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Shine For Me

Guest -ParaisGal-

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Story Title: Shine For Me

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D L

Summary: The lives of J&M.

Chapter One

Martha sighed as she drove her car into Summer Bay, hopefully this place would have something better to offer here than her last home. She’d resided in the country for about five years. Two years ago, her boyfriend had died, leaving her single mother to their one year old daughter, Ruby. Martha double checked the address written on the piece of paper in her hand, wanting to make sure she was in the right street. She was on her way to meet her grandfather, Alfred Stewart for the first time. Apparently he had a sister named Morag Bellingham, and a grandson named Eric Dalby, who preferred to be called Ric. She looked at the tiny place, this couldn’t possibly be home to three people, it looked like a one bedroom place. Her grandfather had heard about her from her birth mother, Ruth Stewart, and had invited her to meet her birth family. She looked into the backseat “Ruby, you ready to come?” She asked her three year old daughter.

“Yup!” Squealed the excited toddler as her mother got out and held her.

“Come on Ruby, we’ve got to go meet your family.” She said, tickling her. Martha was your average twenty year old, except that she had gotten involved with a boyfriend young and having a child when she was just seventeen. She sighed as she walked up the steps and gingerly knocked on the door.

A slightly elderly man answered the door, he seemed excited “You must be Martha.” He said, smiling at his granddaughter.

“Yeah.” She said shyly “This is my daughter, Ruby.” She introduced her daughter to her grandfather.

“She’s a sweet little thing.” He said, looking at his great-granddaughter.

“Thank you.” She said, smiling. She liked this guy already.

“So you’re last name is Mackenzie?” He asked her.

“Yes, so is Ruby’s. Her father and I were talking about marriage before he go bucked off a wild horse he was trying to break in and got trampled.” She said softly.

“That’s sad to hear, sorry love.” He said sympathetically.

“It’s alright.” She said, determined to put on a happy face. She looked behind Alf, there was the woman she presumed to be Morag, and the person she presumed was Ric. She smiled at both of them and received friendly greetings from both “Hi.” She said quietly.

“Hello.” Morag said warmly.


Soon the introductions were done and everyone was at ease with one another, Ruby going from lap to lap as her relatives admired her. Martha laughed as Ric tickled her, smiling at her cousin, happy that everyone got along with her and her daughter.

“Have you got anywhere to stay?” Alf asked her.

“No I was thinking of finding a cheap place to rent.” She said.

“Nobody lives here, so you’re welcome to it.” He offered.

“Where do you live if you don’t live here?” She asked, curiously.

“We live at Ric’s foster mother, Sally Fletcher’s, place. She’s a nice woman, you’d like her.”

“She’s probably down at the diner, how about we go and meet them?” Ric suggested.

“Sure.” Martha said, picking Ruby up and heading down with them. Down there was a crowd of people, obviously everyone knew her by the friendly looks she received. She soon knew everyone and everyone knew her and Ruby, she was relieved. Finally she’d found a welcoming town.


“Just a juice thanks.” Martha asked the woman at the bar, Beth.

“Coming up. You’re Martha aren’t you?” She asked.

“Yeah, and you’re Beth, right?” She asked.

“Yup. Your daughter’s very cute.” She said, smiling as she looked at the toddler.

“Thank you.” She said, appreciative.

“I had my son, Scott, when I was about your age. I was from the country to, we came here about a year ago, right Tony?” She asked the man who entered, Martha recalled him as Tony Holden. He was the father of Jack Holden, a policeman, and Lucas Holden, a student.

“Yeah you came a year ago. We came two years ago, we’re the older family here.” Tony said, smiling at Martha as well.

“I’m the newest I guess.” Martha said as she took the juice off Beth.

“That you are but everyone’s happy to have you here. Your grandfather’s a wonderful man in the community and everyone loves him. He helps everyone, he’s a great bloke.” She said, smiling.

“That’s good to know.” Martha said, with a grin.

