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All I Want For Christmas

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A massive thanks to Jess (sevenpudds). I contacted her in a panic because I doubted I'd be able to finish it due to personal problems and she very kindly finished it for me. So I guess Belle's very lucky in having two people writing a combination for her :P Seriously thanks so much Jess.

For *Belle*: Happy christmas chick.xx

WARNING: Pure slush.

All I want for Christmas...

The warm sun cast light upon her sleeping face, illuminating every gentle curve, heating up the soft, smoothness of her skin. She looked so peaceful, so perfect, so angelic and Lucas Holden was certain that if he could, he would quite happily watch her sleep forever.

She murmured a little sigh of contentment, a small smile on her face and Lucas could only hope that it was dreams of him that were making her smile.

He could remember the moment, over two months ago now, when he had been comforting her over her mother’s affair with her boyfriend. They had kissed. It had been a moment, it had come from nothing, a pure impulse between friends but Lucas had enjoyed it and he had told her so.

It had been her who had said she was not ready for another relationship. Belle Taylor, legendary for jumping feet first into love with every guy she liked, had wanted to take things slow.

Though disappointed, Lucas had agreed. Not because he particularly wanted to take things slow but because her ‘friends with privileges’ suggestion was better than not having her at all. Her kiss had ignited all his senses again. Feelings he had thought alien to him had returned and he had agreed to take things slow. He would have done anything to keep kissing her.

And he was still kissing her.

They were still friends, good friends. He was closer to her than he had ever been to anyone, even Matilda, maybe even Jack. She understood him in a way nobody else did and he understood her. They were similar, yet different. He knew he was quiet and sensitive whilst she was all attitude and mouth. But she was sensitive too and contrary to what Matilda had initially led him to believe, she had genuinely liked him but it had taken nearly losing her to make him realise it.

He realised it now though.

Every moment he spent with her was something to treasure. Every smile she flashed warmed him deep inside, every word she whispered made him want to hear more and her touch excited him in ways he had never dared to dream possible.

Things were good, very good. Their friends with privileges pact had worked really well with even their families accepting their unconventional relationship. Yet as he watched her now Lucas felt strangely unfulfilled. She was beautiful, perfect, everything he wanted and there lay the crux of the problem.

Friends with privileges was no longer good enough. He wanted more. He wanted her, mind, body and soul. He wanted faithfulness, to call himself her boyfriend. Commitment. He had fallen head over heels in love with her.

The sun’s bright light intensified it’s hold on her skin and she stirred, gently opening her eyes.

“Hey…” she fixed her brown, green eyes on his, blinking slightly as the sunlight’s rays hit her.

“Hey yourself,” he whispered, kissing her gently, unable to stand waiting for her lips a second longer. She kissed him back and he deepened the kiss. His refreshed body responding to the tingle of her lips, the slightest movement of her body, the touch of her fingers. Lightly, delicately they traced patterns across his bare stomach, like brushes, painting a picture on delicate skin.

Reluctantly she pulled back from him. “As much as I’d love to stay here forever…” she began.

“So stay then.” Lucas positioned his body above hers, pinning her to the bed, making her his prisoner and bought his lips back to hers. She responded instantly but after a brief second she pulled back again.

“You know I can’t, your Dad and Beth will be up soon and I have to get back to Irene’s. Besides I want my presents.” She stuck her bottom lip out in an endearingly cute pout and placed gently kisses on his face and neck.

“Anymore of that and I’ll never let you go. Presents or no presents,” he groaned. She laughed but gently rolled him over and freed herself from his grip. Standing up, she retrieved her clothes and dressed carefully.

He watched her transfixed, unable to do anything but stare as her beautiful body was hidden away beneath layers of clothing. “Will I see you later?” he tried to keep his voice even but he could not help the desperation he felt. He needed to see her, to be with her. She was like an addiction and he needed his daily fix.

“Of course. We have the annual beach barbecue, my first one in Summer Bay,” she reminded him.

“I meant can I see you by yourself?” It was Lucas’s turn to pout.

“I’m sure something can be arranged, depending of course on what my present is.” She finished fixing her hair in its bobble and flashed him a challenging grin.

“I was meant to get you a present?” He was winding her up and they both knew it. Slowly, seductively she leant over him; her mouth meeting his but instead of kissing him she took his bottom lip between her teeth and gently bit down on it. Lucas winced but his heart rate increased nonetheless.

“Let’s just say that unless I get my present, you don’t get yours.” With a kiss so soft and fleeting that he felt almost cheated by it, she headed over to the window and began to climb out through it.

“You’ll be getting your present,” he replied.

