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Story Title: Secret

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Kit, Originals, Kim

BTTB rating: G

does story include spoilers: yes

Is story being proof read: No.

Summary: Kit has one handful, but after returning to the Bay, she can't keep it all in her hands anymore.

Here's my first chapter of my new fanfic:

“Look, this isn’t easy on me, you know! I happen to be the one pregnant here! You can just abandon the baby, say you never had a child, but I can’t!†Kit yelled at Kim angrily. How could he do this to her?

She had turned up on his doorstep, telling herself it was the right thing to do. Candles were lit everywhere, obviously he was planning a romantic night for Rachel and himself. Both of their faces glowed in the candlelight. They sat side by side on the lounge, surrounded by dim light, as Kit tried to explain. Halfway through, he cut her off, yelling at her.

“Why the hell did you have to show up here!? Rachel and I just went through losing a baby, now you show up, expecting us to help you! I don’t want anything to do with you Kit! Just get lost!†He had yelled at her. He couldn’t have a child, not now, not with Kit.

Neither of them knew Rachel had been standing on the doorstep, hearing every shouted word, every yelled sentence. It just got worse and worse. She shook her head over and over. This couldn’t be happening.

Kit left the two of them alone, to talk for the night, but couldn’t be bothered to turn up and break the news to the rest of her family, it was too hard. She remembered Kim’s words. “I don’t want anything to do with you…†and they replayed in her head. And that was the last they saw of her.

The year 2019….

Tick Tick Tick Tick

A bored Isabel sat at her desk as her teacher finished her story. She slouched in her seat, her head in her hands. Her auburn hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail, half pulled out after an energetic game of soccer with the boys at lunch. She could cream all of them.

BRRRRRRIIIIIIING! ‘Finally’ she thought to herself.

“SCHOOL’S OUT!!!†Emma Duncan yelled in her ear, pushing past her, and doing a quick leg trip on Isabel so she fell on the floor.

“See ya next year, loser†she sneered at Isabel

“I doubt it!†Isabel yelled after her.

She slowly moved out of the school, climbing into the rusted red car that was waiting for her. Isabel moved school after school, her Mum’s decisions. She didn’t get a say in any of it, and her Mother would never tell her why. She presumed they were moving again in the summer, so she could’ve done anything to Emma Duncan and dodged payback, as they’d never lay eyes on each other again.

“Where are we going this time?†she asked sarcastically once she had strapped her seatbelt on. Kit rolled her eyes from the driver’s seat.


“I knew it!†she groaned unhappily.

“Look. I know a lot of people in this place called ‘Summer Bay’. I once lived there

and…†Kit didn’t finish her sentence. And her father lived there.

Isabel had a lot of questions about her father, obviously she had one. When she was younger, Kit had fooled her into thinking he didn’t have one, it was the easiest way around it. When Isabel told the others at school that, they laughed at her. It took a lot of time for her to forgive her mother for that. But whenever she brought the topic up of her Dad, Kit would often change the topic, hoping she would just forget about it.

Kit decided that Christmas in Summer Bay would be best for her daughter. She could meet her cousins, her family, and…Kim. Kit still wondered if she should introduce them as father and daughter. Kim would know, but Isabel wouldn’t.

With Christmas in 7 days, Kit had already done planning for months of moving, secretly behind Isabel’s back. She was hoping for it to be a Christmas present. Isabel would love it, she knew she would. The beach scenery was enough to make anyone fall in love with it.

She had decided to move on the 22nd of December, so everyone could get over their shock, and by Christmas Day, they could all just have a nice day.

“2 days before the big move!†Kit exclaimed one morning, and got a mumbled reply from her daughter. “Maybe we should start packing up your room? Just keep your favourite things, because you’ll get things for Christmas for your new room, and we could get you a new doona, and-†Kit tried to make it sound happy and fun, but Natalie didn’t buy it.

“Look, I just want to stay in ONE place for once! Is that such a crime!?†Isabel exclaimed.

“Look, I’m sorry. I am, Is, but I’m trying to pull myself together. We’ll try and stay in Summer Bay, I promise you. I also promise you that you’ll love it. You will.†Kit told her, sitting down and patting her hands. Isabel nodded reluctantly, and they started on her room.

2 Days later, they were hitting the road. Isabel had loved their old house, a small quiet cosy cottage that had a country style to it. It was a country sort of town, about 4 hours from the Bay. Kit wanted to be somewhere even further, like Queensland, but thought it would be better to be just a little bit close to her family, if she really needed them. But, she did want to be awhile a way, so they would have trouble tracking her down.

They pulled up after a long drive, in front of a medium sized house. Isabel had gazed out the window as they had driven through Summer Bay, the glistening water, golden sand, beach-styled restaurants, friendly people, no Emma Duncan. It was all good.

Kit took the heavy boxes, and Is took the lighter ones, and in no time, they were all scattered around the new house, out of the back of the car and small trailer that was attached to the back. “Home, sweet home†Kit sighed, preparing to take her daughter through the town…

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Thanks for that...only...comment Paris! LOL...

Here it is:

Chapter 2: Puzzle pieces


I looked around me, from side to side, I wanted to see everything at once! The crashing waves, clear blue water, perfect golden sand, decorated restaurants, it all looked so inviting!

