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Where Do You Go...? (by Eli) - comments


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That was great Eli. I keep meaning to read some of your stuff since I Love Music recommended it to me but I just never seem to have time to get into new fics at the moment. I really liked that though. your language and description were great, really bought the setting to life and the emotion. Poor Jade, I felt her pain.

My only criticism was that it was too short so I really hope you contine with this.

is there a reason you didn't put an explanation of who the fic was about in the title btw?

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Firstly: Thanks! :D

To be honest I didn't think very much (I'm glad you liked it because it's late and I'm tired, so I was afraid it sucked as I just came up with it) and that's probably why I didn't write who it was about. But when I look back now it might have been a good thing :wink:

There's actually a reason why it was so short (probably the only thing I thought through about this story :lol: ) is that in my previous two fics I have much longer chapters, and I don't have many readers, so I was hoping shorter chapters would get me more readers. And also, I admire the ability (not that I have it) to capture someone with few words. I really want to see if I can get the reader into the story by writing short chapters, describing how she feels.

But I agree that this chapter was VERY short, the next ones will be longer than this one, trust me! :)

EDIT: That was a LOT of spelling mistakes :lol:

Edited by Eli Roenning
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Don't appologise, I only mentioned about it being short because I enjoyed reading it so much.

In my opinion unless you're writing J/M or stalker fics who have their own huge fanbase, it takes a while for authors to build up a following of readers. I'm also of the opinion that quality is better than quantity in terms of what readers you attract. Also you're writing about characters who aren't 'current' in UK or Australia at the moment so the majority of younger viewers won't have a clue who you're on about. I'm the same though but my advice would be to stick with writing and if your writing is good enough, which yours is, you'll pick up readers along the way and those you do pick up will stick, if that makes sense.

If you did want to put an explanation there just let me know and I'll edit the topic title but I wasn't getting at you I was just intrigued!

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I know what you mean. I watch the current Australian episodes, but everyone is writing J/M and stalked fanfics (no offence, some of them are really good!!) and I want to write something a bit different. Also Jade is one of my all time favourites, and in my opinion someone you can write a lot about (she could have been so much better if she had been given any good storylines)

To get readers you need to have "a name" if you know what I mean, so I'm just hoping that 2007 will be my year :P

And it's a good sign my fanfics have been recommended, (thanks ILM!) I never thought that'd happen!

I better go to bed now before I get some crazy idea for a new chapter ending up being a total disaster :P

I really appreciate your reviewing by the way, thanks again :)

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So dark, so angsty, this is totally my kind of fic! Even for a short introduction, it set a scene perfectly, and I felt what Jade was feeling.

There aren't enough Jade fics on this board, by the way, so Kudos for writing one with such emotional depth, and managing to explore it in such a short amount of words. The fact that you can create that kind of feeling without really needing to delve into the emotional backstory so far as of yet is astounding!

I'd love to see this fic expanded upon, takes me back to the days when everything wasn't about fluff and happiness.

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Couldn't agree more Jess. I was actually thinking yesterday when I looked on the front page that there wasn't a single fic that I really wanted to read. Obviously that changed when you updated today :P but yesterday I actually felt really old! Its nice to see something different.

Edit: No offence meant to any fic writers its just that I'm not really in a reading mood at the moment and it takes something a bit different to draw me in right now.

Edited by Skykat
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