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Taken from All about soap

Paul on Jack ....

Do you enjoy playing jack?

I just love it! I generally prefer acting out the personal realationship stories much more than the scenes where Jack is running aroung all over the place being a policeman, trying to solve mysteries. I think its much more interesting when there are real emotions involved.

Are you similar to him?

I have to say yes... and no! I'm trying to get my life organised at the moment, and I guess Jack is going trough a similar thing.

What could you teach Jack about relationsips?

I don't know - I'm still trying to figure them out myself! The big difference between Jack and me is that he is married, which is something that I'm definitely not ready for...

Paul on Jack and Martha's marraige

Do you think Jack and Martha make a good match?

Yes, I do - although I think they got married far too quickly. I think there should be a rule that says nobody should marry before they're 30 years old! Up until that age, I reckon you're still trying to find out who you are and your way in life.

If you could give Jack and Martha any marital advice, what would it be?

That's a tough one - theey need a lot! At the moment I would tell them to really listen to what the other person is saying. It would save a lot of senseless arguments.

Paul on relationships

Are you single or attached

I'm single! I'm very busy with work and I don't have time for a relationship. I worked hard to get the job on this show and I need to fous on that. I think I should wait to find my princess. Then, when I do, devote my time to pampering her. I reckon its a small sacrifice to make.

Do you normally make the first move?

I've been quite forward in the past. If there's a girl I like, I've been known to go up to her and say "How about a snog?"!

Are you romantic?

I think so. I'm the type of man to give a girl flowers, or belt out on the guitar for her.

What do you think makes for a successful relationship?

Communication and passion are important. People often forget to live their own lives. They start living just for their partners, and that gets boring. Each person should bring something new in all the time, even if its just as simple as one person going off and doing a cooking course.

What do you think the biggest difference between men and women?

Women are like a storm - they're all over the place! Meanwhile men try to simplify things in life, but sometimes we need a bit of stormy weather - that's why we're drawn to each other!

Paul on being a sex symbol

How does it feel to be the object of so much female attention?

Am I? Really? I don't think of myself as a sex symbol at all!

Does being famous make it hard to find a girlfriend?

I'm single at the moment, so I guess it doesn't really make it easier. But you certainly get people who want to know you because they watch the show.

Do you feel more pressure to stay in shape?

I've always used a gym, but I'm much more conscious about it now. I saw some photos of myself in an Australian magazine and couldn't believe how unfit I looked. It was motivation to get to the gym!

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Ah thanks for posting that! He sounds really adorable and funny! :wub:

Yeah and really down to earth aswell. :wub:

Yer and single! :P lol And romantic! Hehe! :wub:

I know he's the ideal guy! :wub:

Yep if only we lived in Aus or he lived in Wales in my case and Ireland in yours! lol Hehe!

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