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The Spoiler Thread

Guest neighboursrox!

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Okay we're trying something new with this forum as an experiment.

It will work similar to the Australian Episodes thread in the Creativity and Multimedia Forum. So this thread is for spoilers only and any discussion, thanks, or comments on the spoilers will go in the other thread.

We appreciate it might be a bit confusing at first, particulary in the discussion thread but if you want to talk about a particular set of spoilers it is possible to use the quote button in here and then reply in the other thread and it will quote the relevant post in here for you.

Please try and state the source for your spoilers.

Thanks. The Mods.

Nell Feeney who plays Janelle Timmins

Sionoa Smit McPhee who plays Bree Timmins

Adelaide Kane who plays Lolly Carpenter

Stephanie McIntosh who plays Sky Mangel

And two others who have not been named yet.

This was all confirmed in the sunday paper.

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I Have read on another site that.........................................................

stingray dies of a brain turma/cancer. if you have seen last week of the tv.week it said someone /young will lose their battle with cancer...

This could mean that stinger is the young street member refered to in the 2007 spoilers as having a battle with cancer-i'm so glad they are not killing Dylan...well so far theres nothing to suggest they are neway. I also hope they don't send him to prison!!! anybody have any ideas as to how dylan might leave?

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For the week of 29th January - 2nd February.

Monday 29th January - Episode 5136

Wicked Paul drives Janelle to violence - and lets Elle believe she's lost her daddy's love. Lolly's disappointed when Rachel is surprisingly unruffled by Sky and Stingray's 'sleepover'.

Tuesday 30th January - Episode 5137

Paul gives Janelle more than enough rope to hang herself. Will's brother arrives with startling news - and exposes Will as a fraud! Pepper makes a startling discovery about Frazer's deception.

Wednesday 31st January - Episode 5138

Toadie's determined to fight for the woman he loves. Disgusted with Frazer, Pepper vows to spill the beans. Susan's at the end of her tether with Karl's feathered friend.

Thursday 1st February - Episode 5139

Shocked by Toadie's bombshell, Max challenges Steph's commitment to their marriage. Sky and Stingray take cross dressing to artistic extremes and Ned sinks to a new low when he steals from the Scarlet Bar.

Friday 2nd February - Episode 5140

Frazer is held responsible for Ned's theft and Katya fears she is to blame for unleashing Ned's dark side. The Cammeniti sisters receive some disturbing news from their father. Jealous Dylan tries to get Will's big secret out of Elle.

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Hands up if you want spoilers!

Well im giving them to you anyway.

*Rachel and Ringo will be the streets next ''big'' romance.

*Rumours of a whole new family with no connections to the street to come in.

(Also rumours that the new family are the Boyds Tamasian fling Glenn's family)

*Janelle will have a serious meltdown with plenty of emotional scenes, most likely because of Stingrays and Dylans departures.

*I am not 100% sure about this, but apparently Zeke Kinski will get cancer, he will be ok, but its a big storyline for him.

* Paul and Karl are set to butt heads.

*Stingray Timmins will die (they told me that was confirmed, but no one knows how he dies)

*Apparently the storyline with Paul and Ned is really bad.

*Gail (Pauls ex) is returning in 2007 as a guest character.

*Rumours of more characters have started including Connors Brother and a new love for Harold yet these have not been confirmed.

*Pepper will be taken hostage by her secret admirer.

Well thats it for now!

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Hey Guys a round up of the old and new spoilers regarding neighbours that are doing the rounds.

Stringray will die suddently from cancer and Dylan will realise how much he missed out on, with fighting with Stringray over the last few months, that he leaves Ramsay street to 'find himself'. ...........however someone else has posted a spoiler on bbtb saying that it's kerry who gets lukemia and stinger dies donating. i think the 1st spoiler is correct as tvaus always has reliable spoilers but i'm not 100%.

Janae and Boyd will break up when Boyd cant stop thinking about new neighbour Glenn.

Bree and Janelle decide to leave Ramsay street. It is possible that they will move with Kim who is coming back for a guest role.

Skye decides to move away to raise Kerry on her own, feeling she cannot rely on her Granddad forever.

Susan and Karl head off to London on a holday and run into pregnant Izzy, who is carring Karls baby! Watch out for ex spice girl Emma Bunton.

Pauls ex wife gail has been signed on for a guest starting re-occuring role which means she will be appearing in and out of Ramsay street. Robert will also reappear at Katyas court case.

Ned has major problems this year with gambling and stealing money.

Pepper is taken hostage by someone who has been stalking her. Her Dad rescues her.

Pepper and Rosie kiss...to help Rosie get a technique.

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Monday 12th February - Episode 5146

Harold's car is stolen - along with baby Kerry! Carmella uses childhood tricks to work out where Rosie stashed the money. Summer confronts Max and Steph over their happy family act.

Tuesday 13th February - Episode 5147

Harold saves himself with a massive lie. It's a Valentines Day massacre as desperate Ned does Paul's wicked bidding. Rosie reluctantly agrees to help Carmella with the family business.

