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Behind the Scenes (by Traceve) - comments


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Omg, im loving this so much, i've just spent the last couple of days reading all 60 pages :lol: Its really original and well written, well done!!!!!!

I love how all the characters who go out with eachother are going out with eachother in real life heheh, i guess it makes sense!!

Its reallt sad about Indi though, please dont kill her off!!

And DB is pure evil!!!

I love Nic in this though, hes very noble and loyal :wub:

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Great Chapter. :)

:( Only one chapter left.

Any chance of a sequel? :P

I'll second that. Great chapter.

I'll third that. [if there was such a thing]


update Now

If you be nice me and chrissie might be very nice back :P

Hehe... She's right. We just might. *hint hint*

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What was your response on the sequel?

I avoided the question because to be honest, I dont think there will be one :unsure:


“Why does everyone keep on walking away on me,” he cried.

“Because your drunk mate,” Jason laughed patting him on the back.

“Don’t even think about cracking on to me,”

Jason screwed his nose up in disgust, and said “eww.”

“Shall we dance?” Paul asked his wife.

“We shall,” she replied grinning. Nic leant against the wall watching Paul and Jodi dance, now where is my dance? He asked himself.

“Nic, dance with me?” A quiet voice spoke up. He turned towards her.

“Are you aright sweetheart?” Rhys asked Indiana again.

“Yes, I...I just need to sit down,” she said softly. Taking a seat gently on the other side of the room, away from the party.

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