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Topic Title – Affair

Topic Description – Two of the Home and Away cast members.

Type of story: One Shot

Rating: T: Teen content. Mild or suggestions of adult content or themes

Main Characters: Nic Bishop, and a female..

Genre: Romance, comedy.

Warnings: No warnings.

Is Story being proof read: No.

Summary: Briefly summarise your story (5 lines max).

Affair is just basically two cast members cheating on their partners with each other.

“Keep your voice down Nic, someone might hear you and walk in on us,” she giggled as she threw her arms around his shoulders holding him close.

“Sorry,” he whispered and kissed her neck gently.

“What would happen if my husband found out?”

“He would most probably leave you same as my girlfriend,”

“Then why are we doing this, why have we been cheating on them for months?”

“Because we have something special beautiful,”

“Maybe,” she signed as she rested her head on his shoulder.

“I have to go,” he spoke up, breaking the silence.

“Aww why?”

“I have a scene to shoot shortly with Bobby,”

“When will I see you next?”

“Later today? Same place as always,”

She nodded.

“I love you.” He said as he gently kissed her then left the store room. She left about 5 minutes later when the cost was clear.

“Nic it’s about time,” Daniel snapped as Nic finally made his way to set.

“Sorry had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction,”

“Right I guess, that’s why you have lipstick on your collar,”

“I...Yeah, Claire came by earlier,”

”She did?” Bobby spoke up giving Nic, one of those awkward hug guys do.


“I didn’t see her; I was going to ask her if she wanted me to baby-sit for Ava on the weekend cos you two are going out to dinner,”

“Oh, ill ring her up soon, I’m sure it will be fine,”

“Right you two on set now, I haven’t got forever,” Daniel snapped. Bobby and Nic walked onto set and began to shoot their scene.

“Hey it’s about time,” Amy joked as she hugged her friend,” Where have you been?”

“Oh you know, husbands,” she joked.

“No I don’t know, I’m not married remember?” she laughed.

“Yeah I was kidding,”

“Is he giving you a hard time?”


“Oh ok, its just you seem a bit off or something?”

“Nah I’m fine, I think you’re seeing things,”

“Ok, just let me know if you want to talk,” Amy smiled as she gave her friend another hug.

As she watched Amy walk off she sighed as her phone rang, she checked the caller display before answering it, it was her husband.

“Hello? Oh hey, oh…you’re going to at work late again? Ok, I love you too, bye,”

She hung up.

“Another damm late night, just marry your damm job,” she muttered.

As she shut the store room door behind her she lent against the door. She shut her eyes and counted to one hundred just then there was the familiar coded knock on the door, she grinned as she flung it open.

“Nic it’s about time,” she laughed as she shut the door behind him. They shared a kiss; they were still kissing when the door was opened.

“Holly! Nicolas!” Indiana shouted, shocked, with Jessica and Sharni standing right beside her.

Insperation to Lilone2006 :D Girl you rock! :P

Its a one-shot by the way :)


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