Mum guided me into a place called ‘the diner’. We both had comments. She said she was surprised it was still up and running. I said it had such an original name.

A woman younger than Mum jumped up at the sight of us. She looked angry, and she had a boy with her...about 7.

“Mattie, what’s wrong?” Mum asked her worriedly.

“What’s WRONG? What’s WRONG? Oh, I’LL tell you what’s wrong! You abandoned us! Our family! We heard nothing for 12 years! Not a phone call, a letter, or even a damn Christmas card! And when I needed my big sister most, you weren’t there! WE didn’t even know where you were, we couldn’t contact you! You missed Christmas after Christmas, and if you expect to be welcomed back after all this time, BAD LUCK!” she yelled, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Mum was now crying too. They both hugged for a long time, both crying into the other one’s top. I was red with embarrassment, the whole restaurant was watching! But as I got over my humiliation, it didn’t take me long to work it out. Mum must’ve left when she was pregnant with me...

I couldn’t just stand there gawking at the stupid incident, so I ran out onto the beach, I needed to air. I saw the same blonde man I had seen in a picture once. Mum got really angry; I wasn’t supposed to see it. But I did. She refused to tell me who it was.

He was talking to a curly haired brunette, with two kids. One around my age maybe, and two girls, about 9 and another one my age by the look’s of them. I’m good with guessing ages. It would take a lot of courage, but I decided to go up to them. My Mother was hiding something, and I needed to find out what.

I slowly walked up to them, gathering my courage as I went.

“Isabel?” the blonde man asked when I’d reached them

“How do you know my name?!” I demanded. The blonde man realized he’d made a slip, and the rest of his family looked at him questioningly.

He was trying to think of an excuse, but foolishly changed the subject instead.

“Umm...My name’s Kim by the way. This is my wife Rachel, and our foster kids, Anna, Joe and Melanie.” He introduced them nervously. He knew I knew something.

Suddenly, someone came up behind me, putting their hand on my shoulder and pulled me away. Mum.

“What are you doing!?” I demanded, hoping she would crack.

“You ran away! Don’t do that! Just run off without telling me where you’re going!” Mum exclaimed, and she forced me to walk home with her. Boy, was I on to her...

Short, sorry.

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Awww. THat's nice, thanks for reading, everyone!


I drag Isabel along by the collar of her T-shirt. I feel awful doing this, keeping her in the dark, keeping everyone in the dark. I feel so alone, no one to turn to. But I can't tell them now, not after 12 years. WE finally reach the house, and I notice Isabel had a cheeky smile on her face. What now?

"What are you up to?" I ask her

"Nothing..." she says innocently, before going inside.

I groan. That always means something. I decide I need to clear a few things up with Kim and Rach, so begin to head over. Unfortunately, half way there, I realise that my 'innocent' daughter, is following me.

Joe's POV.

I hear the banging on the front door, and peer out my window to see who was our guest. It was the girl from before! Her auburn hair was out, shining as the orange sun from sunset shone down on her. She was gorgeous. I was disturbed from my thoughts as Melanie goes thundering, her feet pounding on our wooden floor boards, to open the door.

"Foster sisters." I mutter unhappily, as I also go to greet our guests.

Dad had an odd look on his face when he see's the two female's on our front verandah. Like, nerves...secretive nerves. Isabel''s mother, who I presume was 'Kit' mouthed 'sorry'to Dad. I onloy knew her name because Dad and Mum, aka, my foster parents, were whispering a bit too loudly in the kitchen about them. I didn't get to hear who Isabel actually WAS, just something about Kit turning up with her daughter, after all those years disappearing. Right after her 'ánnouncement'. What on Earth were they on about?

Dad told all of us kids to meet Isabel, show her around, and stay out of the adult's way. At least I get a chance to get to know her...

Isabel's POV:

They definetely have a past together. What about, is the question. They've shooed us away, so they can talk privately, I'm sure of it. Perhaps these kids know something I don't? Surely, they'll help me!

"Hi...again...." I say, and Joe and Melanie nod in response. Melanie was about 9. Anna had gone off, stuck up, somewhere else. I don't think she likes me.

"What do you know about me? Or my Mum? Or your Dad and your Mum's past? Help!" I say straight out, I don't have time to waste!

"We-ell....we heard our parents talking before. Serious talking. Stuff about your Mum coming back after disappearing when she was pregnant. After their fight over...the baby, which is you I guess." Joe says to me.

"My Mum's definetely hiding something, that's for sure." I say.

"We'll help you!" Melanie volunteered brightly. I nodded.

"THanks for your help. But, warning, this involves spying, eavesdropping, following at all costs!" I told them, acting like a proffessional spy from a show I've seen, spy-watch.

Mum comes in to get me then, and I nod at them, and they nod back. Another thing on Spy-Watch. Kim, trying to be friendly goes ahead and invites me to stay longer and play with the kids, and maybe dinner and a movie later. He smiles at me strangely, like he wants to be my friend. I accept, I like these kids, but god, adults are SO weird sometimes!

Rachel's POV:

Oh God, playing fatherly figure, are we now KIm?

Kim's POV:

At least I can interact with my daughter, even though she won't know it...Kit's asking a lot oof Rach and me, but I guess we can't just go, "Hey, Hi, I''m your father".

