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One and Only

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Topic Title One and Only

Topic Description Jack and Martha Rating T

Type of story: One-shot

Rating: T

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

Genre: Romance

Warnings: Nope except for spoliers maybe

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Jack has been left by himself to cope with the injury, Martha is with Ash, but to his suprise she turns up at his door.

This may contain spoilers for non Aus viewers

Its a one-shot, i wrote it ages ago, but deicded to post it now. Sam doesn't exist in this fic but Ash does. Thanks to Rachelle for proof reading it :D

One and Only

He felt so useless. Laying there doing nothing, it had been like this for 2 weeks things improved a bit, Jack was able to move even a bit now and soon enough he would be able to walk, even if it was going to take a month or two, but even life had become to hate him. Nothing seemed to go his way; he wondered what he had to live for? What was going to make him wake up every morning and be glad to be alive?

His life had been stuffed up. He couldn’t be a husband and he couldn’t even walk yet. The girl he fell in love with, didn’t want him anymore. Sure they were still married but they were separated as well, meaning she could do anything she wanted, go with any other guy, like he didn’t exist.

He had even given up on his friends, Ash came into town as a friend, but now he wasn’t even that. He had gone after his wife, the girl he loved and the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Martha had fallen for Ash, his stupid jokes, his stupid smile and everything about him Jack disliked. He didn’t know why all of a sudden he could hate his best friend so easily, maybe because he was the one thing that ruined his marriage even more.

Even though him and Martha still remained as ‘friends’ it wasn’t the same. He couldn’t talk to her normally about anything. Every time he looked at her he just wanted to hold her and cuddle and kiss her, but none of that was possible anymore she had other places to be. She hardly ever came to visit. This last week she didn’t even come once.

The one thing that he was grateful was that he was transferred from the hospital to the house, but that still didn’t change much, people would come into his room helping him out all day, he was getting sick of not doing anything him self.

He had no idea what was going on in the outside world. Being stuck in his room everyday was not fun. He spent most of his time thinking, of only one person, Martha and how he had made such a huge mistake ruining their marriage. If only he had tried harder none of this would be happening.

All it could have taken was a stupid call to tell her that he was coming home late, if he just put a bit of effort in things could have been different. Maybe then she wouldn’t have fallen out of love with him and then maybe she could have been right here next to him

Jack tried not to blame himself, nothing he did was wrong. Even if Martha went out

with his best friend, he couldn’t hate her; it wasn’t possible. He would think about it but when he saw her, the memories came back, everything came back, and the wedding, the nudie runs, the drinking contest. What had changed?

When Martha had told him their marriage was over it had taken Jack a long time to get through it all, and yet he still wasn’t over it. He would pretend that he didn’t care and he even gave Ash the right to go and date Martha, thinking that’s what a best friend should do pay some respect to his friends, he didn’t expect them hook up straight away. It was like Martha didn’t even care and all that they shared together was gone.

He felt as a tear fell down his cheek, the pain he just wanted it to stop, he wanted to go back to the days when things were simple when nothing was wrong and when he and Martha were in love.

He remembered they were like 2 crazy teenagers in love, couldn’t get enough of each other. He had really thought she would be the one he would spend the rest of his life with, when they got married he knew he had made the right decision, he wanted to be with her, how did it all change so quickly in such a short time?

He heard a knock on the door and quickly wiped away his tears, he didn’t want anyone to see him crying, especially if it was his Dad, he wasn’t ready for all the questions, he didn’t know how anyone could stay positive anymore, nothing in his life was on a positive anymore.

“Come in,” Jack said as he pulled the bed sheets over him. Pretending not to be interested who was at the door, he wished people would leave him alone. But this time it was different, the person that entered was someone he hadn’t seen for a week. He looked at her closely shocked to see her.

Martha couldn’t control her tears anymore she couldn’t stop crying the only person that could make her fell better was Jack, she looked at him down on the bed, how could she have been so mean to him. He had done nothing wrong yet she had betrayed him in every way.

“Martha what’s wrong?” Jack asked, he wondered why Martha was crying, had Ash done something to hurt her, he had no idea. Martha fell on to the bed, lying next to him.

Jack moved his hand to touch her soft cheek, he couldn’t help but comfort her, he hated seeing her so upset she didn’t deserve it.

“Jack I’m sorry, I’m sorry for everything,” she told him unable to control her tears, she placed her head down into the pillow she didn’t deserve this. Jack was way better than her; he had done nothing wrong.

“Hey, hey don’t cry, what’s wrong?” he asked her. “Has Ash done something wrong?” he added.

Martha shook her head, Ash was a complete jerk but that wasn’t the reason she was upset, she honestly couldn’t care less about him. Jack reached out for her, pulling her closer with is arm. She placed her head near his neck, still crying.

It had been so long since Jack had comforted her and the feelings were still there, none of it would ever change, she would always be the girl that made Jack’s heart skip a beat every time she smiled or touched him. She was his perfect girl and no one could ever replace her.

“Martha I’m here for you,” he whispered in her ear. Martha quickly moved away from him, she didn’t deserve this, any of it. Jack deserved better.

“Jack I don’t deserve this,” she told him through the tears. “I don’t deserve someone who will always be here for me even when I have been a complete bitch to them.” Jack you shouldn’t be nice to me, you should hate me for what I have done,” she told him. Unsure of why she had come here in the first place this whole past week was crazy, after she found out what Ash did she wanted nothing to do with him, it was a good thing she hadn’t fallen for him completely. For the past week she had stayed home alone wanting to build up the courage to see Jack, she had promised not to cry but now that she was here she couldn’t help it. She had realized what a mistake she had made, leaving him especially when he needed her. She had even tried to convince herself that she wasn’t in love with him anymore, but she was crazy about him she was just confused. Knowing she had thrown away their marriage and the best guy, there was no way he would want her back.

