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Bad Mistake

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Topic Title – Bad Mistake

Topic Description – Pretty much around the lives of the many people in Summer Bay, mainly Jack and Martha.

Type of story: Undecided

Rating: T

Main Characters: ie. Jack and Martha

Genre: Mixture

Warnings: V/D

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Unknown.

Chapter One

“Male, aged 65, cardiac arrest on scene, and on route, broken leg and arm to the left side, suspected internal injuries.” A hospital medic stated to Dr Rachel Armstrong.

“Get him into emergency room one.” She said quickly “How’s she?” She asked quickly.

“Female, aged 53, internal injuries and bleeding, and broken leg. Unconscious on our arrival.” She stated to Rachel.

“Get her into emergency room two.” She snapped quickly “How’s he?” She stated, pointing the 18 year old man in front of her in a wheelchair.

“Fractured arm, backseat passenger.” Came the statistics.

“Alright Ric, let’s get you into a room and get you settle alright?” She said, as medics hurried to and fro from his grandfather and aunt’s rooms.

“I want to be with them.” He protested.

“Sorry Ric but you can’t. They are in urgent need of medical treatment and you need the help as well.” Rachel told him, taking him into a room.

“You’ve got to contact Martha!” He said, being pushed by Rachel into his room.

“Remember, nobody’s been able to contact her for 2 years and 7 months Ric, I doubt she’ll be able to be contacted now.” Rachel reminded him.

“Get me a phone I want to try that number again. She’s my cousin, she’d want to know how her family was.” He snapped at her.

“Fine.” She said, grabbing the phone.


“I left a message.” Mumbled a disheartened Ric Dalby, three days later. That was the tenth message he’d left. All Martha had left was an emergency number. She never answered calls, just listened to messages, and called back if it was an emergency.

“Ric she obviously needs time to get over it. It’s a huge thing that happened. She, like Robbie, needs time.” Sally said softly.

“Does Jack even know where she is?” Irene asked.

“Nobody would know, especially not Jack. He broke her heart, running off with Tasha while they were stranded. Of course she doesn’t want him knowing where she is. Can’t say I blame her, either. I bet that Jack was one of the things that kept her going over that week. A week that it took her husband to move on.”

“Apparently he regrets it but there isn’t anything you can do. They were going through a rough patch before the crash as well, a month after the wedding,the crash a month after the wedding turned hell by Zoe. A week later, they were in trouble. Then the six on a trip that was meant to be one of joy, a trip to make everyone forget what had happened, to get them surgery. She came back to a husband who’d gone with her best friend, and so did Robbie. So I guess neither will forgive them anytime soon.”

“Robbie’s near talking to Tasha, I think.” Irene reminded them.

“I don’t blame him if he never goes near her again. He’d already spent months grieving over the fact Tasha had miscarried his baby, then his wife went and left him. That’d take a lot to get over.” Ric reminded them.

“I hope she comes in time, nobody knows if Morag or Alf will make it.” Sally said, hugely upset.

NEXT CHAPTER: Will Martha come in time? What has she been hiding since she left?


-Note- It’s short, because the next chapter will be long.

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argh STUPID JACK AND TASHA i hated them when this was happening on the show but i kinda wanted them to go down this road with them cause it would be alot of drama so im glad your doing it aww i hope martha comes back well this is great i loved it update ASAP and omgosh paris what is this the fourth one you've got going at the moment!! GO PARIS lol wel update ASAP

<3 Tiff

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Chapter Two

Martha stared at the answering machine, the fear in Ric’s voice still forcing its way through her brain. This wasn’t some trick to get her to return home, she still called Summer Bay home, after all she’d been through. Her brain was telling her to go, but her heart was telling her she couldn’t. She couldn’t put herself through the pain of seeing Jack, it had taken her seven months to get over that pain. The pain she had been so forcefully thrown through. She still couldn’t bear the thought of facing Jack, after he’d run of with Tash while she was facing death head on. She flicked her gaze to her son, who was begging her attention. Jaysen Jack Holden had been born two years and two months ago, along with his sister, Linden Ruth Holden. Jaysen and Linden were her beloved twin children, children that her former husband had no idea existed. She’d left Summer Bay because she wanted Jack to know nothing about her pregnancy “Jay, what’s wrong?” She asked her son softly, picking him up.

