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Without Words (by Jamey-Maria) - comments


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Awww you're a lil' softie at heart really aren't ya?! :P

Full of fluff but not just any ordinary fluff, J&M fluff! *girly sigh* :wub:

Watching their little angel sleep.

She won't be one when she grows up :P With Martha' stubborness she'll be a nightmare!

You should definitly write more soppy fics, put a smile on my face :)

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Nope, this was in the right place. One-shots are meant to go in the Library but the Librarians are the only people who can open topics in there so we just ask people to open the fics as usual and we'll move them over.

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You're so soppy it hurts! :P

Well as you know, I'm not a baby person. I do like them, but nothing really fascinates me with them. Which is why I'm not a JM baby person i think. That's why it took me so long for me to come around to reading it.. :P

Well let me just say, you so made it work! I'm not so against JM babies now! It was so cute and adorable, and made me smile. :) Aww, it was lovely.

Well done Krys! Update Harry's Revenge.

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:o Can't believe I didn't comment on this before it hadn't been moved. It was amazing, if only it was like that on the show *sighs*. I loved reading that and I'm sure if I ever get depressed about what is happening on the show I will just read that.

It was just adorable, not much else I can say really apart from I loved it and it was amazingly written, cheered me up a bit :) Fantastic writing.

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