Just then the man she knew to be Jack Holden entered the bar. Martha looked at him, she hadn’t paid much attention to him at the Diner but now she realised he was very good looking. He had dark brown hair and warm, caring brown eyes. She smiled at him, and in return she gained a smile from him, a lovely smile she realised. She realised that Ruby had wiggled free and was hurrying towards Jack. She wondered what the man’s reaction to the toddler would be but to her relief he seemed to like children, as he picked her up daughter effortlessly and tickled her. She smiled at them, happy that everyone was accepting her daughter.

Jack looked at the new girl, smiling at him as he played with her daughter. Everyone somehow knew that the child’s father had been killed by a wild horse, as they came from the country so he knew she was single. He also quite liked her little girl, Ruby. She was a sweet little girl, who was beautiful like her mother. He realised he was falling for her and smiled slightly to himself, Jack Holden was falling for a country girl. He hadn’t had any romances since he’d come to the bay, something people found surprising “You don’t mind, do you?” He asked her.

“No not at all.” She said quickly, smiling at him and giving him reassurance “I thought you would’ve been the one to mind that’s all.” She said smiling “A lot of people find toddlers annoying.” She explained.

“I don’t, I love children.”

“Do you have any of your own?” She asked.

“Nope, I don’t even have a girlfriend.” He told her.

“I’m also in the single boat, no guy wants a girl who has a small child to worry about, so I think I’ll be single for a while.” She explained, then looked at Ruby “I’d better get her home. It’s getting late, and she needs a nap. I made the mistake of trying to find this place after lunch, meaning I didn’t get here till late.” She said, taking Ruby off Jack “I’m staying at Grandad’s, so I better head back.” She said, waving goodbye.

Tony looked at his son “You like her don’t you?” He asked him.

“Yeah, I do.” He said softly “I really do.”

“She’s a nice girl, maybe you should go for it, she said guys don’t want a woman with a child, would you mind Ruby?” He had to ask.

“I wouldn’t, I already like both of them – a lot.” He explained.


A few weeks had passed since Martha’s arrival to the bay. She’d made a best friend, Tasha Hunter, who was married to her teenage sweetheart, Robbie Hunter and they had a two year old, Ella Hunter. They’d bonded especially with the fact that they both had children.

“You like Jack Holden don’t you?” Tasha asked one day, watching as her best friend came back from ordering food at the Diner, Jack had also been standing there and they’d had a good chat.

Martha seemed slightly embarrassed but she nodded “Yeah I do.” She admitted.

“I’m pretty sure he feels the same way.” She told her “I’ve seen him looking at you and I see him looking at you right now.” She told her with a giggle.

Martha looked at her friend “Tash are you trying to set me up on a date or something?” She asked.

“If he asked you out on a date what would you say?” She asked.

“Yes, but what does that matter?” She asked her “Besides I have a child, I doubt he’d be willing to accept Ruby.” She told her.

“Actually I’d be happy to.” Said a voice from behind.

Martha turned crimson when she realised Jack had been in the process of walking behind her when Tasha had asked “Tash I’m gunna kill you!” She threatened.

“Seeing as you said you’d accept my offer, how does dinner at my place sound?” He asked, smiling at her, he’d decided to ignore her obvious embarrassment.

“Sounds fine.” She told him, still in shock.

“Good, come round at six.” He said, smiling as he headed out.

“Ooo I hooked you up with Jack!” Tasha squealed.

“I think I should say thanks I guess!” Martha said, a huge smile plastered all over her face.

“You’re very welcome, as long as you tell me how the date goes!” Tash exclaimed.

“Alright.” She said, as she picked up her daughter “It’s three now so I’d better head off.” She told her, waving goodbye to Tasha and Ella as she headed out the door.

“Am I great, or what!” Tasha said to Ella.

NEXT CHAPTER: How does the date go?


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That was great Paris :) i loved it i was cracking up laughing when jack was behind martha then he asked her out lol that was hilarious :)

aww and i love ruby shes so cute she just runs up to everyone thats gorgeous lol i love non shy kids lol :P

well i think this fic will be a big hit just like all the others :)

great start chicky :) update ASAP

<3 Tiff

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1. Another fic? Geez, you're brill! 3 fics!? I can't do 1. lol.

2. Are my chapters that long? I don't think they are, I think you've actually beaten me. Well done. lol.

3. Great. Another fic I'm going to get hooked on. Terrific. lol

:D That was great! Post more soon!

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