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Topic Title – Crash

Topic Description – Lucas, Matilda, Ric and Cassie (Lucas and Matilda in the aftermath of the crash)

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Rating: T (SC, V/D, L)

Main Characters: Lucas, Mattie, Ric and Cassie

Genre: Drama/Romance

Warnings: Sexual content, coarse language

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Zoe has ruined Jack and Martha's wedding reception, and now, a chopper carrying 5 Summer Bya residents goes missing, what will happen to them, will they survive? During all this, Lucas and Matilda get back together, and things get more complicted after that.

Chapter One

Rachel had just informed us that the chopper that was carrying my Friends and Family had crashed, so Lucas, Mum, and I head into Jack’s hospital room where we meet Ric, Cass, Sally, Alf, Irene, Tash, Morag, Jack (obviously!), Colleen and Tony,

“Has there been any news?” Lucas asks straight away, god he’s so caring, why does he have to be so caring? The closest person to him on that chopper is Martha, and he still cares about everyone else! Ever since the break-up, I’d had this desire that we’d get back together, but with my gruesome scarring, he’s never going to want me.

“No, but if there is well be the first to know” Morag says, I can tell she’s been crying, her voice is high and face tearstained.

“Thanks Mrs. Bellingham” Lucas says politely

“Turn it up!” Jack yells indicating the wireless by his feet. I pick it up and raise the volume

“Hi, I’m Cal Schamerez with some breaking news, we’ve been able to retrieve the final radio transmission sent by the pilot of the helicopter that went missing over the remote Wolmsborough Ranges” The man says through the radio, we then here a bunch of pleads for the pilot to land the plane before Belle lets out an acute scream. I break into tears and drop to the ground, Lucas draws me into a loose embrace so he doesn’t hurt me and I press my face into his chest and cry, although he tries not to show that he is helpless I can hear him crying too.

“Does it hurt Mattie?” He asks me

“No, well a little, but it’ll go away” I cry

“What were they flamin’ thinking? Putting a thing like that over the wireless” I here Alf say

“Not About the families, that’s for sure,” Irene says in a shaky voice. I pull away from Lucas and walk into my own room.

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Sorry For The Wait, I've had my exams

Chapter Two

Lucas’ POV

“I’m going to find out who the flamin’ hell did this!” Mr. Stewart yells to Sal, Cass and Ric

“Mr. Stewart…” Sal pleads

“No Sal, I’ve got to do this, for the whole community” he says and leaves the room. Cass, Ric, Sal and I follow him out,

“Are you okay Ric?” Cassie asks him

“It’s a bit late to start caring about me now isn’t it?” He tells her, I walk over to Ric to find out what that was all about but we run into a reporter

“Have you three just come out of the E.D?” He asks us

“Yeah, why?” I ask

“Are you in any way related to any of the victims of the helicopter crash?” He asks us, Ric, Cassie and I look into each other’s eyes before we say in unison

“Stop talking about them like they’re dead!” The reporter looks at us like we’re mad.

“Didn’t you hear our transmission? You seriously think they survived that?” He asks us

“You’re from that stinking radio station!” Mr. Stewart yells before lunging forward and pulling the Dictaphone® out of his hand

“Mr. Stewart,” Sally screeches as Mr. Stewart throws the Dictaphone® onto the floor, it shatters, and the reporter runs out of the hospital

“And don’t come back!” Mr. Stewart yells. I walk into Matilda’s room and see dad, comforting Beth; I sit down next to Matilda and start stroking her arm gently.

