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Don Fisher!

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I agree with a character review of Mr. Fisher on the summer bay journal, which says possibly it's Don who's had the biggest and most interesting character arc on the 15 years regularly on the show, and I would entirely agree.

For me he was on of the key faces of Home and Away, and we saw him through many events, both tragic and humourous, as an audience we were really asked to identify with him, more than any other character perhaps. From a ratehr black, dark character in the early, he opened up, and we saw different sides to him. A particularly interesting time was around 2000, when he had to admit to himself that Marilyn had gone and he had to move on. We felt for him.

It was great to see the balance between the headmaster and the 'human'.

Also to see the long running storylines weaving in and out, like the character of Sam, the memory of Bobby, Alan and the book returning, his friendship with Alf and Ailsa etc.

He was a truely great character, well written and directed for, especially well acted by Norman Coburn.

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