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The 'I hate Martha' club

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Yay my kind of thread! I def. hate Martha. Nothing against Jodi, but her acting aren't that great, she hasn't done a horrible job, but even though she cries and looks depressed, its like Jodi is going through the motions but it's not heartfelt. In this sort of storyline you should hate the actions of the character, but a good actress would still make you feel for the character as well.

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In response to Jessikas post, I am annoyed with Martha at the moment but i do also feel for her. I think Jodis doing a great job and has improved imensly.

Oh poo, this is the i hate Martha thread isnt it. I guess i should say something about Martha.....

Erm, i hate her damn stubborness and the fact that she doesnt apreciate the help that is given her until after shes yelled at them for a couple of weeks and then realises she needs help!

Martha doesnt seem to think when it comes to her being in trouble, she just thinks that everyone else is in the wrong and ends up yelling at them. Maybe if she just sat down with her family and friends and talked everything over, rather than bottling it up (no pun intended! :D ) then maybe she wouldnt be in such a mess (in reference to aussie eps!)

There we go ive said what i hate about her. :D

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A thread for hating Martha? I must join because I strongly despise Martha. She is so rude and loud. In a way, I hope she does get back together with Jack so they can both go far, far away together. What wasted potential as I thought she could have been a decent character at first.

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The she-devil has sunk to a new low lately. She gets

back with PC Plod the day after Sam's funeral!


She will stop at nothing. She might as well dance on Sam's grave now, and rub Rory's face in the dirt. I should get angry with PC Plod, but he is so lacking in intelligence I feel it would be cruel to blame someone with such a low IQ.

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Shouldn't the title of this thread be changed to the Anti Martha club or Martha Deprecation, seeing as though all the other one's with hate in the title got changed?

I agree, since users get a warning or two nowadays for using the word "hate". The title "Martha Deprection Thread" would be more suited and more polite for these forums as kids look at these forums and so do the actors and actresses. Don't believe me? Read the warning on the anti/hate threads.

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