Joe's POV:

Yes! More time with Iss!


Cool...I like this girl


More time with the brat...great, groan.

Kit's POV:

Good that takes her off my hands, she'll have friends, yet I don't want the two of them getting TOO close...it could get bad. I don't want her getting hurt, it's better this way.

Sorry, a bit of a shorter chapter, please R&R, thanks for your past commenting!

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Thanks for your comments guys!

I appreciate it and you reading! Things that need work...? Anything?

What chapter am I up to?


Okay, Chapter 4:

Kim's POV

I love her laugh. I can't believe she's my daughter. I think we already have a bond. Like me and Kit had...but it's not the same. She actually laughs at my jokes, and Joe is laughing along with her, smiling and gazing happily. Rachel has noticed it. She reckons there's a crush developing. I don't think so. Isabel’s just a nice girl that Joe can relate to.

Her smile. She just smiled. I get distracted watching her. It's funny. I want to be a father to her; I want to make up for those twelve years I've missed. Kit doesn’t want me getting to close to her. She’s protective of Isabel, she doesn’t want her to go through it all, like we both know will happen if she finds out…about…anything. Kit wants me to stay away, she glared at me and warned me off. She said Isabel has lived a life without a father, she doesn’t need one now.

Isabel’s POV

I wish I had a family like this, a normal, happy family. With a Mum, and a Dad, and a few kids here and there. I don’t have a father, and I’m an only child. Sometimes when Mum and I fight, it gets really lonely when there’s no one else to talk to, or play with. It’s depressing.

There’s something strange about Kim. I like him, but he always looks at me….differently. Rachel looks at me as if she wants to tell me something but she can’t. Joe and Mel are my new friends, and they look at me like friends do. Anna, on the other hand glares at me sourly. Probably because I’ve won everyone’s love, and no one wants to love Anna-the-spoilt-brat. Or maybe because I made her look stupid at home when she picked on me. Well, she should learn not to mess with me, shouldn’t she?

We’re about to head off to the diner, when Mattie stares at us all together. Kim spots her, and he stops us walking for a moment. He goes over to talk to her, and Rachel after a few moments goes to follow them to see what the fuss was about. With one look at the others, we all have the same thought. It’s DEFINETELY about the ‘secret’.

“What are you DOING with her? Kit told me everything, and the last thing we need is-” Matilda was hissing at the two of them, until Anna yelled out to dob on us

“Rachel, Rachel! They’re spying on you!” she yells.

We roll our eyes, as their conversation ends and we head off to the movie. Damn, so much for a chance of exposing them. Why do they have to be so secretive? Now I’m in the Bay, I’m going to find out the real story to my mother’s life…what if all those stories were lies?


An empty house. It feels strange without Iss around. Different, somehow. There wasn’t much point in me cooking for one person, so I ate the boring left overs. I hope no one makes a slip up, or decides to tell her, after they promised.

Kim may be her father, but if I have anything to do with it, he won’t be doing any fatherly duties, just friendship is all they will have together.


He’s doing it again. At first, he was nice, they were nice, but now he’s playing the cover up trick. Like there’s no secret, nothing going on, like that conversation was an adults joke. Joe asked about it, about what it was all about, and Kim asked if we wanted ice cream…adults, honestly!

A kids life isn’t all about ice cream and chocolate. It’s about who they are, friends, their LIVES, they ARE people, for God’s sake! Except I don’t know MY story…everyone has one…and for sure I’m going to find out my own…and my Mums. So there!

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Chapter 5:

24th of December. Most kids are hyper and excited by the time this day comes, and they can't wait until the next day. But not for Isabel.

Isabel's POV

"Finally! I thought you'd NEVER get here!" I cried when I opened the door to reveal Joe and Melanie. I had invited them over for a spy meeting, we needed to work out our next moves. Mum had gone around the back, she had a headache and didn't want 'noisy kids to make it worse'

I was glad that she had left us in peace though. It gave us our space. We went into my room. It was a bit weird having a boy in my room, but it was hardly unpacked, as I probably wasn't going to be here much longer any way. I hoped we would though. I had made friends for once, and I knew I belonged here, I could feel it. The secret was here, but it wouldn't be a secret for much longer....

"What next?" Joe sighed as we went through the last of the old boxes stored innthe garage. Nothing. Aboslutely nothing. I thought Mum might've stored SOMETHING, but I guess she's too smart for that. She knew I'd find it.

"What's that?" melanie asked me, pointing to a box hiding under a shelf, covered by a blue sheet, that hadn't been looked at yet. We dove into it, searching for a clue.

"Eureka!" I cried, finding an old dark blue diary, covered in thick layers of dust. We flicked through pages, until I stopped the page, reading the one I had spotted. The page read:

I can't believe they've done this to me. I thought they would help me, they'd actually give me a hand through this. They're not the one having to care for this baby! I can't believe....

And torn out pages. We needed to find those stupid pages. I turned through more pages, until I reached present. There could be something!

THIS page read:

I can't let her know about it all. It's not fair, on any of us, it doesn't make sense. Kim isn;t helping, he's trying to...

We were about to flick over the page to read the rest, until a hand snatched the book out of our hands angrily.

