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Hey guys.

No one really likes this anymore :P

And I want it OVER!! I'm going away on Tuesday, and it should be done by then, so I can work on 'The Sisterhood' My up-coming fic!

Chapter 11: Changes

Isabel's POV

A ray of bright sunlight peeped through a crack in my window that wasn't covered by a strip of curtain. I groaned. I knew I should've shut them properly.

"Rise and shine!" Mum said brightly, entering the room. She pulled the curtains right back, so sunshine filled the room. I pulled the covers over my head, blocking out the light. I wanted to sleep for at least another hour.

"Come on, get up! It's 10:30 already!" She laughed at me. She tugged at my covers, but I didn't budge. I held them down so she couldn't pull them. We had stayed up for hours last night, talking. We talked about everything, and it lasted hours. I fell asleep immediately, but I still felt like I'd only slept for 10 minutes.

By 12:30 I felt like I'd been awake for hours. We were in the car, driving out of our bumpy, brick driveway. We drove for 15 minutes, and I was jolted out of my dreamy mode as we pulled up in the Hunter/Holden's driveway. I slowly walked inside. After my dramatic performance yesterday, I was embarassed and ashamed.

Beth opened the door, surprised to see us. Mum pushed me gently inside, and they all sat down on the lounge, once they had biscuits and coffee set out. Tim eofr my 'public apology'...

Kit's POV

As I listen to her talk, I see a total transform of Isabel. The other day she was a bratty, stubborn little girl, but today she's a mature, sensible young lady. I realise that she is sorry deeply. I hope, no, I KNOW, that things will get better...

They invited us to stay for lunch, calling it a 'second christmas' Due to the not-so-great one we had yesterday. We smile, we laugh and we talk as though nothing ever was wrong, and as though it has always been like that. We've put the past behind us, so that's where it will stay.

Isabel's POV

It was only a short walk, but it felt like years to take those steps into their house. I didn't want to do this, I didn't want to face them. What if all of this making up with Mum is ruined again because of one talk with Kim and rachel?

"Would you like anything?" Rachel asks us as we all sit down around their table. They had purposely arranged for Melanie, Anna and Joe to all be out of the house as they didn't need them to get involved.

We shook our heads. "Let's just get onto it, shall we?" Mum said.

"Okay...we haven't been completely honest with you, isabel..." Kim began.

He droned on, telling me his life story. I knew the basics, already, he was just repeating information. To tell the truth, I wasn't really listening. I heard, and I knew what he meant, but with all the descriptions , I didn't need to know.

He explained why he had only come after us once, and everything else that needed explaining. I smiled and nodded, but I already knew. I had known from the moment I found out he was my father. He didn't really care, because he had his own family to worry about, and he was angry with my mother so he took it out on me. He didn't say that...but that was what he meant.

By the end of our 'talking' about my whole 'life' an hour had gone by.

"Is that it?" I asked hopefully. I was bored to my skull.

"One more thing. Where do we go from here?" Mum asked.

Kim and rachel glanced at eachother nervously. "Um..." Rachel murmured uncomfortably.

"Seeing as Isabel IS my daughter, I DO want to spend time with her, and we were thinking if she spent some days here?" He asked cautiously.

Mum looked thoughtful. "I suppose that would make it easier for when I get a proper job...and it WOULD be good for you guys to bond...but we are going to have to sort out days...and it's up to Isabel...iss?" she asked, looking at me. At least they were giving me a say.

"I guess we could...try it" I said. I could live with this.

The adults discussed and discussed, as I went off in my own little world. I looked around me. There was one of the spare rooms door over to my right, and that was nice. Perhaps that would be my room? Then I looked at their kitchen. Nice...And their TV was smaller than a plasma, but just. Their walls were a brilliant shade of blue, and their house was a fair good size. Yes, I could get used to this.

I thought over how my life had changed so much over the last few days. I had moved to the Bay, met my new best friends, become a qualified snoop looking for my father, met my father, nearly drowned, became a true, spoilt brat, had a horrible Christmas, almost drowned again, read the story of my mother's past from her point of view, made up with her, and sorted out my life, starting a whole new beginning.

Yes, a whole new beginning. And for what's to come...I guess I'll just have to wait!



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