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The Never-ending Home & Away Story


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I remember about a year ago we had two of these running and alot of people had great fun. I was giong to continue it but I can't find it so we'll start a new one! :D

We had good storys running last time like Josh and Kim being gay, Hayley sleeping with the whole town and ending up pregnant, Tony hiding in a dishwasher after having an affair with Martha, Matilda falling into a tub of youghurt just to name a few.

The point of this game is to continue where the story left off by the last poster. It doesn't have to make sense, it can be as farfetched and over-the-top as much as you want. It could be violent, raunchy, funny, dramatic etc etc etc. You can add dialogue and just a few lines, nothing gigantic like a fanfic series. I'll start it off.

Lucas and Ric began to take drugs on top of the surf club rooftop and moments later, they began to feel funny.

"I love you Ric." Lucas said smooching Ric's face

"Look how high we are. I wonder if we could fly?" Ris said smiling.

"Ric, we can fly because we're getting high!" Lucas said. "One, two three!" Lucas screamed as he jumped off the rooftop, thinking he could fly, but ended up on the floor, until...

Now for someone to continue the story... I hope this takes off because we had heaps good fun doing this :lol:

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Until he started to fall, and landed on top of a passing by Beth.

"What are you doing?", she yelled at them, who were trying to hide their laughter.

Seeing as she couldn't get a straight answer, she was about to take them to the police station, when...

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All of a sudden Beth was hit by a push bike. As she hit her head on the ground, blood began to pour out by bucket loads.

"She's dying" Ric yelled!

The rider of the pushbike came off to see what they hit. Ric looked at the person weirdly when he learnt the person was...

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