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Home and Away - The Tears of 2006

Guest -Karen-

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As promised here is my next music video. I have put together clips of the emotional scenes in Home and Away this year, and trust me there were loads to choose from! In fact I had real trouble in deciding which to keep and which to cut! Hope you all enjoy it and just a quick word of advice, some of you may need some tissues handy!

You can download it here

or watch it on you tube


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Thanks Lilone :) It did take ages! It is surprising how many tears have been shed this year. If my memory serves me correctly Mattie and Rachel topped the crying tables!! And I think there were only a couple of people who DIDN'T cry this year... Macca, Peter (he is in the video but he didn't actually cry), Barry, Colleen (she may have but I didn't have any clips of her crying), VJ and Ryan :P:D

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