“Mummy, Lin won’t share.” He said, obviously upset by the fact his sister wouldn’t share.

“What won’t she share sweet?” She asked.

“She no share the block.” He said.

“How about mummy goes and talks to Lin for you?” She asked him.

“Thanks mummy.” He said, slowly starting to smile. Linden and Jaysen, most commonly called Lin and Jay, were very close. They had a strong bond with their mother, who adored them. Jaysen was a sweet young boy, who looked a lot like his father, Jack Holden. He had his father’s brown eyes, whilst Linden had her mother’s bright, fiery blue eyes, but seeing as both their parents had brown hair, that was obviously their hair colour.

Martha kissed her son’s head, before heading into the twin’s room at the small, two bedroom apartment.


Jack sat at the table early morning. The whole town knew about Alf, Morag and Ric’s accident, and everyone was up in arms. Jack was thinking about a different side to that story. The fact that Martha wouldn’t get to see her grandfather and aunt if they did pass, and she wouldn’t be there to help Ric. Thinking about Martha was something he tried to avoid. Jack had realised that his feelings for Tasha weren’t of love, they had been confused, and he’d taken it for love. He knew that he and Tasha didn’t belong together, him and Martha did but he doubted that would ever happen. Martha was remembered by all in the Bay, a lot of the Bay had figured he regretted it, he just didn’t seem as natural around Tasha as he had around Martha, he obviously missed her. So the town had forgiven him, seeing he was unsure, but Tasha had received a lot of criticism. She had dumped Robbie, who’d risked everything for her, and left him, months after having a miscarriage. Although Tasha told otherwise, the baby had been Jonah’s, Robbie just hadn’t put the dates together properly. Jack sighed, he’d found that out. He’d seen something written that explained that. He looked at the ring, held in his right hand. He wished he could wear that ring, he wished so badly that the wedding band Martha had given him he could still wear but he couldn’t. He also knew Tasha was expecting him to divorce Martha soon, to give way for their immanent marriage, something Jack wasn’t sure he wanted. For the past two years and seven months, his feelings for his current girlfriend had been simply confused, nothing more. He hated not being with Martha, but there wasn’t anything he could do. He looked at the front door, his thoughts obviously going through his head. He knew what he had to do. He wrote the note, packed his bags and left, back for his home he still had kept.


“Jack you can’t do this to me!” Tasha yelled at him, banging on his front door “You can’t leave me!” She continued her ranting and yelling, obviously not going to give up.

He threw open the door “Tasha, get it through your thick head. I don’t love you. I never did, I was confused but now I know I don’t belong with you. I belong with Martha.” He said clearly, unaware that two of his fellow residents of the Bay were listening through partly open doors. They were Madge Wilkins and Colleen Smart, who were surprised to hear the news Jack Holden presented them with. They heard a door slam and hurriedly closed their doors, both racing to the phone.


Martha sighed as she turned off her ute’s engine, looking into the backseat at her two year old children, asleep. She smiled softly at them, not wanting to wake them up. As if on cue, Lin stirred, slowly waking up. Martha smiled as she quietly got out, letting Lin out to stretch her little legs. She gently woke Jay, knowing that if she didn’t, then Lin would. Lin was rather shy around strangers, whereas Jay was bouncing around playing and talking with anyone. So while Jay would be running around playing tag with the other children, Lin would most often be with her mother. But, when it was just the three at their home, Lin’s shyness disappeared. Martha knew that Jay was going to need a father figure, so would Lin but she didn’t know. She desperately wanted Jack back but she knew that it was pointless, he had Tasha now he didn’t need her. He also didn’t need their children. She sighed, picking up Lin as she took Jay’s hand, heading into the diner.

“Martha!” Came Ric’s shocked voice.

Jack turned, surprised to see his former wife standing in the doorway. However, he was met with a surprise. In her arms was a little girl, and by her side was a little boy. He suddenly knew why nobody was allowed see her, she had children and she didn’t want anybody knowing. He noticed the little boy, he was a replica of him. He looked at Martha, who looked at him with a look of sadness.