Kit's POV

Oh god, she's getting closer! Now she looks through my diary? I can't keep her here,I can't, she'll get hurt, too badly...

Isabel's POV

"What the HECK do you think you're doing!?" Mum yelled at us. I was about to shoot a question back at her, when she shoved Joe and Melanie out of the house, telling them to go home.

"They're my friends! Don't treat them like that!" I yelled back at her.

"That's it. It's done, we're done here! Pack up, we're leaving." she told me angrily, and I gasped, my mouth hanging down, before I closed it, and gritting my teeth, said

"No! You CAN'T make me go! I hate you! You ALWAYS make me move! I'm not going, I BELONG here! You can;t do this to me! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!" I tried to scream at her, but it came out in tears.

My first place I belonged, I had friends, I wanted to stay! And she tells me we're moving, and that's that. I Hate her! I HATE her!

Kit's POV

I hate doing this, but I can't let her get any closer. This will be our worst christmas, I know, but it'll just hurt more. I thought I was doing the right thing, but it's wrong. I know it is...I hope I do, anyway...

Isabel's POV

Hours later, I threw things into a bag, with the tears running down my cheeks. Salt water welled in my eyes, and pured out down onto my cheeks, and my eyes became red and puffy. I cried, and cried, and cried.

I heard a tap at my window, and saw Joe's face peering in at me, he looked concerned, shocked and determined all at the same time. What was up?

Joe's POV

We needed to tell her the news we'd found out. Our father had the missing pages, Kit had sent them to him in a letter! Not thinking we were home, he left them on the table, and we walked over to have a read of our father's business. And the answers were a shock to us.

We ran all the way to Isabel's house, huffing and ouffing, repeating the words in our minds mto try and make ourselves believe them.

We help her climb out of her window, and we rush to the nearest secret place we know, a cave by the rushing waves, that you have to climb down rock after rock, and if you fall you're history, and you fall to the bottom of the ocean.

Isabel's POV

I'm desperate to know what's so urgent, I know it's big news. I ask them what it is, and all they tell me is that it's a puzzle piece that almost solves it all, but it has it's own mysteries within it. They read too much.

I watch the scary waves as they crash upon the rocks, and I see all the dark clouds form to make one huge great big grey sky. I saw a drop fall into the sea, joining the gallons of water that was already surrounding us.

I see more drops fall, but turn my head away from the water, and concentrate on what Joe and Melanie are saying.

“Read this!” Melanie urged me, thrusting the torn pages underneath my nose.

The first bit was a letter, a letter to…Kim? From Mum? Oh, this was gonna be good!

Dear Kim…

Remember those years ago, when I came to the bay that night? When I was pregnant? You and Rachel are the only ones who know, and being her father, you have a write to know about her, and I thought you would like to know how she’s going, if you have a heart, you’ll want to. She’s fantastic in my eyes.

Her name is Isabel. She’s one of the only things in my life, and I love her to pieces, although she may not know it at times. I’ve had to tell lies, because I feel I have to protect her. From everything, all the harsh things that can harm her.

I know you went after us. You tried to find me. I got a certain friend to lie for me, saying they had no idea who you were or I was. It was for her. She doesn’t need you in her life, and neither do I. You abandoned us those years ago, I won’t let it happen again.

Don’t try and track her down, because life’s complicated enough. You have a daughter, who thinks you don’t exist, so pretend you don’t, for her sake at least. She’s 10 right now. She’s beautiful.

She wants a father that I can’t give to her, but I will come to the bay one day, and introduce you. But not as father and daughter. As a friend of mine who is willing to be her friend too. If you don’t care, than I hate you, and if you do, then you’ll think fo her every day, and know that she’s doing okay.

Yours sincerely, Kit.

P.S., the pages are from my diary, and explain everything else. The story, the secret, I guess. And those are photos of her.

I had tears pouring down my cheeks by the end. My Mum just cares, but what a horrible thing to do! I hate them, every one of them! Kim’s my father! Oh My God!

How could they lie to me for all those years? And the pages? There’s other things too? What else is there?

I made a grab for the pages, but they flew from my hand, and towards the water.

“No!” I cried, but it was too late. Joe tried to go after it, but I caught him just in time before he fell in the water, just as the pages touched the water, floating, and heavy rain drops fell onto it, pushing it’s pressure down on it, so it slowly went further and further down and the ink ran, and that was the last we ever saw of it….

please R&R!

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Thanks Paris and Shen! So much for all the readers at the beginning,. LOL :P

Here's the next chapter. A bit repetetive and boring, because they're fighting the storm..don't not read it though! :P

Chapter 6: Saltwater:

"No, No, No NO!" Isabel cried as the paper slowly were washed over by the fearsome waves. More rain fell down, and loud thunder crackled, and the children saw the distant sharp golden lightning strike in the sky.

Isabel's POV

Not now. WE were so close, and our chances are gone, all we know is who my father is, not what really happened, or what's REALLY going on. And that evidence, the opnly thing we have, is gone.

"WE should probably just go now" I murmured sadly, forgetting the storm that was going on around us.

Joe attempted to climb back up, but his foot slipped, and he almost lost all balance and grip, and went tumbling into the sea. It was one of the most scary things ever. But we were facing a problem...we were stuck here!

