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Guess who's back?


"So what happens now with Zoe? Now that the others know that she’s still out there?" Jack asked with deepest concern before he was about to leave his superior’s office.

Peter sighed. "I don’t know. I guess Tracey and I will have to completely rethink things."

Jack felt bad. Of course he did. If it wasn’t for him and his big mouth and over the top assumptions none of this would’ve been happening. Peter’s plan to catch Zoe would’ve been successful.

"One good thing is that you’ve got more man power behind you now." He tried in vain to try and erase the guilt and make himself feel better by using excuses.

Peter circled the desk and slipped into his jacket. "I suppose."

Jack couldn’t help but notice the tone to his voice. Almost as if he wanted him to say something quickly before he finished his sentence. He did as he was silently instructed. "But?"

"I just hope that by the time Zoe comes back to the Bay that we’re ready for her." He finished with a tone to his voice that didn’t make him sound all too sure that that was even possible. Maybe he was still pissed off about being arrested by those under him, but something wasn’t very positive to his voice.

It was dark and cold outside. There was hardly any light. The only light that could be seen were those of two headlights on an approaching car. The car slowed down and came to an eventual stop just beside a sign reading Welcome to Summer Bay.

The door opened and out stepped a pair of legs wearing tight navy blue jeans, two boots on their feet. They stood straight and stretched their body from the long journey from the city back to their favourite playground. Zoe McCallister, dressed in a black tank top similar to the one her ex girlfriend wore the night of her death, walked towards the sign and breathed deeply and sighed after smelling that all too familiar scent of the crisp sea air.

She admired the sign and a smirk played across her lips as she turned around to face the brunette woman standing opposite her, leaning against the hood of the car.

"So what do you think?" Zoe asked as she approached the woman who was dressed in a dark pantsuit with a mouse-coloured blouse underneath her jacket.

Tracey Thompson looked at her surroundings as she lit up a cigarette and sighed. "I guess it’ll do for the next month. But I’m not happy about being here."

Zoe walked up to her and leant against the hood of the car beside her and watched as she took a drag from her cigarette which traced a smokey ladder up into the midnight sky. "Don’t be such a spoil sport. I promised we’d have fun here and we will. Lighten up!"

"I know." Tracey said apologetically as she dropped her cigarette on the ground and crushed its small embers on the dirt track below with her shoe. "The sooner I see Peter Baker squirm the better."

Zoe smirked. "Just wait until I get him back at the abattoir."

They both chuckled maniacally and smouldered into a deep and passionate kiss underneath the moonlight which shone down on them. Their silhouettes outlined by the pale light.



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