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What You Never Thought...

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Dedicated to *Belle*....

Sitting in a dark cold room, Charlie stared at the pictures surrounding him. All glued to the walls stiffly, if one fell of he was quick to retrieve it. Because they were important to him. They could NOT be ruined, it was one photo gone if they were. As one slowly slid down the wall, leaving a white glue trace behind it, Charlie grabbed it before it hit the ground. He ran his fingers along the smooth surface, touching the image of Kim, smiling to himself, before anger took over as he saw the smiling Rachel in the photo...

Stupid girl. She was just jealous. Kim was HIS, HIS Kim. She was jealous of their relationship, that's why he was out in that institute for Loonies. But he wasn't a loony. He was Kim's friend, and Rachel couldn't stand that.

He had broken out from the institute, hiding out in an abandoned shed in the middle of nowhere. He came out only to take pictures of his Kim, and his enemy. Rachel, of course.

Remembering the beautiful face, the golden hair, the masculine muscles, Charlie felt a need to be near him. Looking though all of the pictures, the variation was incredible, but Charlie didn’t care. He could just imagine himself in Rachel’s position, even in that wedding dress with all that lace.

Kim hopped off the horse, with his dirty jeans and white singlet, his hand brushed Charlie’s face. Looking down at himself quickly, Charlie saw the white lacy dress with the bow on his own body, the very one Rachel had worn on her wedding day. He could feel and see out of the corner of his eye the brown curls sitting on his shoulder.

Charlie bolted up in his bed. It was a dream. He groaned. He thought it was real. He kept on having dreams about Kim, and once woken up wishing they were true. He realised there was only on thing to do. Go back to the bay…and win Kim him over….he knew he could.

Stepping through the sand, he could see them walking hand in hand from where he was. He muttered words under his breath as he saw Rachel plant a kiss on Kim’s cheek suddenly. She didn’t deserve him. HE did! Time for a good confronting, he thought to himself, heading down to where they were.

“Charlie!” Rachel exclaimed as she saw him appear. Charlie smiled.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded.

“I came to see Kim!” he told them, putting on his best angelic face for Rachel, but tried his best to give Kim a seductive glare. Kim watched Charlie for awhile as Rachel kept talking, noticing what sparkling blue eyes he had. He suddenly noticed Rachel saying “Let’s go Kim” And it would’ve been suss if he hadn’t had of moved, so he quickly walked away with her, occasionally looking back at Charlie.

“I can’t believe he had the nerve to come back here! What if he does what he did last time!?” Rachel exclaimed, worried and scared for their safety.

“Maybe we should just….give him a chance” Kim said slowly. He really felt like he wanted to spend more time with Charlie, for a reason he couldn’t identify.

“Sorry?” Rachel asked. Was this the same guy who had almost killed Charlie months back after shoving him to the ground?

“Well, just because I hated him once, doesn’t mean I always have to. Besides, you’re not the only NICE person in this relationship, you know” Kim remarked touchily.

“Sorry. I didn’t SAY that, did I?” Rachel replied, a little bit angry at Kim’s remark.

“No, but you could practically tell by your tone!” Kim exclaimed. They were both ridiculous, they knew. But Rachel wasn’t prepared to let her hate of Charlie go, and Kim had a feeling for Charlie making him strange.

“Look, if you’re going to be a jerk about it, them FINE< but ‘m not going to wait around and listen to it!” Rachel exclaimed angrily, storming out of the house. Kim groaned. Suddenly, Charlie walked through their door.

“Hey” he said.

“Hi” Kim replied, sighing.

“I saw Rachel come out. She looked pretty angry…what happened?” he asked with concern, but quietly saw this as his opportunity. He sat down close next to Kim, and was glad Kim didn’t flinch or move away.

“We kind of got into a fight. She doesn’t want trust you, but I…” Kim trailed off. He didn’t know HOW he felt.

“You, what?” Charlie asked gently, praying this was his chance. Kim stayed quiet, his head bowed. He suddenly looked up, and their eyes met. Kim’s hand stroked Charlie’s cheek, like in his dream. But this tie I was real.

Charlie and Kim’s lips pressed together, softly. The kiss became passionate and Kim was on top of Charlie soon, and they pressed their bodies together, want9ing to be s close a possible. Things began getting intimate when…. Rachel walked in.

“What on EARTH is this?” Rachel demanded.

Kim and Charlie both looked up, still in their cosy embrace.

“Rach…” was al Kim could say.

“What IS this!?” Rachel demanded again.

“Obvious. We’re in love!” Charlie said, before Kim could answer.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t exactly the way Kim saw it…but Rachel through them out anyway.


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