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My Toy (by Oxidizer) - comments


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I actually love the title of it. Another fantastic oneshot fic from the Oxidizer. :P

Jackie an imbecile? Lol... Very nice dude.

Love it... You know, I'm this close to joining your oneshots all together in order to have it as how the 2006 ACTUAL seeason finale should be. Did that even make sense?

Brilliant job, Andy. :D

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^ Lol. I wasn't going to write a fic about it. I was going to read all of your oneshot fics and sort of like use it to join the missing pieces to make it a season finale for 2006. But, you never know. I might get so bored one day and end up doing that. Might have to nick some ideas off you and Rabs tho. Hope you guys don't mind about that. :D

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Oh! I'm such a ditz! :P No, I don't mind, I just can't wait to read it! (that's if you decide to write it, I mean, no pressure! :lol: )

I'm not sure how many oneshots I'm going to do. I only planned They and then I did this 'cause I had nothing else to do. But who knows? I might do one with Zoe and Tracey watching their surveillance cameras and that's how they found out about the engagement party. :ph34r:

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