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Milco Appreciation Thread

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I loved Milco, I have watched H&A for the first few years. I'd have been abt 15yrs old when it come to the UK.

Not sure! but has a imaginary freind been done in a soap drama?

What i thought was sweet, that Milco was around for Sally, in her times of need. Just like a real 'imaginary friend' would be :P

Hmm wonders if any of the writters either had a imaginary friend, or one of there children might have??

I have not watched, the recent episodes, think i'm about 40is epiodes behind, what's been aired in Aussie.

I can't think of any other storyline, that will be an wonderful tribute to all the years Kate has put into the show.

Kate is a awesome actress. I'm so excited how this stroyline, will be done. AS it's something very, very different. And not sure never done before??

I hope, it turns out to be a happy ending for Sally's departure, from Summer Bay.

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