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No Return (by Eli) - comments


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I was thinking the title seemed different :P

I loved reading this especially as I never saw Kit and Noah together. Actually I never saw Noah on screen.... anyway the discription in this is amazing. Seriously really great job Eli.

Was it worth it?

I love rehtorical questions in a fic, gives it more meaning and you managed to capture it really well, plus the question really makes you think.

The phone rang again. Kit regretted ever hanging up. Avoiding a conversation wasn’t going to make it all go away.

”It isn’t Scott,” Beth said, as soon as Kit picked up.

”I know mom…” her daughter replied. Somehow she knew who this was about, from the quiet, sad way her mother was talking about it.

”Scott and Dani are okay. It’s Noah…”

Flashbacks are also a big plus in a fic really gives it more depth. The way Kit just knew what was about to happen was really moving.

She couldn’t help but smile when she heard Noah’s voice in her head, telling her again that it was her choice.

My favourite line from the fic. I love how he didn't out right just say "Don't do it" as he said it was her choice. They make a great pairing. Overall this is a beautifully written fic and you deserve a pat on the back *pats Eli* :)

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Really really good entry. Now that I'm out of my 'reviewing mode' I can really appreciate the story for what it is. I loved reading it, and I loved how you used Kit and the descriptions were really good! Especially the 'heaven and hell in a bottle' one. Great job! :D

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Eli, I've edited your topic title. There's a fair few Kit fans on this board and I don't think it'll hurt to have this known as a Kit centric fic. Hope you don't mind.

I'm busy watching the X Factor now but I'll come and re-read this in a bit. It was already a fantastic story, I'll be interested to see what you've changed in it.xx

This story was excellent anyway but the bits you've changed do make a difference. I loved the ambiguous ending, how it was left open for Kit to decide, that was really good. This was a great story for your first challenge entry, really well done.

Edited by Skykat
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Very good entry.

I woul've voted for this, it was that or mourning, it was a hard decision to make.

I really liked this story. A Kit fan, and it was a real good story. You based it opn something real, but was not real in the same way.

As someone else said, I agree. Heaven and Hell in a bottle. Very nicely worded.

I really did like your fic! It was good!

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