WE wished the rain would stop, the rocks would dry, and we could go home. But instead, it rained harder, causing the waves to splash and crash against the cave, sending sprays of thick seawater back at us. The water levelk rising, more and more water came and soaked us each time. We were dripping wet in saltwater.

We were scared, at any moment, a wave could come over and crash against us, before tearing back, takiing us with it. It was frightning, and we clung on to the walls and eachother, hanging on for dear life. Yet, at the back of my mind, there wasn't fear, there wasn't worry...there was anger.

At Mum, at Kim, at everyone. They'd all been in on it, lying. It was a sick feling, of horror, anger and disgust rolled in to one. MUm had told me to move and over, and now we were here, we were moving again? I was thrown out of my thoughts as the biggest wave came through unexpectedly, and my grip loosened, before I had lost all contact with the wall and was floating and struggling in the rushing salt water.


I feel terrible. I say we're moving for her sake...but it's for mine. I have to kep telling myself it's for her, but when I see the look on her face, my heart breaks all over again. I want to keep her happy...but am I goping too far?

Going to see how she's going, and apologise, I head to Isabel's room. She's been awfully quiet, usually she begs me to let her out by now, or sneaks out, or plainly walks out. She prefers to be free.

Remembering her haughtiness about the manners of knocking, I call out her name softly, tapping on the door, and when I get no response, I raise my voice louder, and tap harder.

Thinking she's playing a joke on me, I roll my eyes, and thrust open the door. The window is wide open, letting the hard rain droplets pelting down into her room, drowning her bed in water. But there's something missing. Isabel.

Isabel's POV

This is it. I'm about to be washed away...for good. I move my arms about, trying to grab hold of something, but it's pushed me into the middle so I am out of reach of everything. Another wave comes thrashing in, going over my head, and I am under water, my eyes stinging, before I quickly shut them tight.

Saltwater stings them like hell, as it escapes through the tiny spaces of my shut eyelids. I groan in pain, but it doesn’t quite work underwater, and it comes out as a loud choke, and water comes through my throat and nostrils. I wince in pain, running out of air, as I struggle to come to the surface.

My head just rises over the wild waves, and I gasp for air desperately. I was soon pushed under again as another wave came speeding my way, and pushing me even further back. It was happening so quickly, nothing and no one could help me. Two waves in one came crashing into the cave, and I’m about to be carried out into the real, frightening stormy sea.

This time, there’s a different type of saltwater burning in my eyes.

Kit’s POV:

A mother’s worst nightmare. Not just their child running away, it’s worse in the middle of a fearsome storm. Isabel could be anywhere, but one guess would be with Joe and Mel. She’s grown attached to them…too attached for my liking.

I desperately run to the phone to dial Kim’s number, surely he’d be able to help me. Whether he wanted to physically help ME, and whether he hated me or not, he would want to save his biological daughter…that’s Kim for you.

I slam my fist against the wall in anger as the phone line is cut off, and search through the house like a maniac for my mobile phone. It’s buried somewhere in a stupid box. I yank it out from where it is buried under other boring junk, and dial Kim’s mobile as quickly as I can.

“Kim!” I cry, as he finally picks up. I was becoming impatient…I needed to find my little girl!

“Kit? Is that you?” I hear Kim’s muffled voice through my phone, and every now and then we will cut off, before connecting again. I needed to do this quickly.

“Is Joe at home? Is he okay? What about Melanie? Is Isabel okay!?” I blurted out quickly, saltwater down my cheeks.

“Kit! Slow down! Isabel? What’s wrong with her? Yeah, they’re…home…” Kim said the last few words slowly.

Kim’s POV

Kit had made that frantic phone call, and it just hit me. The kids HAVE been rather quiet. I look through the rooms while Kit blabbers on about how worried she is, and I give up.

“No, Kit, they’re all gone.” I said. I look over at the table for a note, but instead there’s something else missing…

“Kit! They’re in trouble…and so are we!” I exclaim. I know exactly where they would be. They think I don’t know about their ‘secret’ but I left them to think that to make them think it was special…and so I know where they are if they’ve run away.

I give Kit the details, and we agree to meet down at ‘the spot’. Rachel comes with us, as she’s worried too, and just in case they need medical care. My three kids…whether Kit liked it or not!

Isabel’s POV

This is it, I’m being pushed back. I’m thrown under by a strong wave that hits me unexpectedly. I’ve gone down and down, and I don’t think I’ll be able to come back up. I’m out of energy, I can’t fight it anymore. I’m slowing moving backwards, and my eyes begin to close slowly….

But suddenly, a hand grips my hand, and pulls me up next to them, and IO hold on to them for dear life. Melanie and Joe saved my life, and we all huddled together, fighting the waves that came near us.

It was safer where they were, but it was still getting harder. We were getting tired, and the waves were getting stronger. The cave was becoming flooded, and more and more pieces of the ceiling were joining the water swishing and swirling around, occasionally hitting one of us, giving us tiny scars with a dribble of blood.

I suddenly begin to slip off again,l but Joe grabs onto me, trying to support both of us. I tell him to save himself, I can see him struggling badly. He’s tired too, but he won’t let go of me.

