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Sally ballyhoo

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Sally ballyhoo

Sunday Telegraph

10 December 2006

SEVEN pulled off the promo of the year with the apparent death of Sally (Kate Ritchie) in Home And Away's 2006 finale.

Given Summer Bay's crime rate, what's another stabbing? But the Evermore video clip that followed, recut to show all of Sally's major moments from the past two decades, suggested her life was flashing before her eyes.

Viewers of the cliffhanger show besieged Sunrise the next day for reassurance about her fate, while also begging for replays of the moving montage. (Don't worry, it'll play on Seven all summer.)

Kate, the audience has spoken. Leaving the Bay is simply not an option. Ever. Seven will just have to work around any new opportunities you want to pursue.

Will Sally survive? She'd better.

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^ And a good one! Cat, Willz and I can probably get a lot of people over on StreetTalk to sign it because they were discussing it there.. and I'm sure the majority of people on here would sign it (and there's quite a few)! There's HAAC, Throng; loads of online forum members we can get to sign it! As long as its just one huge petition and not heaps of mini ones.

As for the article, I don't get it :lol: What does it mean??

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