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Why Didn't I Die? (by Oxidizer) - comments


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Why didn't I know about this? :P

Damn, she killed Peter.... And then herself... I don't know who to cry for. Tracey or Peter. *cries for both Tracey and Peter and Drew and everyone else who mattered to them*

But, this fic was f****** fantastic. I would rank it second after MOTC. For me, personally, anyway. This one was sad but good. Good in the sense that they got their final revenge. Sad that they had to die for it and that Peter had to die for it.

Absolutely fantastic is all that I can say. Your writing was brilliant as always. :D

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I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And like it as much as MOTC! :D Aaron Stanford shaped cookies for you!

I loved every minute of it, dude. Aaron Standford shaped cookies?!?!? ZOMG!!! *literally dies of happiness but not before accepting them graciously and munching on them*

Lol, I'm going to shut up about MOTC now... Lol... Does that mean I get more Aaaron Stanford cookies? :P:lol: [promoting fics can be hard work :P ]

Trust me, Rosey, it's a brilliant fic. It's so worth the time you spend reading it. :D

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