Ït’s either neither of us go, or we both do.” He tells me, still groaning as he pulls me back as another wave comes. Without warning, another wave comes thrashing at us, knocking us both off the rocks, pushing us under the saltwater.

PLease R&R!!

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Meh, I like writing it anyway!

Chapter 7: Not so nice Christmas...

KIm dove into the rough sea, grabbing onto his daughter and foster son tightly, to rescue them from the harsh waves. He guided them towards the rocks, where Rachel and Kit helped them up as Kim went back for Melanie.

Isabel's POV

Mum wraps her arms around me, hugging me tightly, but I struggle away. Rachel is about to hug Joe and Melanie, but they turn away as well. As soon as we are all standing ontop of the rocks in the pouring rain, us kids glare at the three adults standing infront of us.

But as the thunder crackles and rain gets heavier, we can't stay out here forever. We go back to mine and Mum's house, where they TRY to win us over with chocolate biscuits and hot chocolate.

We don't take the glares off our faces, and they stare at us...

"WE need to SETTLE this" Kim declares, but I glare harder. WE? Settle? THIS? What is THIS supposed to BE?

Joe and Melanie shouldn't be involved. This really doesn't ivolve them AS much, I just involved them. They're sticking up for me, because I'm their friend, but they don't have as much to do with it as I do. It's me, it's MY life that these people are dealing with...or am I just thinking of myself?

"Well?" I ask, pretending that they're wasting my time, and that they are really bothering me...the truth? I don't know what the truth IS anymore!

"Well, what?" Mum asks me. I don't even feel like calling her 'Mum' anymore...she's just a horrible thing.

"Well, I don't know! You're the ones who KNOW everything, EVERYONE knows about this, and you went to SUCH a big effort to keep it from us! From me! You're DAUGHTER! Or is there something else? All of this was a lie, and you're not my motrher!? I WISH!" I tried to scream at her as loud as I could, because this all hurt. THis was NOT fair.'

"Hang on a second, young lady" KIm tried to act fatherly, and all Mr. Perfect, but frank;y, he was no better than that person that I had just screamed at.

"Don't 'Hang on a second young lady' ME! You have NO right! You're as bad as HER!" I shouted, pointing to the thing.

"Iss, please, just settle down" Rachel said soothingly.

"LIARS! You're all SUCH LIARS!" I screamed, running into my room, slaming the door shut as hard as I could.

I pressed the pillow hard onto my face and screamed into it. I hated them, I hated them all. No one came after me, and I was glad. I didn't want to talk to them, hear them or see them...

Kit's POV

I groan and put my head in hands.

"I KNEW this would happen!" I exclaimed.

Kim groaned.

"What? She's my daughyter you know! I wanted to PROTECT her!" I exclaimed defensively.

"Oh Kit, you know that's not true! You weren't protecting Isabel - you were protecting your SELF!" Kim shouted at me, before he, Rachel, Joe and Melanie left, Kim storming out infront. After all, they wanted to enjoy their Christmas without Isabel and I being involved.

I could hear Isabel storming around in her room, crying and screaming occasionally. My daughter the drama queen. Kim's words floated through my mind still. Some fun christmas THIS is going to be...

I realise she doesn't know the whole truth. Surely, she would be a teeny bit more sensitive if she knew. I can't just tell her, she wouldn't believe me. Sigh.

Isabel's POV

After tossing and turning the whole night, I woke up and it was Christmas day.

I didn't have the same feeling I get usually on Christmas, I'm used to being joyful and excited, happy about spending the day with Mum, and opening presents. But not today. I was tired, angry and there was a bored feeling filled inside me. Yawn and groan.

I slowly stumble out of my room, and I see the bright look on my mothers face. I gave up calling her thing. I can'[t change my family (unfortunately) and it got too confusing. She tries hard, but I'm not going to forgive her overnight!

"Looking forward to presents!?" MUm asked me cheerfully, placing pancakes down infront of me. I am starving after lack of dinner the night before, and gobble them down. I feel like a brat for not even saying thank-you, but I can't be bothered.

She tries to smile, chirp and be all bright and happy, but it doesn't make my mood any less stale.

"We're going to my family's place for Christmas lunch, that''ll be good, won't it? Giving you a proper chance to get to know everyone, some good presents, eating heaps!" Mum tries harder.

I mumble a reply that isn't really a reply, and she sighs, leaving the room for some space. It's tough on her, but it's tough on me too....

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YThanks Cait, Paris and Shen!

Chapter 8, part a...:

Isabel's POV

We drive a five minute drive to Beth's house, which feels longest drive of my life. Mum babbles on cheerily, I ignore her grumpily from the backseat, flicking myself on the wrist for entertainment.

We arrive, and everyone is surpirsed by my mood. All my relatives are bright and cheery, and Mum replies with the same attitude, but mine wasn't so sunshiney.

I folded my arms and looked at the ceiling, rolling my eyes when beth came to tell me how special I was, merry christmas and mumble mumble. Mum scolded me for being a brat, but i just talked back, and was the rudest I had ever been. Everyone thinks that my Mum gave birth to a brat, and sympathise her. She is disappointed, I can tell.

We are about to start christmas lunch, when I realise something...not ALL of people know the secret...

