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We conducted an interview with Channel Seven Network Script Executive and former Executive Script Producer on Home and Away, Bevan Lee. Bevan gave us a heap of time, and I really encourage you all to listen! We discuss a lot of Home and Away as well as some of his other shows, including new show Packed To The Rafters.

To download the show, click here: http://baycast.summerbayjournal.com/episod...ExclusiveBL.mp3

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Wow fantastic. It was so great to hear Bevan talk so openly, especially about the history with Always Greener and Headland. And with Home and Away just providing some insight with what was going on in his mind and behind the scenes. Whoever organised/secured this, great job! and props to Bevan for being so willing!

I love the baycasts, they remind me very much of behindbigbrothers prodcasts which I loved so much.

I just wish there could be a podcast show specifically related to BTTB. Talking openly about the storylines going on, talking about updates to BTTB with new features, maybe a part at the end that people can choose to stop listening to with spoiler murmmers. I dunno, I love BTTB, I love Home and Away, and if there was a fun way to provide users with the wealth of information that is going on, that would be just the best thing ever =P Oh and with slightly better production values, spending a sometime in post' coming up with a 'feel' and glossing everything up (i have a protools rig which I use everyday for various projects and i'd be more then happy to help work on something like this for H&A).....

ANYWAY until that happens I love Baycast, you guys do a great job keep it up and I look forward to more this coming year.

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