Dan similarly with all the stuff with Peter.

But, the most significant reason that i like them, has to be, without eachother, they are wrecks xxx

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