“Are you okay Luc?” Dad asks

“I’m fine,” I say

“It’s okay to cry, don’t bottle up your emotions, let them out” Beth tells me

“I would, but I’ve got to stay strong for Matilda’s sake” I tell them both

Mattie’s POV

“I would, but I’ve got to stay strong for Matilda’s sake” Lucas says, I had woken up when Tony and mum were talking to Luc about his emotions, it’s my fault that he’s holding in his emotions

“Lucas, you don’t need to be strong for me, tell us what you’re feeling” I say to him

“You want to know how I fell? I’ll tell you how I feel, Mattie, would you pass over one of your pillows?” He asks me, I give him one, and he pushes it to his face before screaming into it, and then throws it hard at the floor, “That’s how I’m feeling!” He yells before running out of the room

Ric’s POV

I start to walk over to Matilda’s room and see Lucas stalking out, Tony follows, I move over to see him

“What happened?” I ask Tony

“We just witnessed Lucas have a meltdown, it involved screaming, and throwing pillows” Tony tells me

“Do you want me to go and talk to him, I’ll get Cass to try as well,” I ask

“Thanks Ric, that’ll help” Tony replies, I run over to Cassie, who is in front of the coffee machine and I tell her about what has happened

Chapter Three

Lucas’ POV

I walk down to the beach and sit down, and not long after I see Ric and Cass running towards me, I get up to move, but Cassie catches up to me,

“Lucas, what happened back at the hospital room, Tony mentioned something about pillows and screaming?” Cassie asks, Ric comes over and sits down, Cassie and I follow.

“I’m just worried about Martha, Robbie, Kit, Kim and Belle,” I tell them

“Belle?” They say together

“She’s been my best friend ever since Matilda and I broke up,” I say, “And the other problem is, I think I still love Mattie” I say quickly, Cassie and Ric look into each others eyes

“Finally,” Ric yells

“That’s great news!” Cassie says

“But the part you’re missing is, we’re not getting married, so stop acting like we are!” I tell them in a mock-excited voice “And Matilda doesn’t know”

“Lucas, Mattie told me not to tell anyone, but she still loves you too,” Cassie tells me, I get up and we walk back to the hospital, I get a call from dad.

“Lucas, they’ve found someone – dead though, come back to the hospital now!” dad says quickly, Cassie, Ric and I all rush back, I walk in the doors as I see Rachel heading over to a gurney I run over and break down as I see her lifeless body – Belle is dead! I see 4 more gurneys being pushed in, Rob, Kit, Kim and Mack on them

Lucas’ POV – Belle’s Funeral

3 days had passed since Belle had been found dead and today was her funeral, and I just couldn’t face it.

“Lucas?” Matilda says walking into my room – she had been discharged the previous day – “Are you okay?”

“No, Matilda, I mean, she was my best friend in some aspects, so obviously, I’m feeling s**t” I reply

“Do you want me to come with you, you don’t have to go through this alone,” Mattie says, she sits down next to me on my bed

“No, I know you and Belle hated each other, and anyway I won’t be alone, Ric and Amanda will be there” I tell her, before standing up and start doing up my tie

“You are so strong, I’d never be able to go through this alone,” Matilda says, she too, stands up and hugs me, before I know it we are kissing!

Matilda’s POV

Lucas pulls away from the kiss rapidly

“What is it?” I ask him “You think I’m ugly, don’t you?” I start crying, Lucas comes over and hugs me

“No, Matilda, you’re beautiful, no matter what they say, coz words can’t bring you down, that’s how it goes isn’t it?” Lucas tells me, I start laughing, “And yes come to the funeral,” I exit his room and go to get ready.

Tell me what you think!

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Hey, thanks for all the positive replies, I'm going away so i've had to sum this up quickly, so i hope you enjoy the last few chapters

Matilda’s POV – A Day After Belle’s Funeral

“Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock” Zoe says to me

“What do you want?” I ask as Lucas grabs my hand

“I want you two to die!” She cackles and pulls a gun out, she fires at Lucas and I see him fall to the ground, she rounds the gun on me and pulls the trigger

I wake up traumatised, I walk into Luc’s room, and I see him sitting at his desk writing in his journal

“Lucas” I say softly, he looks up and sees me,

Lucas’ POV

“Matilda, what’s happened?” I ask,

“I had a bad dream, Zoe killed you, then turned to me and pulled the trigger,” Matilda tells me, I stand up and hug her,

“Matilda, don’t worry, that psychotic b***h is dead, I saw her with my own eyes,” I tell her, she starts crying

“That’s what we thought last time, we thought she was dead, but now I don’t know what to think,” she tells me, we look into each other’s eyes and we kiss again.

