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I Want You To Want Me...(Unfinished Business)

Guest SfanS

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Hey, guys! This is the fixed version of Unfinished business. I hated the title, so I changed it to that^^ It's a song title or something. Here it is, hope you enjoy!:

She watched the final people walk slowly out of the church, after the long sad funeral they had attended. It had been packed, he was a loved, well-know resident, and they were all truly were going to miss him. She went over quietly to his grave, when all the people had disappeared, so she could have time alone with him.

She knelt down before it, placing down fresh, picked flowers, his favourite kind. He had no idea. She knew him. She was no longer in it for fun; she was in it for love. A tear slipped down her cheek, falling to the ground, the soil taking it down through the ground, to where he had been buried and now rested in peace.

“I never got to tell him-” she whispered. As the number of tears increased before she was sobbing on the ground, knelt down, bent over his grave, wishing and praying he’d come back to her, and things could be easier. For her, for life, for everyone…

It was a feeling she’d never felt before, a feeling she would never feel again.

He was gone. Forever. She would never see him again. It was over. Though, it never was.

She wasn’t capable of feeling anything at that moment. She didn’t eat. She lay, she sat, and she slumped around in silence. She felt an emptiness she had never felt before, and no one thought she was capable of feeling. No one thought she would miss him, she was supposed to be a cruel woman, and he was an excellent, intelligent, caring man, and compared to her was a heavenly saint,- who despised her. He had a reason to, too. She had hurt him and his family too many times to count, yet she still wanted forgiveness, and still cared, though they had no idea.

It was at the wedding, the gorgeous ceremony of Jack and Martha’s beautiful uniting, that she first felt the strange attraction. He now seemed different in her eyes, more than just someone she had had an old spark with…not old anymore though, it was present, with her that day. Current.

The ceremony was beautiful, yet she only was watching the wedding out of the corner of her eye, because instead she couldn’t take her eyes off him. Her eyes were fixed on his handsome face, yet he didn’t once turn to look at her, although she wished she would catch her eye. She didn’t care about him not feeling an attraction to her, because her feelings were too strong to even bother to stop and think about how HE felt, she loved him already.

But then the diaster, the horrible unthinkable happened. The evil stalkers of the town came in, they were worse, more powerful than her and in comparison, she was a saint. Eve and Tracey burst through the doors, and ruined it all. It was a perfect evening, before they walked through those doors, letting the gas leak in, and the cake and sparklers come out for the ‘celebration’. And the whole barn exploded, putting everyone’s lives in danger. A perfect night ruined, a perfect future, a perfect chance- ruined.

She got out fine…it should’ve been her. But when she heard the news, he had died; they all looked at her facial expression in awe. She cared? Why should she? She was a user, the town vixen. But she was human, and she did have feelings. They had no idea, but it was true. She did.

They didn’t understand. She wasn’t loved. She wasn’t cared for. They were, but she wasn’t, and they didn’t understand what that felt like. For once, she wanted to be cared for, and loved for once, and that was something she thought men could give to her…and when she had too many, it didn’t matter, for she was loved. It didn’t matter who, or under what circumstances…she would be loved.

But the news came around to her, and she gasped in horror. She was planning to act on it, planning to talk to him, explain to him everything. But it was too late. The one person that could make her happy was the one person she couldn’t have.

And once again she was unhappy, and tried whatever she could to ease the pain. Because it was as hard as facing he was gone, that she had a feeling of emptiness, and the fact that nothing ever happened, she never got to once again touch him, or kiss him. He was simply gone forever.

But he had a son. A rebel that was daring and attractive, that she couldn’t stay away from, that she couldn’t say no to. He had wanted her from as soon as he had seen her. A beautiful, daring, rebellious, woman. Years apart, but such an attraction, he would not give up. If she had just the slightest feeling towards him, he was certain to act on it. He tried and tried, and went after her day after day, and that was a whole new feeling for her. She didn’t have to go after them-because someone went after her.

He made her feel loved, protected and wanted for once in her life. Guys only either wanted her for the sex, because she was easy, or were convinced by her saying she had changed, but that only lasted for awhile.

But one day, she couldn’t refuse any more…she gave in, and they shared a passionate, long kiss. They had to sneak around, and they were pushing the limit to everything-breaking the rules. They thought they were in love, and broke rule after rule, they went behind backs, behind doors, and what they did was unknown to the world, but it didn’t matter to the. They were told off by everyone that knew, everyone around them, but they ignored the comments, the sneers, the insults, and waved them off. They had each other.

For long enough. But a gang went after him, Things got tough, on everything. They, as singular people, as a couple, and nothing was working. Things got complicated, and their relationship couldn’t survive. She was thirteen years older, and they were hearing about the facts of it from everyone around them. Their relationship was no more…and she was forced to let go of him…of love.

It was too much for the younger boy to handle. Things got worse than either of them could ever have imagined. She got an even worse reputation in Summer Bay, she was no friend of theirs. Called a skank, a vixen, a bi***, was something all she was used to. But she had never felt as bad about it. Things were hard enough, but then something even worse happened...the boy disappeared.

He couldn’t be found, he wasn’t seen. She felt awful, what if he had done something to himself? Something stupid, gone and got himself killed, hurt himself? It was just like him to do that. They sent out the police out on a search, but she wouldn’t settle for that.

He wanted to be the one to find him, whether he accepted that or not. She needed to make things right, or NO one would EVER accept her…EVER. A tiny little deed would get her on the road, until she could finally fit in, be loved, like she’d always wanted.

She ran on the dirt road, trying her Hardest to run in her $1000 high heels, but kicked them off, not bothering to pick them up, it would waste her time. She kept running, bare foot, the occasional piece of rock or glass jabbing her foot, but, wincing in pain, she kept on going.

The wind blew back in her face, her hair twisting together in knots, blowing back. All her expensive hair work was being ruined, her pricey clothes now with dirt

Covering them, and she had abandoned her fancy shoes, but none of that mattered to her anymore- because money can’t buy you love.

She kept on running, until she reached a shed. A beaten up, rusty old farm shed, that was in the middle of nowhere…perfect for holding someone hostage, or throwing them in there after kidnapping them

Outside the lonely shed, though, it wasn’t so lonely

. A gang of men in black with guns surrounded one sandy haired, 180 cm tall, 32 year old man…the same man she had first been attracted to. The very man that she had thought was dead.

She slowly moved closer, hiding behind a near tree. She stayed out of sight, as they threatened him angrily, nastily. He put his hands up, saying ‘it was his son that mattered, not him, so they could shoot him if they wanted to.’

She moved to an even closer tree, and saw him sneakily hold his own gun, which he pulled out suddenly, threatening the leader of the gang standing in front of him. They both took steps back, until the leader had walked up to the same row she and her tree were in. He suddenly whirled around to see a young, blonde woman hid behind a tree, and he could see her too.

The leader held his hand up to Peter, so he wouldn’t speak.

“What are you doing here!?” he barked at her. “He sent you, didn’t he!?” he demanded of her. She didn’t say a word, not wanting to put herself or him in any more danger.

“TALK!” He yelled. “Or I’ll shoot! I will!” He warned her, taking more steps forward.

“Don’t, Gillian, it’s ME you want, remember!?” he shouted at him, he didn’t want HER to pay for HIS mistakes, no matter WHO she was.

“Any last words?” he asked her.

She knew there was no way out of it now…it was over.



The End


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