“Happy Christmas Holden!” It was her parting shot as she danced down the path away from his house.

“Happy Christmas Taylor,” he whispered as he watched her figure disappear.


Simply having a wonderful Christmastime…

Snow is falling, all around me…

Children playing, having fun…

Tis the season…

For love and understanding…

…Merry Christmas, everyone!

“Oh Mum it’s gorgeous!” Matilda held her brand new dress up to her body and twirled around.

“What’s it doing on you then?”

“Henry!” Beth glared at her youngest son, back from the City to spend Christmas with his family.

“Better than it’d look on you Mr Ballerina.” Kit jumped to Matilda’s defence, pulling Henry into a headlock and wrestling with him. She was quickly defeated though, Henry, now sixteen was no longer quite the baby of the family and more than a match for his elder sister.

“Kit, Henry that’s enough! Kit you go put the kettle on, Henry, clear up this mess!” Beth’s voice cut sharply into the picture and her two children obediently did as she asked.

“Lucas, you okay mate?” It took Lucas a few seconds to register that Tony was talking to him. He had been so far in his own thoughts that he had missed all the Hunter playfighting and looked up at his father in surprise.

“I’m fine,” Lucas replied, a little too quickly in his opinion.

“A bit different to usual Christmas’s huh?” Lucas looked at Tony, surprised. This Christmas was different to previous ones, he realised. For a start there was no Jack. He wanted to spend his first Christmas as a married man, next door with Martha. Understandable, but still strange.

Then there was the fact that it was their first Christmas as a combined household and the Hunters had all these really weird traditions. Like eating breakfast before opening presents and rather than going one at a time and watching each other open everything they had a race between them over who could open all their presents first.

Really weird but even weirder was the insistence that the Christmas CD must be played, repeatedly, over and over again, all morning. It was only on its second cycle and Lucas already wanted to kill it.

None of that was the reason Lucas was miles away but there was no way he was telling his Dad that, especially when Tony had just offered him such a convenient way out.

“Yeah it’s weird and I miss Jack,” he admitted, not completely lying.

“I know mate but he’s only next door and I’m pretty sure he’ll be over soon enough. Jack’ll be missing us too you know.” Lucas nodded, “And it isn’t really so bad here is it?”

Realising that his Dad needed reassurance Lucas smiled and shook his head and he meant it. Sure Christmas here was weird but it was good too. It was nice being part of a big family and Beth had made such an effort, with everything. It would have been a completely perfect Christmas but for one thing.

Ever since she had left his bed, just seconds before his Dad had knocked to wake him up, she had been haunting him. Her face was all he could see, her voice all he could hear. She was all he wanted to think about. She was tormenting him and she didn’t even know she was doing it.

He glanced around the room, at the pretty decorations draped all round. The table, laden with food and drink, the smiles on everyone’s faces. The floor littered with paper and presents. His own presents from his Dad and the Hunters had been perfect, just what he had asked for, plus a few surprises he had not expected.

He had done really well for himself, yet he felt strangely unfulfilled.


That one note was unmistakable. Possibly the most distinctive start to any song ever and the most clear indication that the one song in the world he did not want to hear, was about to begin.

…don’t want a lot for Christmas…

Matilda was squealing, hairbrush in hand, her arm around Kit as the two of them began singing loudly, along with the song. Their combined voices, drowning Mariah Carey into oblivion.

…there is just one thing I need…

Lucas felt as if his heart had sunk to the depths of his stomach and it wasn’t entirely due to Mattie and Kit’s hopelessly, terrible, monotones ringing out across the room.

…I don’t care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree…

If ever a song summed up what a person really felt…

Lucas shot a pained look at Tony but it was too late. Tony was already taken in.

…I just want you for my own…

Tony had both arms around Beth, twirling her gently around and serenading her. His Dad was serenading a woman. If he’d have been thinking straight Lucas would have used his phone to record it, just so he and Jack had something to wind Tony up with at a later date.

But he wasn’t thinking straight.

…more than you could ever know…

Lucas managed to catch Henry’s eye but there was no sympathy there. “I have this every year,” he mouthed, slotting a fresh game into the Playstation.

… make my wish come true…

Damn her! This couldn’t go on. He had no choice, he had to tell her what he felt. The not knowing was killing him and it had come to something when a simple song could reduce him to a mess. He had to do something about it.

He had to tell her.

…All I want for Christmas is you…

And Christmas or not. He was going to do it today.


“So little bro, ready for the big Christmas party?”

Started by the sudden noise behind him, Lucas jumped a little, before coming face to face with Jack.

