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The King Cast Announcement

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Here it is Jess :) .

Cast Announcements-The King

The story of Graham Kennedy

Media Release

27 November 2006

Slated for air mid 2007the 2.1 million dollar television project will broadcast exclusively on TV1 on FOXTEL DIGITAL and AUSTAR DIGITAL,The King,[The story of Graham Kennedy]will start filming in Melbourne this coming December 4,2006.

An outstanding Cast has ben assembled to portray the life of Australia's first and greatest homegrown superstars.Tracing his rise and rise,from working clas kid,through radio,tv,film and back to tv again.The KING is not just about a man it's also about the story of the birth of television,a culteral phenomenum that has helped define a nation,and make us who we aree today.

The cast are listed below with more to come.

Stepehen Curry as Graham Kennedy The King-He reigned supreme and dominated the first 20 years of Australian televusion!Stephen Curry's credits include Thunderstruck,The Castle,The Secret Life Of Us and Changi.

Garry McDonald as Nicky Whitta-The biggest radio personality in Australia during the 1950's and Graham's first mentor.Garry McDonald's credits include,Moulin Rouge,Rabbit Proof Fence and Blackjack.

When asked about his roleand memories of Kennedy,McDonald said,''I think the writers have done a great job.The script is a very brave,fascinating and honest portrayal of this amazing man...I enjoyed the script so much and very much and i really wanted to be a part of this great project I knew that Graham prepared his seemingly impromptu gags on IMT down to a fine art...but there's something in the script that is a fantastic moment i didn't think anyone could prepare for it worked and it was LIVE across Australia....''

Shaun Micallef as Colin Bednall GTV9'S station manager who during the early days of television was a great supporter and champion of Kennedy.Sean Micallef's credits include,The Micallef Program,Full Frontal,Seachange and Jimoen.

Steve Bisley as Harry M iller Australia's only celebrity manager who steered Graham's career from Local celebrity to National super star.Bisry's credits include,Homicide,Malock Police,Blue Heelers and MDA.

Stephen Hall as Bert Newton Newton and Kennedy Created pure television magic together and millions tuned to watch this winning duo.his credits are,Backburner,Comedy inc and he won the lot as a contestant on 9's Temtation.

Jane Allsop as Noeline Brown-A long time television Colleague and long time friend.Jane Allsop's credits include,Blue Heelers,Last Man Standing and Halifax fp 3.

Beau Brady as Tim GTV9 dancer.Both Kennedy and Tim shared a lot of laughs and a love for musical theatre.Beau Brady's credits include,Home And Away,Knock Knock and Breakers.

Monica Maughan as Nan who in the absence of parental figures in Graham's early years was very much a mother figure to Graham.Monica Maughn's cedits include Matlock Police,Homicide,Blue Heelers and MDA.

Leo Taylor as Sir Frank Packer-A media magnate he created Australia's first tv Network with TCN and GTV Nine,the platform that rocketed Kennedy to national fame.Leo Taylor's credit's include,Son's and Daughter's,The shiralee,Brides Of Christ,Police Rescue and Blue Heelers.

Bernard Curry as John Wesley schoolboy friend of Graham's,Wesley is Kennedy's best and oldest mate.Bernard Curry's credits include,The Dish,Neighbours and Stingers.

Beth Buchanan as Val John Wesley's wife,pretty but conservative who dismisses Kennedy's naughtiness just like a patient mother might.Beth Buchanan's credits include Blue Heelers,Home And Away,The Flying Doctors and Halifax fp.

The KING was written by Jaime Brown and Kris Mrksa,Directed by Matt Saville[The Secret Life Of Us,We Can Be Hero's]and Produced by Jason Stephens,Crackerjack.

Producers of The King are Crackerjack with TV1 as principal investor along with support from the Nine Network and Film Victoria.

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