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Mattie/Ric Oneshot

Guest aejdude

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In line with the New rules for fanfictions we would appreciate it if you would take five minutes to fill out the following information:

Topic Title – Mattie/Ric oneshot - original! :P

Topic Description – Mattie, Ric

Type of story: one-shot

Rating: M

Main Characters: Mattie Ric

Genre: Romance

Warnings: Mild SC

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Mattie/Ric Romance.

Thanks, the Librarians.

Okay, here is that juicy fic you requested :P Hope you like it Amy, :).


Beware mild sexual references

As she walked into the room, there was just one thing that struck me how lovely she smelt how beautiful she looked and how I was going to give her the greatest Christmas present she’s ever had. Even though I have smelt the same scent on her for months every time I smell it, it just draws me in every time without fail.

He looks so polished, so sexy sometimes I think that maybe he’s too good for me but other times like now where I dress up and look all pretty I think that he is getting just as good of a night that I am.

“Beautiful as always.” I say.

“You’re looking none too shabby yourself.” She says.

She pleases me to no end, from the times where she is being cheeky with me to times where she needs me to talk to about her troubles I love being there for her and also will do.

I’m laying on the bed eyeing her up, and I’ve gave her the signal to come closer and she has taken it and is coming towards me, she takes off her high heals and says “I won’t be needing them for a while” and crawls on to the bed, as she is crawling up to lay down I catch an eyeful of her chest which has turned me on further.

She goes “Oh you like that do you?” and I willingly nod.

She now lies down and faces me. She unbuttons each button of my shirt with her mouth and then when she has undone all of the buttons she slings it off the bed, and draws circles round my chest “oh it feels so good” I think to myself and I then look her in the eye then something in my trousers starts to rise and then that’s when I know that it’s time.

I unbutton the three buttons of her top the same way she unbuttoned mine, then I undo her bra I have become an expert at it now.

We are both naked now.

I’m riding her now as hard as I would a bucking bronco and she seems to be enjoying it.

“Oh, ric oh.” She says.

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