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Behind the Scenes (by Traceve) - comments


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You already know what I have to say about the Nic/Claire bit already. Heehee... I loved your explanation as to why Claire left him. [And that's all I'm going to say about Nic/Claire because you know already. And you are pure evil you know that? For plotting against me. ;p

It was going to be Claire all along :P Claire going away was my excuse to bring Katrina in for the chapter :ph34r:

That was a brilliant fic. Love it heaps. My favourite fic of all, to be honest with you.

:o Chrissie.. aww. :blush: *hugs*

But it was a really good chapter actually the whole fic was awsome I'm gonna miss it

Thanks Sam =) Maybe you will find me doing anonther fic in the future.

Thanks for commetiing! :D

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I love the entire fic too! :)

It is one of the best fics i have read! :D

I agree with Chrissie, i think you should do an epilogue or something just to wrap everything up, give Indi the funeral she deserves.

I really really enjoyed that last chapter :) , but :( it's over although it was a good place to end it.

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Sian thinks there should a sequal :) your great at writing.

Gosh! while reading that my tummy rumbled I want some wedding cake :) lol

“Haha, Paul looked so sexy in a suit,” Jodi giggled to Kate as they walked in.

“Oh my…oh my god, what is going on!” Kate screamed.

“I think she is dying,” Dan said wiping a tear away.

“Don’t say that,” Indi said softy struggling to keep her eyes open.

“Sorry,” Daniel quickly apologized.

“Shall I got and get Rhys?” Jodi asked them.

“Please,” Dan replied.

Love that. Dan what a sweetie?! he sobbered up.

Indi died :( Aww Poor Rhys

Fantastic writing all the way through. You should be proud :)

Write another story soon....please.... I'll get you soem of Jodi and Pauls wedding cake. I was invited to their wedding :) yep I was in the background dragging Paul through the fire exit s we could go on honeymoon. (Why did I write that?)

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It is one of the best fics i have read! :D

:D Thanks Aaron!

*goes and sulks in the corner*

Lil, come out of hiding please, or ill get lonely :(

Nooooooooooo Indi's dead and the fic's over

:( Sorry *offers some of Paul and Jodis wedding cake*

Thanks everyone for commenting and about a sequel, maybe :P

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