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Favourite newcomer (uk spoilers)

Guest Danifan

Favourite New Ramsay Street resident  

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Who is your favourite newcomer in the House formerly of Trouser. I live in the UK and have already decided i love Pepper she looks bright and bubbly and heaps of fun and potential. I like Will too from the clips i've seen he seems quite good.

Not keen on the other two though i found them quite irritating.

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I like Will most, and Pepper least. Pepper's a ditz in the same vein as Sindi. Frazer's a sleaze, although he does seem to genuinely love Rosie. Rosie, I don't have a formed opinion of, other than hot. But Will and Carmella are one of the best couples they've had in a while, probably since Max and Steph broke up. I hate the fact that he's leaving so early.

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Sindi rocked!!! :)

Finally, someone else who loved Sindi. I hated her exit i thought it was terrible and a complete waste of a good character. I wasn't overly keen on her pairing with Stuart either i think she was better with Toadie.

Pepper looks interesting and fun whereas Rosie looks a bit dull, uptight and uninteresting. Shame Will's leaving, i always thought him and Pepper would make a cool couple.

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