Kit's POV.

I cannot stand isabel right now. She is trying to torture me. If she refuses to talk to me, how can I explain things? And how much does she REALLY know? More or less than she lets on?

My thoughts are burst by a loud person shouting to the crowd of us sitting around the large wooden table. Looking up, I recognise my own daughters voice.

" Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, thanks all for coming, but I have a VERY special announcement to make! You see, that person over there is NOT all she seems! All these years she hated you anbd didn't want to see you and kept something from you for twelve, almost thirteen, years. She had a secret STEAMY affair with that JERK Kim Hyde, and gave birth to the most horrid, awful creature ever, and she wishes she was never born. And that's not all! She is keeping something else that she is keeping from her OWN daughter!"

Isabel wants to say more, but Tony grabs her off her position, the middle of the table. Everyone turns to stare at me, I have never been so embarassed. Isabel struggles from Tony's grip, and escapes, running through the house, out the front door.

As everyone still stares at me, I turn a shade of red, before also running out of the house.

Not, this time, after Isabel, she's hurt me enough today, and i don't feel like dealing with her this time. I want to go somewhere where no one will hurt me or touch me for once.

i run and run, wherever I take myself, because I am sick, depressed and embarassed abiut everything.

This time, she's gone too far.

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Here we go!

Thanks for your comments, Adia, Rosey, paris and Shen!!

Chapter 9: Dreary

Isabel sat on the edge of the cliff, swinging her legs back and forth. She threw little pebbles into the water below her, as hard as she could. Each pebble was for someone she was mad at.

"One for Rachel!" she shouted, throwing it below her

"and one for KIM!" she yelled, watching it splash down

"and for MUM!!" she screamed with anger at her own mother, and pegged it down, wanting the pebble to drown...wanting her mother to drown.

" and some for every other LOSER in this whole DAMN world!!" she screamed this last pone as loud and horrible as she could, with anger rushing threw her. She tossed a whole handful of pebbles down, and they all skipped befpore sinking down with the sealife.

Isabel's anger overcame her, and she couldn't control it yet again. She could feel another outburst coming on, but this time, she couldn't scream to get it out.

She took slow steps backwards. If someone had've been watching her, they would've thought she was psychoatic. She had an evil look upon her face, and the wind rushed against her skin. With one last step backwards, she prepared herself...ran forward....and launched herself off the edge of rocks into the saltwater.

Isabel tended to be impulsive, and this was oneof those times.

'I don't want to die! i'm such an idiot, why did I jump?'

She'd tried to scream for help, but a wave came and pushed her yunder. Water went up her nose and into her mouth. it splashed around her, stinging her eyes. She struggled against the tough waves, and was pushed under once again. She felt heavy in her wet clothes, but this was twice in 24 hours she had been near drowning...not good.

This was it. This was the last time. She was going to drown. This time, she could not come back to the surface. She was pushed under, and was staying under.

'They say your life flashes before your eyes...where's mine?' Isabel wondered as she was slowly running out of air.

She could hold her breath for a long time, but now she really was not coping. Suddenly, it happened. She started seeing things. She saw a flash of when Janie Elliot had pushed her in the mud in pre-school. She saw a flash of her Mum working hard while she pestered her. She saw a flash of her Mum lying to her, but now that she saw it again, she could see how hurt her Mum really had been.

Then she saw it. She saw it all clearly. The truth. She had been a fool, and she'd never get to say sorry, because she was dying. She slowly closed her eyes...

AUTHORS NOTE: Yes, I could end it there. The whole fic, with isabel dying. I COULD, couldn't I? But I have an alternate ending, lucky for you!

Isabel was hauled out of the water, a strangers arm around her. She was pulled back onto the cliff, and she slowly regained conciousness.

"This is the second time I've saved you from drowning, in, what, a day?" Kim laughed, smiling at his daughter.

Isabel sat up quickly, and glared at him.

"Don't touch me" she warned him, glaring at his arm around her. "And as for saving me, why do you care? You haven't cared about me for twelve years, why now?" she asked him angrily.

"Iss..." Kim began

"Save it." she told him, and began to walk off. She whirled around quickly once though. "Merry christmas" she said sarcastically, and stormed off back home.

She lay in bed that night, as the moon came out. Kit came in and gave her a small smile. She shut the window, placed a piece of toast and cup of tea on isabel's bedside, and sat down on Isabel's bed, next to her.

"You were an idiot today, you know that?" Kit said to her daughter. her voice wasn't angry, and she didn't mean it. Isabel knew that. Her mother's hand was on hers, patting it softly. For once, isabel didn't flinch away.

"No wonder we're related. You've been an idiot you're whole life" Isabel remarked. She knew she was being horrible, and she had told herself that it was hard for her Mum, she understood and everything...so why couldn't she just get over it?

Kit just sighed. She wasn't going to argue.

"Merry christmas" she whispered. "These are yours. From everyone. And Santa" she said gesturing to a small pile against the wall. "And this is from me" she told her, placing a wrapped present onto the bed...

Please R&R!

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Chapter 10:The Diary

November, 2004

Dear Diary,

Here I am on the plane to Paris!

I’m so excited!

Unfortunately, I am missing Kim already. I mean, it’ll be fun and everything, but saying goodbye to him was so hard, we are already so close. Okay, now I’m just getting mushy!