Martha ignored Jack, heading straight to Ric, and putting both her kids in the booth “Alright, Ric, tell me what’s going on.” She asked, she needed to know.

“Their alive, Aunty Morag’s awake but Grandad’s in a coma. Morag’s been hoping you’d come, I see why you didn’t come back though, two kids. They’re gorgeous Martha.” Ric said, giving his cousin a gentle smile.

“Thanks.” She said quietly, putting a shy Lin in her lap “This is Linden, and that’s Jaysen.” She said, introducing her children to Ric.

“Hey.” He said softly to them “I’m Uncle Ric!” He said, picking Jaysen up across the table.

Martha smiled as she watched Ric play with Jaysem, aware that Jack’s eyes were on them. She ignored him, he wasn’t worth her getting upset and she wasn’t going to waste her time with him.

Ric noticed and muttered “Mac, Jack broke it off with Tash because he realised he still loved you.”

Martha looked surprised and stared at Jack, now completely unsure. She gave him a tentative smile, noting the relief showing on his face as he smiled back. She turned to Ric “I’m going to head to the hospital, wanna come?” She asked him.

“Sure.” He readily agreed, picking up Jay and heading out.


“You go in first.” Ric said, pointing towards the door.

Martha sighed, holding both her children firmly in her arms and knocked hesitantly on Morag’s door. She got the ok to come in, opening it and heard her Aunty’s gasp for shock.

“Martha!” Morag exclaimed.

“Aunty Morag.” Martha said, smiling as she walked over, sitting on a chair.

“You have kids?” Morag asked in disbelief.

“I was pregnant to Jack when I left.” She said quietly.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” Her Aunt needed to know.

“Because I didn’t want Jack to know, and I wanted to be forgotten. Then I heard about the accident, realising that it was time I come back. The city isn’t my home.” She admitted “Summer Bay is my home.” She said with determination.

“Jack left Tasha because he loves you, apparently he never loved her he was just confused and she pushed him into it. So, maybe there will be love for you on the horizon?” Morag said, smiling “Now, introduce me to your beautiful children.” She said with a smile.

“This is Linden and that’s Jaysen. This is your Aunty Morag.” She said softly “It’ll be weird, both me and them calling you Aunty won’t it?” Martha said smiling.

“Yes but I don’t mind. They are beautiful.” Morag assured her “You’re grandfather would love to see them, except he’s in a coma dear.” She said, touching her hand to Martha’s.

“I know.” She said softly.


“Ric you can go in.” Martha said, half an hour later, leading her kids out of the room.

“Alright.” Ric said, heading in.

Martha sat there, waiting for Ric to come so they could talk when she saw a shadow. She looked up to see Jack, he was obviously unsure about whether he should stay or go “Sit down.” She instructed.

Jack smiled at her, sitting down “I’m sorry for everything.” He said, looking her straight in the eye “I knew I was stupid.” He admitted.

“Did you ever love Tasha?” She demanded.

“No, I was confused.” He said softly.

“Did you ever sleep with her?” She didn’t know if she wanted to know, but she needed to.

“No, never. I didn’t want to.” He said, looking her straight in the eye and she knew he wasn’t lying.

“Alright.” She said, admitting defeat. Almost “You’re not off the hook.” She warned him “But as long as you don’t go out with Tasha, you’re fine. It will take time, I don’t know how long it’ll take for me to forgive, but finding out that Tasha pushed you into commitment eased my mind slightly.” She said, smiling.

“Are these my kids? Just don't know how old they are.” He asked.

“Yes. That’s Jaysen Jack Holden and that’s Linden Ruth Holden.” She said, smiling as she pulled a shy Lin into her arms.

“Wow. What will they know me as?” He asked.

“Daddy.” She said simply. Originally, she was going to make him suffer, but she felt her feelings good and strong, and she knew that eventually she would give in, she loved him he was her husband.

“So, no divorce yet?” He asked.

“I’ll see.” She said simply, she wasn’t committing herself yet.

“That’s fine.” He assured her.

“It better be.” She warned him.

“It will. I’ll do anything you ask.” He said, picking up Rowan.

NEXT CHAPTER: Will Alf wake up? And will Tasha cause trouble for Martha and Jack, even though she knows they have children together.


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