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Rebel added to soapie cause

Guest Jess

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It's a bit old, but I found it just now and thought it was pretty interesting...

DREW is one frustrated kid, who knows how to cause trouble at Summer Bay. Drew Curtis, played by Bobby Morley on Home and Away is certainly a rebellious addition to the long-running Australian soapie.

And he's loving every minute of it.

"What has been happening to Drew is very dramatic," Bobby says.

"He's stubborn and pig-headed. He likes to cause trouble."

The 21-year-old is already turning heads amongst the ladies, including a few intimate moments with Amanda (played by Holly Brisley).

His easy-going relationship with Belle (played by Jessica Tovey) turned to trouble, when Drew started to have an eye for Belle's mother, Amanda.

"Drew couldn't stop thinking about Amanda," Bobby says.

His actions certainly shocked a lot of people at Summer Bay.

But Morley has certainly shone on the show.

"This is my first TV gig and I was thrown in the deep end," he says.

"The hours are crazy and it was very challenging, especially the time constraints, you're shooting an episode a day."

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