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Yeap. She didn't. It would've made more sense for her to come back. Unless she was put into WP like him. I can't believe they just wiped her off from his life completely. It's like unfair whatsoever. I mean, she helped him with the stalker thing. They should've at least brought her back for something.

I really want them to bring her back so that Peter can get back with her.

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You've just reminded me! Fair enough if she didn't want to return about the Zoe stuff but surely they should've mentioned her either being killed off (off screen) or being placed in witness protection as well seeing as both she and Peter were responsible for arresting Dennis Gillan. :unsure: Yet another flaw thanks to the lazy writing.

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I'm writing a fic with Clare in it right now and there's this conversation between her and Tracey about Peter and let's just say Zoe's such a headf*ck. :lol:

BBtw if she did return when theZoe did they would have made her out to be her accomplice :P

As much as I hate to say it I think that would've made more sense regarding the tyre factory explosion survival.

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