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Clips of '06!

Guest NickyDj3000

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Hey guys.

I've just learnt how to make like videos in movie maker and I was wondering if pople had clips of some important events, highs, lows of the whole year for the show etc. I'd hunt around myself but my mother is in hospital and I have to go now to see here (in theatre now) and when I get back in a few hours I really want something that I can jump right into to take my mind of the whole thing.

Thnakyou to anyone who has any/knows of any links.


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About the episode summaries: If you don't find the episode summaries for all the episodes you need here you can find them at www.tv.com just keyword "home and away" click the link, click "episodes", choose "episode summaries/episode guide" (not sure what it says) and choose the season (season 19 I think)

Secondly, the clips: I did not cap any of these episodes, but I have edited the clips (not the Barry one).

Belle pushes Flynn down the stairs by accident (ep. 4120)

Sally learns that Flynn only has a few hours left(ep. 4120)

Flynn dies (ep 4121)

After Flynn's funeral/Flynn's ashes (ep. 4122)

Barry leaves (ep. 4195)

The last scenes of 2006, not including Sally montage. (ep. 4330)

Please tell me if some of the links are broken, I had some problems with the uploading.

I hope you like them, and I hope your mum is okay :)

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