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H20: Just Add Water

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Fridays episode was good. They had a dance at their school. Rikki went with Zane (he is the bad boy), Cleo went with some other guy she wanted to go with Lewis though Emma didnt go with anyone she wanted to go with this other guy but this other girl went with this guy (I've gone blank on the names) Miriam is the girls name the guys name is Byron. But her really wanted to go with Emma. Lewis invented this stuff that the girls could spray on so if they got touched by water at the dance they wouldent turn into mermaids. But it made them come out in a rash so it nearly ruined their night. Miriam likes Zane he used to hang out with her but he got annoyed with her so he is with Rikki now instead

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Does anyone watch H20: Just Add Water? Its on Fridays at 4 and is about 3 girls Cleo, Emma and Rikki who become mermaids whenever they touch watch water. I think that Zane and Rikki make a cute couple it. I hope Lewis and Cleo get together


D :cool: Does anyone like the new episodes of H20: just add water!

I think it great, i just saw one of the new best episodes so far, the one where Charlotte took Cleos mermaid locket?

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