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Well jackandmartha!!! says its ok so here it goes :P


“Hurry up Martha or we’re going to be late for our own anniversary party,” Jack grumbled.

I could tell he was getting bored but I wanted to take my time. Sally and Alf had gone to the trouble of organising a party and I wanted to look my best. I’d spent ages deciding on what to wear and finally settled on a bright flowery summer dress - it definitely suited the weather. I gathered my things together and stood at the door. When he noticed my presence he stood with his mouth open. I smiled glad to be able to still have that effect on him.

“How do I look?” I asked. He eyes travelled up and down and I could feel myself blushing.

“Positively stunning,” He grinned from ear to ear.

“Just what I was aiming for,” I beamed making my way over to him. When I was standing beside him I gently pressed my lips to his. He eagerly responded. And I was actually amazed that after a year of being kissed like that it still left me breathless.

“What was that you were saying about being late?” I giggled in between kisses

“ It doesn’t matter,” He whispered pushing me in the direction of the room.


We were twenty minutes late, but it was worth it. I had a permanent smile on my face for the rest of the day. Although I did feel bad for being late but Sally seemed fine with it.

“I know what its like to be in love Martha.” She said smiling. I could see a sad look in her eyes and guessed she was thinking about Flynn.

“Are you ok? I asked gently

“Yeah I’m fine,” She said quickly “I’ve just got to check on something.”

I felt really sorry for her I can’t imagine how I’d cope if I ever lost Jack. He was my rock and I loved every little thing about him and he felt the same about me. Or least I hoped he did.

“Oh, Martha there you are,” Colleen said walking towards me “have you tasted the cake yet?” I was just about to answer when she interrupted “I spent a good few hours working on it and I even used my secret ingredient. I tell you that Madge Wilkins has been after it for years but I’ve been guarding it with my life!” She rambled “That’s going with me to my grave.”

“Not yet Colleen but I’m sure its great,” I said smiling hoping that I could figure out how to quietly slip over to Tash and Robbie, but no such luck

“Great?” She said demanded “Its more than great its marvellous I tell you.”

“Will you give the girl a flammin’ break woman?!” Granddad said from behind me. I breathed a sigh of relief as Colleen went scowling into the kitchen.

“Are you enjoying yourself love?” He asked.

“Definitely.” I said smiling for the millionth time today.

“Good, I’m so proud of you love,” He said quickly scratching his eye with the back of his hand.

“Thanks Granddad ,”I said tearing up “it means a lot.”


The party seemed to last an eternity and when we finally left it was pitch black outside. I could barely see my own hand in front of my face.

“You look cold,” Jack said taking his coat off and putting it on me “here wear this,” He put his arms around me and it made me feel even safer. “this is for you” he whispered shyly handing me a bright glowing red rose”. I took the rose and gently held it in my hand.

“This is exactly where we went after our first date,” I said happily “remember?”

“Yeah and I remember what happened afterwards too” He grinned cheekily

I laughed and turned to face him. “Me too, it went something like this” I said leaning in and sighing as our lips touched. I ran my fingers throughout his hair and eventually settled on wrapping them around the nape of his neck. His were around my waist. Once again I was left breathless.

Suddenly he stopped. “Did you hear that” He panted.

“Hear what?” I asked confused and wanting to go right back to what we were doing.

He looked around and for a minute he was really starting to freak me out.

“Jack, what is it?” I asked scared.

“I thought I heard someone shouting,” He said shaking his head “I must be losing my mind”

But then I heard someone scream in the distance.

“Tell me you heard that, and that I’m not going crazy,” He whispered

“I heard it,” I looked around but couldn’t see anything. The leaves from the trees were being blown about in all directions and the lights from the various houses ahead of us were the only light we had.

“Someone’s out in the water” He whispered.

“What?” I asked “But they won’t be able to see anything”

“Exactly” He said simply.

We our way down to the beach and I could barely make out a figure in the distance throwing their arms about. “Oh my God, they’re in trouble”

“I’ll be right back, call for help,” I heard him say urgently

“What? Jack you can’t seriously be thinking of going in there. You won’t be able to see a thing,” I said scared.

“Look I’ll be right back I promise”

“Jack, I’m serious lets just call for help”

But it was too late he was already removing his shirt and getting ready to go in.

“Jack” I pleaded with him

“I’ll be right back, I promise.”

But he broke that promise.


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