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No Clouds

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Story Title: No Clouds

Type of story: short fic

Main Characters: Martha, Macca, Jack and others

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: Martha and Macca still live on the farm. Its set years before Martha comes to the bay and upon her arrival. Will her past relationship ruin future ones?

Ok guys so I was bored, I decided to start this, but theres no guarantee there will be an update anytime soon lol, Seeing as I am officially the worst updater on the planet! I should do it soon, but if not don't moan, you have been warned :P

Ok so on with the fic :D

Chapter One

“Since you been gooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnneeeee!!!” Matha sang into her hairbrush, her CD player on full blast as she started to play an imaginary guitar.

Today was her last day of exams and she was planning on celebrating after school.

“Martha!” Her mum shouted from downstairs “Hurry up hunnie, you’ll be late for school!”

“Coming mum” She growled switching her music off and stomping down the stairs.

“Last day of exams today Marth” Her dad smiled, “Good luck, I’m sure you’ll whiz through them all no worries”

“I’m not too sure about that dad, it’s maths” She sighed. Maths was her worst subject, she hated it. No matter how much she tried she never ended up with the right answer, and to make matters worse, her teacher was a total dragon.

“Well, I’m off, See yaz!” She called into the living room five minutes later after packing her schoolbag. “You coming Macca? I don’t want to walk on my own, people will think I’ve got no mates”

“Yeah….But you haven’t” He joked pulling his tongue out at her.

“You wish I didn’t! You so wish you had as many mates as me brother!”

“Hahaha! Yeah I soooo do” He pulled his tongue out at her again, as he lead the way out of the front door.

“Bye, have fun you two” Their mum called out closing the door carefully after them.

“So, who is he?” Macca asked smiling knowingly.

“Huh? Who’s who?” Martha was confused

“The boy you’re thinking about, and I heard you on the phone to him last night when you were supposed to be cleaning the stable”

“Ahh…Busted!” She laughed, “Don’t tell dad! He’ll go mental!” Her cheeks flushed pink as she thought of Jack.

“So, you really like him eh?” Macca asked, more seriously this time

“Yeah, he’s great, a real laugh”

“That’s it?”

Martha was confused once again

“What’s it?”

“That’s all he has going for him? A good laugh? No wonder you don’t want me to tell dad!”

“No! He’s great! He has lovely eyes, and he’s a great listener, I know I can trust him and…..” She was interrupted by Macca’s splutter of laughter.

“I get it sis. Obviously you are serious about this, I hope he’s good at soccer!”

“Erm…. Well” Martha didn’t know if he was good at soccer or not, they’d only been going out for two days, she hadn’t found that out yet.

“Seriously Martha, if he isn’t good at soccer he just wont do.” Macca shooh his head.

“Oh shut it! He will do, and don’t you dare go saying anything…..to anyone!”

“My lips are sealed!” He mimed zipping up his lips, and then swallowed the key.

“Hey!” Martha said, “That doesn’t work!”

“What?” Now it was Macca who was confused

“You cant zip your lips up and then swallow the key!” She laughed

“Yeah I can, maybe you cant but me, being as special as I am, I can do whatever I want to” He smiled

“You are so up yourself, no wonder you don’t have a girlfriend” Martha was still laughing

“How do you know I don’t eh?”

Martha gasped “You have a girlfriend and you didn’t tell me?” She put on a sad face

“Nah I don’t, but if I wanted I could so have one”

“Whatever. See ya later, I’m going to class” Martha said as she walked off into the main building of the school.

“Bye sis, meet me after school, I’ll walk home with you”

“Ok bye!”

With that Macca walked off too to meet his mates.

Please review :)

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This is good too. :) I really like the idea of a Martha and Macca fic with their family, you don't really see much bonding between these two in the actual show so it was good to see some good bonding in this fic! :P

Macca and Martha seem really close from the first chapter, and i wonder whether we will find out if Macca can really get someone if he wants someone :P. I really enjoyed it! Please carry on. :D

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