“Didn’t scare you, did I?” Jack asked wryly, but Lucas shrugged it off, shaking his head, still a little unable to produce small words. Such was her hold over him.

“Something on your mind?” He continued, and Lucas had to grin a little at his brother’s intuition. But, he couldn’t plague his brother with his problems, not on the day when everything was supposed to be merry and jolly. Maybe the same façade that had fooled his Dad may work on Jack.

“Christmas here is just, getting to me a little.” He said, not exactly lying. “It’s strange, and a whole lot to take in.”

“Yeah, right.” Jack scoffed, sitting down in the lounge across from me. “That may work on the old man, but I can see right through that fake ‘Christmas is strange’ lie.”

“It’s not a lie.” Lucas retorted, a little put out that his brother had called his fib so quickly.

“Girl troubles?” Jack continued, undeterred.

Lucas looked to him, his eyebrows raised in shock, or amazement. He wasn’t exactly sure. “Yeah.” He caved finally, his body sinking back into the lounge in defeat. “Well, not really. But yes.” He said, as Jack laughed at his confusion.

“Well, which one is it?” He prompted.

“All of the above, and more.” Lucas replied, a little deflated.

“Belle troubles?”

“Not really. Belle and I, we’re fine.” Lucas began, a little unsurely. “We’re perfect. She’s perfect.” He said, his tone conveying the deep love he obviously felt for her. “She’s funny, witty, clever, smart and a constant challenge. She’s wonderful, amazing, perfect, and every moment I spend with her, I just don’t ever want it to end.” He continued, as Jack smiled as he watched Lucas talk like a man in love. “No, no it’s not Belle troubles. It’s the Belle experience that’s got to me.” He said finally. “The Belle Taylor experience that has made me fall head over heels for her.”

“And that’s such a bad thing?” Jack asked, now more than a little confused about his brothers predicament.

“We’re not supposed to fall. We’re supposed to be ‘friends with priviledges’ not two people in love. Or one, even.” Lucas said, heartbroken.

“You know, it may seem like there is no way out of this,” Jack began, but Lucas let out a cynical laugh.

“How would you know? You’ve got the perfect marriage. The perfect love.” Lucas said bitterly.

“But what about those months of chasing after Martha in the beginning?” Jack replied, and Lucas had to agree, that it hadn’t exactly been easy in the beginning. “She wouldn’t look at me, she wouldn’t tolerate me.” Jack continued. “At least, little brother, you’ve got her in some way. And then there were our trust issues. How neither of us could ever be honest. That came between us more than once. But I never gave up on her, you know why?”

Lucas shook his head, intrigued by Jack’s tale.

“Because Martha made me feel everything that I know you’re feeling. In her, I saw what you see in Belle. A perfect woman, who can make the world disappear with one look, one touch, and one kiss. So that it’s just the two of you alone in a world of love and emotion.” Jack said, his eyes tearing up, his love for his wife obviously unmeasurable. “Don’t give up hope yet, little bro, don’t give up on you’re dream girl, not until you’ve told her everything you told me just now.”

“But what if she doesn’t feel the same way?” Lucas asked, a little scared.

“Then she’s not the girl for you.” Jack replied shortly, pausing momentarily, before continuing. “But I don’t think she will.”

“What makes you say that?” Lucas’ eyes snapped to his brothers.

“I’ve seen the way she looks at you. Its only small, but its there, this look in her eyes. It reminds me of how Martha sometimes looks at me, on the few occasions when she’s not angry, or annoyed, or joking around with me. It’s a look of love. And Belle has it.” Jack replied, clapping Lucas on the shoulder before making his way towards the door. “Just, tell her, okay?” He finished simply, offering a smile as he left, leaving Lucas with a whirlpool of thoughts.


…All I want for Christmas, is you…


The Beach looked as it always did yet it also looked different. Somebody, and Lucas’s money was on Colleen, had gone slightly overboard with the decorations and rather than going with a traditional Christmas theme had gone with…well a white Christmas theme.

The sand in the immediate vicinity was covered with what looked suspiciously like a million white sheets and an assortment of ‘snowflakes,’ which on close inspection turned out to be shredded white crepe paper.

In the middle of the snowstorm was something vaguely resembling Mr Blobby. Actually it looked like one of Kim’s exercise balls from the gym, with possibly a basketball? positioned on top. Both were draped in a white sheet and gawdy black buttons had been stuck on in place of eyes, above a rotting carrot for the nose.

“Where’s snowy’s mouth?” Jack nudged Lucas, hardly able to contain the laughter.

