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Vivia's Avavtars

Guest Vivica

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ok it's been awhile since i've made avatars lol so *fingers crossed* they're ok.

these are the first H&A ones i have ever!! made ,theres a first for everything!

ok soo 3 Belle


the original


this ones my fav


add a splash of colour!

ok these are jsut what i've got tonight i'll make more tomorrow when i get home from my exam.

sooo please leave me comments.

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Thanks heres some drew!




Metalic(this was just messing about)


Rough around the edges :P


Original with text

As always tell me what you think,more coming soon ( as in i'm in the middle of them now lol)

and can anyone help me with brushes etc for Photoshop CS2??

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Thank you!

yeah the robbie and Tasha ones are my fav's aswell.

i'm looking for brushes etc for photoshop CS2 anyone know where i can get them???

oo and another Belle one!


I forgot to add this Mattie one


and my first banner(it's not very good)


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