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When I First Saw Your Face

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Story Title: When I First Saw Your Face

Type of story: undecided

Main Characters: Eve Jacobson

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: What if Sarah Lewis didn't really love Eve? What would have happened?

When I First Saw Your Face

Maybe Sarah Lewis didn't really love Eve afterall. Maybe she just said that she did in order to help her escape and avenge Felix's death. This is my take on it. It's also not very well written but hope you readers will like it. :)

She peered into the glass window and saw her. She saw her lying down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. As though, the ceiling was telling her something. Calling out to her. She stood there for no one knew how long, just staring at her. She knew that they would have to encounter each other eventually. Somehow, she felt nervous. She silently pushed the door open and entered the room.

She laid there just thinking. Thinking of how things got this way. Felix's death was in vain. That she knew. Someone had to pay for it. That she knew. Yet, she felt so helpless. What could she do? She was stuck here in this place with nothing but people in uniforms analyzing her every more. Just like the person outside the door was doing. Yes, she could sense that person. She could sense her. She had been staring at her for a very long time now. No doubt, trying to build up the courage to talk to her and to tell her that she understood. That she knew why she did what she did. No one would know. No one would understand her. No one did. No one ever will. No one did. Only Felix. But, he was gone now. And she had no one.

The door opened and she sat up. Staring back at her was a woman who was clearly in her twenties but her face had weathered through years and years of drug abuse. Yet, those eyes. Those eyes had something in them. A hypnotic gaze that held her to her spot. She stood transfixed. It was as though she knew her. Had known her all her life. Little did she know, that hypnotic gaze was the one that was to betray her and lead to her ultimate demise. But, for now, those eyes were calling out to her. Asking her for help. Begging her to help her. She found herself walking to where she sat. it was a powerful force that she couldn't resist. Soon, she found herself sitting beside her, staring at her.

She listened. Listened attentively like a lover did when their beloved was telling them a story. Somehow, she didn't want her to stop. She could go on and on and she wouldn't stop her. She couldn't. She was hooked and she knew it. Doctors and patients weren't allowed to be attached to each other. The same rule applied to nurses. Yet, it didn't matter to her. All that mattered to her was that as long as she could take away her pain, she would be alright. Somehow, she was different. She made things that were wrong seem right.

She knew from the moment that she opened the door that she was her way out of here. She had to. To get revenge. To get the people that killed her Felix. They were going to pay for what they did. From the moment she walked in, she just stared at her. Not letting go of the eye contact that was firmly in place from the moment she set eyes on her. She sized up her challenge and soon found a way to break her. After all, she was a survivor. And in this dog eat dog world, one had to be cunning and smart in order to survive. And that was what she was. She carried on her sob story. She told her all about Felix and about how he had died in vain. She knew that she already knew about it. She had to convince her somehow that she was innocent. That she was driven to this by them.

Everyday, she would come in and talk to her. As the days went by, she fell for them hook, line, and sinker. She could feel her getting weaker inside. She knew it wasn't long before she broke her. And that was when she would strike. 'Strike while the iron was hot' as the saying goes. She could feel her starting to break by the third week. 'Not long now,' she thought to herself. 'Soon, we will be reunited.' By then, she had convinced her to lie to the doctor. She had convinced her to tell him that she was wrong. That she wanted to right her wrong with the people of Summer Bay. It was to no avail. So, she lied to the doctors for her. She told them that she was genuinely sorry for what she had done and that she had realized her wrongs. She knew he didn't buy it. So she had to come up with a plan. She helped her run. She told her to run as fast as she could. Before she left, she saw her return a look of longing. A look that said, 'I'll be back for you. Wait for me. I love you.'

She waited and waited. Each day passed and there was no news of her. She started to worry. 'What if something happened to her?' she began to doubt. But, inside her, was a voice telling her, 'It'll be alright. Everything will be alright. She'll be back for you soon. Together, you and I will live happily ever after.' That was what made her carry on. Alas, that was not enough to prepare her for the news that she was to receive.

He came to her. She looked at him and she knew. She knew that she was gone. He didn't have to say anything at all. Yet, a part of her wanted to know how. And why. That was his mistake. In telling her, he didn't know that the revenge machine that had laid dormant within her had awaken. 'Summer Bay will pay for what they did,' she resolved. She was going to make them suffer for what they did to her. They took away her life. Her everything. She was going to do the same with them. Each one of them will suffer for it. They robbed her off her one true love. She thanked him for the news with a hard expression, giving nothing away. She wasn't going to let him see her cry. No one will ever see her cry. Only when she was secure in her room did she cry. She cried for her. She cried for her life. She cried for the opportunities missed. For the one good thing in her life.

The moment she was set free, she knew she had won. She had left behind her past. Left behind her killing machine. The one person who had been willing to do anything for her. Even risk their life for her. She had left her behind. She had baited her and she had taken the bait. She had broken her and she knew it. Never did she regret one minute of it. She had been dumb enough to fall for her lies. All she had to do was to utter those words to her and she would crumble before her very eyes. She allowed her to take the lead in everything. All she did was sit back and await the results of her plans. No, nothing was ever going to take her away from her Felix. Not even a plain, psyopathic nurse.

She was happy to die for him. Happy to be with him again. Forever. No one could have given her that. Not even her. She had turned her into a lean, mean killing machine for her cause. But she wasn't sorry. In fact, she couldn't care less for her. She meant nothing to her. All she ever was, was the pawn in her sick, twisted, little game. In order to gain her goal, someone had to be sacrificed for it. And she happened to be at the wrong place at the right time.

No, the victim in all this was not Sarah Lewis. It never was. She was the mastermind.

The victim, Eve Jacobsen.

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