“Shhh,” he said calming her down, pulling her closer once again. “Don’t cry please,” he added. Martha tried to wipe away her tears, knowing it only caused Jack more hurt when he saw her cry. Jack couldn’t help but cry as well. He felt as a couple of tears fall down onto his cheek. Jack looked down at her, she was lying in his arms and still he was unsure why

“Where’s that ugly smile of yours?” he joked and it was the first time in weeks he had smiled. She looked up at him unable to control the smile that appeared; why had she left him in the first place when she had everything she wanted right in front of her. “That’s better,” he replied as he ran a hand down her cheek, wiping away the tears.

“Martha what happened to Ash did he hurt you?’ Jack asked, wanting to know.

“No, not really. I shouldn’t have got together with him in the first place, I’m sorry,” she replied. Trying hard to calm herself down.

“What happened?” Jack asked, he was glared to hear that they weren’t together anymore, Martha deserved much better than Ash, and he was worthless guy.

“Nothing. He met another girl, and completely lost any interest in me. I was just a girl who he met at a bar and spent a night with and one date, then he left,” she replied. “He wasn’t interested in anything else,” Martha admitted truthfully. “He didn’t even want a relationship,” she added.

“I’m sorry Martha,” Jack told her, he knew Ash was up to no good, but he thought when he saw him that he had changed that he wouldn’t treat Martha that way, maybe he should have warned her.

“No don’t be, he’s a jerk I don’t care about him anymore,” Martha admitted, it had been a week and she had gotten over it all, maybe because there wasn’t anything to get over. She felt the tears come back as she remembered why she was here, she was in love with Jack, and yet she managed to break his heart and go out with his best friend. They both stayed quiet laying in silence.

“Jack do you remember our first kiss?” Martha asked him, all she thought about for the last couple of days were good memories her and Jack had shared. He smiled down at her.

“How could I forget it?” he replied down at her. “One of the best moments in my life, I don’t think I’ll ever forget it,” he added.

“Me neither, and you looked sexy in that red shirt,” Martha told him causing him to smile. Jack moved his hand so that it was placed around her, Martha didn’t seem to care so he left it there.

“Yeah I agree, I am sexy,” Jack laughed along, he was quiet happy now, all he had ever been thinking of in these times. He remembered every single second of their kiss, what Martha wore and what she said; he couldn’t forget it.

“And then came everything else, our first date, and it was the best,” Martha told him. “The all the other stuff following it, the engagement and the wedding,” she smiled at him. She looked up at Jack, who looked away from her

“And then I came and stuffed it up, ruining everything missing our honeymoon and always working I was never there for you,” he replied, he had stuffed up so badly. “I don’t blame you for falling out of love with me,” he answered, finally looking at her.

“Jack no don’t say that.” Martha replied. “None of this is your fault, don’t ever think that, the mistakes that you made were only small, she told him, using her hands to wipe down his tears. How could he ever think that it was his fault?

“Yeah I know Martha, but I could have at least put in an effort, what kind of husband does things I do, gives up his wife to go to work? he replied, raising his voice, he was getting angry with himself.

“Jack,” Martha began to cry. “Please don’t think like that, you were everything that I wanted, they were small problems, nothing compared to what’s going on now,” she told him. She placed his head on his chest; she couldn’t believe Jack blamed himself.

“Do you know why I have stayed away from you for so long?” Martha asked him after a long silence.

“No why?” Jack asked Martha let out a sigh preparing herself to tell him everything.

“I don’t even know how to tell you this. I was confused and have been for a long time, telling you I wasn’t in love with you was not true Jack, I didn’t know what I was thinking. I saw you lying there at the hospital and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for you, you didn’t deserve any of this. All this stuff with Ash had made me realize what I have lost. Jack I lost you the best thing in my life, you were the only guy that looked after me and you were the only guy that cared for me, like any husband would do. And you were the only guy that loved me, the thing is, I left when you needed me the most I wasn’t there I was off with a guy I had met at a bar, what kind of person does that make me? It hurts Jack, because I ruined the best thing in my life and I know I won’t ever have it back,” she finished off. Moving away from him.

“Martha I-“ Jack began but she cut him off.

“No,” Martha told him as she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, knowing it will be their last. “You deserve better,” she knew Jack was going to try and convince her to stay. Her eyes were full of tears just like Jack’s and she needed to get out of there before she completely broke down. Jack deserved better, he deserved someone who would stick by him no matter what, not go of with the first guy that came along. She moved towards the door, but stopped when she heard Jack calling her.

“Martha, please,” he said to her, she turned around looking down at him lying on the bed unable to move without someone helping him.

“Jack don’t –“ she began but he cut her off. He tried to sit up on the bed, Martha watched him go through the pain, how could she have done this to him, she could see how much Jack needed her before. After failing to sit up, Jack fell back onto the bed

“I don’t care anymore, I don’t care about anyone else but you Martha. I don’t care what kind of wife you have been, because you are my Martha and I love you,” he told her, he didn’t care about how much pain he was in, he just wanted Martha

“Jack-“ Martha hesitated for a second, before running over to him, moving back to where she lay before. “I’m sorry,” she said picking up his hand.

“I need you,” he told her, being honest. “I can’t live without you, nothing is that same anymore,” he added placing her arm around her holding her tight making sure she didn’t go.

“I won’t leave ever again,” she spoke through her tears. “I love you” she smiled at him.

“I love you too” Jack replied, before capturing her lips for a kiss.

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