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PICZO users, please read!

Guest Marieh

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So lately I've seen some avatars which I've made and several other people have made.

Nr 1. Did you ask the make of the avatar(s)? I can say for a fact that I've never been asked if someone could use my work at their piczo site (or any other site)

Nr 2. Did you credit the maker? I haven't seen anyone crediting other people for their work all I could see was the site was mede by *******.

And then Nr. 3 I'll not name and shame YET! I'll give this a few days and if I still see my work on peoples sites (piczo!) I'll start the whole thing. If you want to use my avatars on this site (or any other forum), that's one thing, if you want to upload them on sites and other things please let me know, and CREDIT me!

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It dosen't bother me that people have my avatars on their site, but when they don't credit and they say on the "main page" that they made the site it looks like they made the avatars too, and that bothers me :P

The whole piczo consept is out of hand :P

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Thats what worries me about my avatars and stuff.

You can see on this site,well most people anyway..But other sites you have no clue..

Taking and not asking or crediting is one thing but another is hotlinking..Thats what i hate most.

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I haven't checked out any piczo pages in months, so I have no idea if any of my work is used without permission, but I'm definitely going to be more aware of it.

I don't get the whole hotlinking thing either. I've read the information posted here about it so I get how they do it, but I don't really get the point and how you find out, I just don't do it because it says it's bad. Is it because people can track your album or something?

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