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^ lol he does! My brother went to see him in panto yesterday - he hasn't stopped going on about how great he is or how many times Docor Who was featured!

A girl at the nursery I work at said she was going to see it (bless) then she said an I tell you a secret and I said yes ok and she went John is gay, can you believe it!

She's only 5 but the look of shock on her face, she was liet hats what my sister told me. lol

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I don't know what to feel about that finale, and the entire season.

Do I feel horrified? Do I feel respect for the awesome series? Do I bow down to the superpairing that is Ianto/Jack?

Do I admit that I really hope Rhys becomes part of Torchwood and Owen comes back?

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I've just read that Australia will be getting the 5 part serial "Children Of Earth" next week, which we've just seen this past week and is officially the third series of Torchwood. In my personal opinion, it's one of the greatest pieces of drama that the UK has produced in a very long time....thought provoking, gut-wrenching, dark but with a suitable amount of lighter moments, and not afraid to give us shocking twists which really couldn't tug at the heartstrings more if they tried.

Couldn't be more highly recommended from me, though it's definitely not one for kids.

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I loved Torchwood last week, I looked forward to every episode, it was amazing, all of it, the alien was hardly in the episodes but it was still great..


I cant believe Ianto's dead, I loved Ianto, it also seemed like a waste. Torchwood was pushed out, but then they got back into action, Jack and Ianto forced their way in and demanded that the alien leave or face a battle, the alien releases a gas and kills Ianto. It just seemed like one big failure for Torchwood when that was not only their big moment but their first moment as they had been pushed into hiding before. Ianto just died and Torchwood failed. But I think the saddest moment is Frobisher killing his family, he was a baddie but you understood how hard it was for him, then to realize that his children would be sacrificed to make the government look like a victim, it really hit you, then he closes the door and you hear the shots. Also Jack, his daughter and grandson, one of the best scenes in the whole thing. The mother banging on the window, Jack not looking at Stephen, but he still has tears going down his face.

Seeing the child attached to the alien was also shocking, I was hoping to see all the alien, but think I would of been disappointed, like I was when I saw that slime and the fact that it seemed to have 3 vulture heads. But then revealing the fact that they wanted the kids to get high, was not something I expected. You would of thought after seeing the kid attached to them they needed them to live.

Great to see Rhys in it more and have a bigger role and be apart of the action, knowing what Gwen goes through and helping her. Good to see Andy in his few scenes aswell, finally getting out of his job and being a person and helping fight off the military.

I hated that it had 6 months later at the end, I hate that in every show/movie, its just a cop out, a easy way to end something without having to deal with it. It also makes me wonder about the next series. Ianto dead, Gwen pregnant, although by then the child maybe a year old, Jack gone off somewhere, having lost his family and Ianto. Will they be back?

Torchwood was great though, It's alot better than Doctor Who because Torchwood can go further as they dont target to a child audience. Those government scenes were shocking and believable.

And I agree, it's not just good Torchwood, it's a good programme in general... One of the best.

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Never been a big fan of Torchwood.I watch it out of a feeling of obligation because I'm a Doctor Who fan and it's all part of the same universe.I keep trying to forget it's on but I always find myself sat down in front of it.

As for this last series...it was very Quatermass-like in concept, with a nebulous monster posing a nebulous threat being defeated in a nebulous matter.That's not really a bad thing though and the fact that the aliens were kept at arms length and remained a mystery throughout was an interesting idea.

Unfortunately, it just proved how rubbish Torchwood are.If the world was ending, they're the last people you'd turn to, they probably caused it.Jack's childish "Let's stand up to them" non-plan only succeeded in getting dozens if not hundreds of people killed, including Ianto.By the end of the story he's unable to solve the problem without killing his grandson.For a moment I thought Paul Cornell was writing the script.

John Barrowman, lovely guy that he is, once more seemed to be having difficulty conveying emotion. As Oscar Wilde would have said, it takes a heart of stone to watch the death of Ianto Jones without laughing.(It's telling I was more upset that Paul Copley's character died than that Ianto did.)The smaller cast meant Rhys got a bigger slice of the action:I'm glad that bringing him back to life in Series One wasn't the mistake it appeared at the time and they've developed him beyond the guy that pops up in the background every three episodes.PC Andy rolling up his sleeves and getting stuck in was a good moment too.

For once, they completely failed to convey the scale of the problem.Were children being rounded up in every other country?If not, did Britain really think they'd be spared if they played ball and no-one else did?Less than convinced by the "happy ending":Presumably we were meant to cheer the downfall of the nasty prime minister but the rest of the cabinet seemed just as bad and the woman that took over was frankly a Hitler in waiting, coolly identifying the section of the population she considered disposeable.("Our children are important, give them the kids from the council estates.")

By the end of it, even more than last year, Torchwood as an organisation has ceased to exist:The Hub's been destroyed, only two serving members are still alive and Jack's off planet.I suspect there'll be a fourth series anyway but I won't be disappointed if there isn't.

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