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Arachnophobia (by emmasi) - comments


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I know phobia's aren't funny, but...

Flipping hell that was funny!

I had one of those silent laughs, because I thought it was stupid to laugh at the computer so much and we have a decorator downstairs. My hand was over my mouth, and i had tears in my eyes.

I absolutely loved it! That sooo made me laugh! I just love how you gave us his thoughts. That was brilliant! Best funny fic ever!! You've done some funny stuff, but that has to be the top. I just simply loved it.

Well done! :D

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Review Guidelines

1. Was the character believable? Were you able to picture it in your mind and hear the character saying things? Do you feel that the author managed to tap into the character to make it their own? Was the interaction between the characters (if applicable to the story) believable?

2. Were there any lines or moments that stood out to you? Why did they stand out?

3. Did the author use descriptive language and/or emotive language to draw you into the story?

4. Overall, was the story appealing to you? Why/Why not?

5. What do you feel could be improved by the author? Do you have any suggestions for them?

Please update soon

I don't mean to be mean, but maybe if you could edit your post? The guidelines are fairly new anyway, so I understand you've probably not seen them before.

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Thanks Nicom ;).

home and away fanatic2, this is probably a oneshot, but I haven't quite decided. There is definitely room for more, but whether I wanna go back into skin-crawling spider territory again... *shudder*... I'm not counting on it, but we'll see. Anyway, I'd love to know what you think of it :)

IT was 3/4 of the way being read down that I reaLised something-the spider wasn't the criminal holding Martha hostage!

Hm... that's... kind of concerning. Did anyone else get confused? I edited some of the spider "he"s to "it"s to clear it up a bit better. You should have read it before I edited. Even I got lost :P

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lol. You know what I think happened? I was watching Family Guy before I wrote this - the episode where the hotel manager says "We've got some bad roaches here," and he opens the bathroom and there's two giant cockraoches wearing bandanas and holding knives.

Cockroach 1: "Hey man, you're on our turf!"

Cockroach 2: "Man I'm gonna cut you up so bad you gonna... you gonna wish I no cut you up so bad!"

Perhaps it prompted me to write about a knife-weidling spider by accident :P

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haha! I loved it! I found it unbelieveably funny, and I do have to admit I thought the spider was the criminal. I was wondering weather martha could hear the spider or not and if she could why she didn't find it strange lol. and I was wondering how a spider could hold a knife or a gun haha!

great fic though, its a shame its a oneshot :(

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