It’s nice to know he cares about me though. I’m so glad Scott invited me! My big brother and I touring France...I can’t wait!

Or early-Christmas was a big hit, too. It was great! Kim and I, had, erm, fun afterwards, as well, if you know what I mean

(Isabel gagged at that part)

I think that was really one of the best Christmases ever! Even compared to those happy childhood ones where we stuffed ourselves, played kiddy games and got all the toys we wanted!

Oh my gosh, I think the plane’s about to land!

More soon!


Isabel flicked through the boring entries of her mother’s holiday to try and find something interesting. A January entry caught her eye, and she read hungrily for information.

P.S. I hate having to be away from Kim, but this is an offer TOO good to refuse! I hope he understands...I hope he reads that letter! He needs to know that I DO actually love him!!

Isabel had to flick back a few pages to find out what ‘the offer’ was, and was outraged when she realized.

[isabel’s POV]

She dumped him for a JOB!?

And over a letter too! Harsh.

[End POV]

After a month or two of entries, Isabel realized her mother was back in the bay, again.

Dear Diary

I’m on a plane...again! I’m going back to Summer Bay, for good-my REAL home. I was a fool to believe I would fit in in France. I now know what I really want, and I have my head clear again.

Paris, in the end, just got too hard. Coping with money, the rent, the job, and then after Jared....it was too difficult.

Too tired to write anymore!



[isabel’s POV]

Hold up! Who the HECK is Jared?

Time for a recap!

[End POV]

Isabel quickly flicked back to find Jarad was her mothers boyfriend in France, but was disgusted to find what he had done to her. She just wanted to fly out to France and tear his hair all out after she read he had cheated on her. Some people, honestly.

Isabel moved onto the next entries, and when she saw the sentence telling her her mother had moved again, she was immediately intrigued.

Dear Diary,

I’m on the move again.

I was in Summer Bay, for, what, three days?

And I had planned the rest of my life, with Kim, there!

Yep, you guesed it, Kim wasn’t as interested as I was, and as I’d hoped. I feel so humiliated!

But, instead he was with none other than Princess Hayley. Noah loved her, when I wished he’d love me, and then straight after he is shot she moves onto MY boyfriend!

But she’s not even doing the right thing by him, anyway. She practically ADMITTED to still being inlove with Scott, and when I tell Kim, he rips into me, like I’m the bad guy and he never actually cared about me!

So, upset, I fled the bay, as that’s what I’m good at.

I hate writing about this, though, it brings back all the anger...

Got to go!

Wish me luck onh getting back on track!

XOX, Kit...

{Isabel’s POV}

She’s right. She is good at fleeing.

I’m not top judge though, I guess. Dad was a bit of a jerk.He could’ve been nicer about it. And, so I’ve heard from eavesdropping on certain conversations, she was RIGHT after all that! He still does act like a jerk even these days.

It was after a year more of entries where things got actually interesting again.

I noticed a whole month of entries missing, more than that. Only a few had been torn out, the rest were just...not there.

Suddenly, I jumped at the sight opf my name, and my eyes backed up until I saw a letter from Mum, addressed to me, obviously only written today, when she had probably planned this whole diary thing.

Dear Isabel,

I’ve edited and fixed up a lot of this diary, and just so you know, the next few entries are when I was pregnant with you, 2006-2007.

The blanks are when your father and I, along with other friends, were lost in the bush for weeks after a horror chopper crash.

The torn out pages are the private, secret details of my pregnancy and etc., which I will never in a million years let you see.

They are too old for you, and even when you reach eighteen, there are thoughts and things that may hurt you, or you may not understand.

That chopper crash changed my life.

We were going to die, and that’s how it all happened.

Being a PDHPE student, you know what ít’ is, and you should know that’s how your life began. It was a mistake. I don’t regret having you, I love you to pieces, Iss, you know that, but it shouldn’t have happened.

I left the bay after Rachel found out, because the happy couple sorted their lives out, and I didn’t want to get in the way. A couple of weeks later, I discovered I was pregnant with a baby; who turned out to be the most beautiful little girl I’d ever seen.

I went to the bay months later, Christmas Eve, in fact, and thought I was doing the right thing. But when your father wasn’t too happy to see me, we had a fight, and, yet again, I left, scared. I raised you alone, trying to keep up with it all.

My life has been so hard, Isabel, and I regret so much of it, but you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I love you forever,


Oh my Lord. Talk about making you cry!

I slowly read the rest of Mum’s hard years, and they were some emotional entries.

There were some horrible boyfriends in there, fights with me, when Dad went after us once, which was news to me, but I remembered vaguely moving to the Blue Mountains secretly, with no reason.

The diary brought back some hard, some beautiful, and some hysterical memories. Mum’s view on everything was so different.

Everything was always already so hard for her...

And I always managed just to make it worse.

I began to cry as I got closer to the entries of the present time. I felt so awful.

I ignored the other presents piled up, and slowly closed the diary. Getting out of my comfortable spot on my bed, I went out to our small lounge room, where my mother sat watching our television. She looked up at me, and I moved over to where she was. Like I was little again, I curled up in her lap, and she held me tight....like old times.

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