“I think Colleen probably talks enough for both of them,” Martha interjected, linking her arm through Jack’s and planting a soft kiss on his cheek.

“Oi, I heard that missus. I’ll have you know poor Collen slaved all evening making him up… obviously she had the lights turned down as she did it!” Irene gave Martha a gentle hug and placed kisses on each of the boys, her eyes shining with devilment.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Lucas clapped an instant hand over his mouth as possibly the most miserable Santa ever, trudged through the ‘snow’ towards them.

“Granddad?!” Martha was already hysterical and it took little encouragement for the boys to join in her laughter.

“Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. Strewth can’t a guy even enjoy Christmas without getting trussed up like a prized flamin’ turkey?” Alf moaned.

“I think you look very…christmassy, Mr Stewart.” Lucas found himself unable to say what he really thought the minute Alf fixed his eyes on him in a sharp glare.

Fortunately Lucas was spared Alf’s response by an all too familiar “Yoo hoo!” from the other side of the beach. Needless to say Alf hurriedly made his exit and lucas took the opportunity to look for Belle. He spotted Amanda playing with Ryan near Dan and Leah but no Belle. He spotted Drew teasing Cassie while Ric and Matilda indulged in some serious pashing, but no Belle.

“Irene?” Lucas began but before he could even ask his question his eyes were covered by soft, slim fingers and he felt warm breath on his neck. Involuntarily, almost as if his body had a mind of its own, he let out a shiver and spun round to face her.

“Belle.” The very sound of her name felt like magic on his lips and it was all he could do to not stare at her.

“Lucas, so glad you could make it,” she mocked. “Such a wonderful party, I wonder why anyone would ever choose to be late.”

“So you wouldn’t mind ditching it with me?” Lucas replied, hoping to sound more calm than he actually felt.

“Are we ditching so I can have my present?” Belle asked, her eyes lighting up with joy.

Lucas could only nod, and take her hand, leading Belle away from the joint party. His stomach couldn’t have handled the food anyway, he felt that nervous. Being around her didn’t help in the least. Her intoxicating aroma pulled him towards her, like a moth to a flame, and he knew he’d be lost, if he didn’t manage to tell her. Soon.

“Lucas, my…” Belle began, but was cut off as Lucas swiftly pulled a small, red box from behind his back.

“Merry Christmas.” Lucas mumbled.

Her delicate fingers touched the gift slowly, as she began to unravel the paper in a tantalising manner. Of course, Lucas knew anything she did would have him mesmerised, but at this particular moment, Lucas realised all he ever really wanted to do, was be the person that gave Belle the joy and happiness she felt right now.

“Oh,” A small gasp escaped her lips. “Lucas,” She continued, as she pulled the bracelet from its box. It wasn’t the most expensive, not the most intricate, but Lucas knew Belle would love it all the same, because it was hers. And because it came from him.

“It’s beautiful.” She said, wrapping her arms around it. “It’s perfect.” She smiled into his chest, and he couldn’t help the response that fell naturally from his lips.

“You’re perfect.”

Her body flinched in my arms, before becoming stiff, and pulling away from me. “Lucas,” She began, but he held up his hands to stop her continuing.

“Belle, just, please, hear me out… for Christmas?” He pleaded with her, and she couldn’t help but let him. “You are amazing. You’re the best person to be around, you always manage to make whatever we’re doing fun. You’re quirky, and witty, and smart, and wonderful, and this time we’ve been spending together, it’s just made me realise it even more.”

“Realise what?” She asked timidly, as she took a step towards him.

Sucking in a breath, he knew it was now or never. He knew he had to tell her how he felt. He needed the words to come now.

“Realise that I love you. That I’ve loved you for so long, and that I want to be with you, officially. I want you to be my girlfriend. I want to be able to pull you into my arms and kiss you whenever I want, just because I can. I want to be with you Belle, because, all I want for Christmas, is you.” He finished, and before he could look to her for a response, her lips were on his, her body pressing as closely as she could, pulling him to her.

Finally, when Belle pulled away, Lucas couldn’t hide the smile that graced his lips. Neither could she.

“That’s good,” She replied, her tone cocky. “Because all I want for Christmas, is you, Lucas Holden.”

“Does that mean I get my present now?” Lucas asked, feeling all of a sudden cheeky, as if he could get away with anything, because nothing was going to ruin today, nothing at all.

“You already had the best present of all Holden. You got me,” Belle told him, cocking an eyebrow at him to see if he’d argue with her but Lucas knew it was pointless. She was right, she always was and he was putty in her hands.

“I guess I did.” And as he looked at her, Lucas felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

The End.


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