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One Tree Hill season 4

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Not sure if this has already been done, but I have just watched to final of season three and I’m dying to know what happens at the begin of season 4.

Do Cooper, Rachael and Nathan survive? And if yes how?

What did Rachael say just before the crash?

Is broke pregnant?

What was Haley going to say?

Who written murderer on Dan’s wall?

What happens what the Payton, broke and Lucas triangle?

Please can someone help me?


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Okay here's a bunch of spoilers for you, so if you don't wanna hear OTH s4 spoilers, stop reading now.

Everyone survive the car accident.

Rachel told Cooper she was pregnant, but she lied.

No, Brooke is not pregnant.

She claimed it was that she had been accepted to Stanford, but it was that she was pregnant.

Not sure who wrote it (I've only seen the first 6 episodes)

As far as I have seen (S04E06) Brooke and Lucas are broken up, Brooke and Peyton hate each other, and Brooke thinks Peyton and Lucas has something going on even though they havent.

You really have something to look forward to, season 4 is amazing! (The stuff I listed is just details compared to other stuff)

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Nathan saves Cooper and Rachel, someone said it's because Keith was guiding him. Not sure if that is true or not though because I havent seen it. Just read about it.

As said, Rachel tells Cooper she is pregnant in the hope he will stay with her. But she lied.

Brooke is not pregnant. Karen and Haley are both pregnant. As cute as a Naley baby will be I don't want Haley pregnant.

I also do not know who wrote the murder thing but I hope someone works out Dan was responsible for it. Soon.

Brooke and Lucas broke up, which is sad because it looked like at the end of the season finale they were happy. Brooke and Peyton hate each other, whilst Brooke thinks Peyton and Lucas are together. But they aren't.

I know some other One Tree Hill spoilers, which I wont post here but if you have any more questions feel free to PM me.

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Last Year It started straight after The OC had finished on E4, And I think The OC will be finished sometime around April this year (because of the crappy 16 episodes :(:() so hopefully it will start then...but Last year it started around the end of June start of July I think?

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