Wednesday 14th February - Episode 5148

Ned's plan succeeds with devastating consequences. Heartbroken Elle vows to be a daddy's girl forever. Max and Steph seek refuge in the past, but do they have a future?

Thursday 15th February - Episode 5149

Will Lolly come clean about her disturbing secret? Toadie has a hot date - but is it all that it seems? Hopeless Ringo only manages to upset Rachel further. Pepper lets it slip that Frazer has a secret.

Friday 16th February - Episode 5150

Lolly's lie claims Pepper as a victim. It's the end of an era for one of Ramsay street's most loved couples. Shattered Pepper strives to repair the rift with her mum. Karl realises the debt he owes Susan.

Hope you enjoy!

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Monday 19th February - Episode 5151

Elle begins a scheme to stop Carmella and Oliver getting together. Despite words to the contrary, Dylan struggles with Stingray's involvement in Kerry's upbringing. Frazer finally spills his big secret to Rosie - and Paul offers her a shoulder to cry on.

Tuesday 20th February - Episode 5152

Elle lobs a bombshell into Janae and Boyd's marriage. Frazer vows to fight for Rosie's love while Ringo's desperate to impress Rachel. Carmella ignores her uncle's threats and gets down to business.

Wednesday 21st February - Episode 5153

Glenn demands to know why Boyd has denied the extent of their liaison. Harold struggles to escape from the tightening web of his lie. Paul forces Ned into committing another felony.

Thursday 22nd February - Episode 5154

Kerry's worrying health gives Dylan a much needed wake-up call. Overwhelmed by fear, Lolly runs away from her problems. Susan turns her wrath on Karl's beard.

Friday 23rd February - Episode 5155

Lolly's real tormentor makes her menace known. Sky receives chilling news about Kerry. Toadie's dial-a-date tells him she'd like to be romanced for real. Rachel sees a new side to Ringo - and at last she likes it!

Enjoy Guys xx

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Monday 5th March - Episode 5161

Lolly takes deadly steps to rid herself of Sandy. Rosie and Pepper realise that their kiss ain't as private as they hoped. Pepper is thrilled to discover she has a secret admirer!

Tuesday 6th March - Episode 5162

Sandy's life lies in Lolly's hands. Boyd fears Janae has been driven to murder. Ringo's secret shame prevents him from kissing Rachel.

Wednesday 7th March - Episode 5163

Falsely accused Janae presents Boyd with a shock ultimatum. Lolly's forced to confront the terrible consequence of her sabotage. Susan shares her true misgivings on Karl's seachange.

Thursday 8th March - Episode 5164

Dylan vows revenge on Paul for Kerry's illness. Carmella has to play dirty to defeat Ray. Jealous Paul refuses to share Ned with anybody. Karl struggles to remain afloat in the office.

Friday 9th March - Episode 5165

Elle wreaks havoc on Carmella and Oliver, and revisits Ned. Steph comes to the rescue to save a missing child. Janelle throws Paul's cheque back in his face. Bree and Zeke cover for Karl's secretarial inadequacies

And kinda a suprise although there where rumors going about...:( lol


"Catching up with Tom Oliver, longstanding cast member of 'Neighbours', Madison's Anthony Simons asked what exciting storylines the show was to offer in 2007, its 22nd year in production. Oliver pauses before replying "Lou is to have a dramatic exit this year...I can't say any more but it'll be an unforgetable end to a best loved character." Oliver's character, Louis Carpenter has become a veteran figure by both cast members and viewers, being one of the central protagonists within Ramsay Street's increasingly variant storylines over recent years. Oliver however sees Lou's exit as positive- "2006 was definatley one of our best years and I think Lou should go out on a high in 2007. And what better way than what Lou does best; trying to make a quick 'buck'". We press Oliver further but he refuses to divulge any more information. His exit will be screened at the end of the year."


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Monday 19th March - Episode 5171

Elle's got Oliver right where she wants him.

Toadie makes Abby a surprising offer.

Pepper's secret admirer ups the stakes.

Karl and Susan are faced with holiday disaster.

Tuesday 20th March - Episode 5172

London-loving Karl and Susan get a blast from their past - Izzy!

Ned's bizarre Robinson love triangle is busted wide open.

Gullible Oliver falls for Elle's scheme.

Frazer's new girl is a common thief.

Wednesday 21st March - Episode 5173

Karl finally pops the question.

Destitute Izzy wants only to be a footballer's wife!

Rosie reaches out to lost Lolly.

Paul and Elle are unable to keep their hands off Ned.

Thursday 22nd March - Episode 5174

Kerry is given a new chance at life while another life comes to a tragic end.

Glenn is afraid to tell Boyd that she may be pregnant.

Ringo worries if he's man enough for Rachel.

Janelle is treated to a surprise birthday party.

Friday 23rd March - Episode 5175

Ramsay Street mourns the loss of Stingray.

Dylan kidnaps Paul.

Ringo helps grieving Rachel by agreeing to put their new relationship on hold.

Yeayh the return of Izzy and the death of stinger finally comes around-meaning dylans to leave next week :( getting a bit concerned about the ned, elle, paul situation.......lol.

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