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It's Too Late

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Topic Title – It's Too Late

Topic Description – Jack and Martha, T

Type of story: one-shot

Rating: T

Main Characters: Martha, Jack

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warnings: VD

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary:Jack has moved on, and he and Martha are no longer together. Martha wishes that none of it had ever happened, and that she could still be with Jack; the man she still loves. She decides to tell him all this in a letter, but whilst he's reading it, a dreadful thing happens. Can he tell her that he really still loves her...?


Late night + Emma = Crappy one shot. Please comment.

It's Too Late

She sat there, staring at them. They were happy, why did she ever let him go? She could be her, enjoying herself, having fun, being with the man she loved.

"Heya" she walked over to them

"Oh hey, are you alright?" He asked

"Yer, I'm fine thanks, what did you think of the play then?" Martha replied

"It was hilarious, I was laughing all the way through it" He exclaimed

"So you had a good time?" She asked

"Yes, its been great, we've had such a good time" He faced his girlfriend and kissed her softly on the lips.

"Well I'll just leave you two to it" She walked off to get another drink. She was going to need it to get her through the night.


Once again she looked over to them and they were smiling, laughing, messing around. A few weeks ago that was her, but she through it all away. Once again a guy had stuffed her life up, but what could she do apart from get on with it?

"Are you sure you're alright, it's just you don't seem your normal self?" Alf asked her

"No, I'm good, I think I'm just going to head off now, I'm quite tired" Martha replied

"Ok, I'll see you tomorrow love" Alf said goodbye

"Bye" she headed off


As she was walking towards her car she heard someone call her name. It was the other half, the woman that she despised.

"Yes?" Martha asked

"Look I know you still love him, but he's mine now, so just leave us alone, we're happy, I make him happy, so just stay away" And with that she walked back inside to her man.

That woman infuriated Martha so much, she just wanted to hit her. It was at that point that she decided that she had to do something about her life.

She sat down staring at the pad of paper in her hand. The only way she could explain all of this was in a letter, she couldn't say it to his face, it wasn't possible.

She started to write it;

Dear Jack...

By the time she had finished the letter she had had about four attempts at it. She still wasn’t pleased with it, but nothing could be perfect, so it would have to do. She went and found an envelope and wrote Jack’s name on the front.

She then headed upstairs and found Jack’s favourite outfit that she wore. It was the one that she wore on her engagement. She also left her hair down, the way he preferred it. This was it, this was going to solve all of her problems.


She used the spare key to get into his house and she left the note on the table. He couldn’t miss it. Then she left and headed up to the cliffs, their favourite place.

“This is it Martha, this is it” She kept on repeating to herself.

Then she took two steps closer to the edge, peering over and looking down at the crashing waves on the rocks before her.

“This is it” She said on last time, before stepping out and letting all of her troubles be taken away.

It was over, her nightmare, gone, finished, ended…


Her life flashed before her, her mother, Jesse, the car crash, the stalker, Alf, Ric, Jack. Everyone.

Suddenly it disappeared, it was really over.

“Martha” She heard someone yelling her name out. It was Tony, he had seen her, gone into the water and dragged her out, then given her mouth to mouth as she had stopped breathing.

At that same point Jack was reading the letter.

Dear Jack, there is no easy way to tell you this, especially now that you’re with someone else. This was the easiest way for me to say it. I still love you Jack. I always have and I always will, but you love Sam, and I know that you won’t want me back, so I’ve gone, forever. You will never have to see me again; finally my nightmare is over…

…Just remember Jack, I am yours for always, I love you so much, and have never stopped. I will never forget you.

All my love, Martha xx

Jack finished reading it, he didn’t understand why she kept on going on about her nightmare being over, and how she had left him for good. It didn’t make sense.


“Yer, over here” Tony yelled out to the paramedics

“Ok, what’s her name?” One of them asked

“Martha” Tony replied

“Ok Martha can you hear me…” The paramedics set to work, all Tony could do was wait and see if she was going to be alright.


Tony was waiting patiently at the hospital, finally Rachel came out and started talking to him.

“Ok, we’ve managed to get her stable, for now, you can go in and see her. Do you want me to call anyone?” Rachel asked him

“Yer, I’ve already called Alf, and he’s coming but could you call Jack for me please?” Tony asked

“Course” Rachel headed off to the phone

“Martha” Tony gasped as he walked in, she was covered in bruises. “Why Martha, if only I knew why you did this” Tony said. He decided to stay with her until more people came.


“Oh my god, Dad, she tried to kill herself!” Jack told him

“What? Why?” Tony asked

“Because she was still in love with me” Jack answered “Dad do you mind if I can have some time alone with her?”

“'Course not.” Tony said before walking out of the room.

“Martha, why did you do this? Well I know why you did this, but if only you had come and spoken to me about it. Martha please wake up, I need to tell you that I love you too, but you need to wake up.” Jack said. Just then the machines started making noises.

“What’s happening” Jack yelled out. One of the nurses came running in.

“I’m gonna have to ask you to leave” she said

“No, I’m not going anywhere” Jack said all the time still holding Martha’s hand. There was now just a constant beep in the air.

“Jack, I’m sorry but she’s gone” the nurse told him.

“No, she can’t be” Jack stated

“I’m sorry, but it’s too late, she’s not coming back. I'll give you some time alone with her” The nurse walked out again.

Jack just sat there crying; telling Martha how much he loved her, and how they would be together soon…very soon.

The End

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