Chapter Four

Matilda’s POV – 1 hour later

“That was … good,” I say to Lucas, who is laying next to me

“Yeah, really good,” He says to me, we get out of the bed and find our clothes, I turn and face Lucas, who turns red,

“That was amazing,” I say to Lucas

“Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?” Lucas says, we walk into the living room,

“Can you believe it, only three o’clock!” I exclaim, Lucas walks over to the fridge and pulls out the OJ, he pours me some then himself,

“Cheers to fun nights!” I say

“To fun nights!” He repeats, after a while of talking I head back to my room, smiling.

I wake up and remember the happenings of the night before, now; I seriously have to tell Cass

“See you later Tony, I’m going to see Cassie!” I say walking out of the house, he waves; I walk down to the beach where I see Cass sitting

“You will never believe what happened last night!” I say excitedly

“You had a dream about lots of cheese!” She says,

“Where the hell did that come from?” I ask looking confused

“You said I’d never believe it, so, it wasn’t a dream about cheese?” Cassie says,

“No, I cashed in my V card!” I say excitedly

“That’s amazing Mattie, you and Lucas deserve each other,” She says

“And what makes you so sure it was with Lucas,” I say smartly,

“It wasn’t! Dish!’ Cass says to me, I start laughing, and she looks confused

“Of course it was with Luc!” I say, we sit down and I describe last night – in detail!

Lucas’ POV

After Mattie had left I started planning her big birthday present – Henry coming back from the city! I dial his number into my mobile

“Hey,” I say into the phone

“Hi Lucas, so what’s this big plan of yours” Henry asks

“Well, I was wondering if you’d come back to Summer Bay for a week or so?” I asked him

“Well mate, there’s a problem with that, it’s my holiday time and I was planning to spend it with Raye, my girlfriend,” He said

“Bring her along, her chance to meet the family,” I say to him, he agrees and I hang up, Matilda walks into the room.

“Hey Matt,” I say

“What? Matt? Since when did I become Matt?” she asks me

“Since I just thought of it, it’s so cute to” I say, Matt giggles

“Matt it is, so any way, do you want to have lunch with me and Cass today?” She asks me

“Yeah, why not” I say.

Cassie’s POV

I go to our regular booth at the diner and sit down, I wait for Lucas and Matilda, I just hope they remembered the right protection, Mattie could get pregnant otherwise, I realise I’m worrying to much, even if Matilda did get pregnant, she’d love the baby,

“Hey, did we interrupt something?” Matilda asks me

“Of course not, Hi Lucas,” I say

“Hi Cass,” He replies, “Well what do you feel like? It’s my shout”

“Just a hamburger thanks,”

“I’ll have, I don’t know, yeah, just a hamburger, and some chips, okay,” Matilda says, He goes and orders order, and sits down next to me and Mattie,

“You did use protection, right?” I ask

“Oh my god! We forgot, this is terrible, what if I become pregnant!” Matilda stresses

“So what if you do, Beth had Scott at 16 and Mum had Jack at 16, so what’s the problem,” Lucas says to Matilda, who agrees, Colleen brings over our food,

“So if it’s a girl?” I ask

Chapter Five

Lucas’ POV

“Cate,” I say, “I want my mum to be close to it, and if it’s a girl giving her my mums name would do it”

“Yeah that’s a good idea,” Matt says

“And if it’s a boy?” Cassie asks, excitedly

“I don’t know, what do you think?” I ask Matilda

“I’d say Jack, after my dad, but your brother’s name is Jack so, um how about Whil, my dads best friend, spelt W-H-I-L,” Matilda says

“I like it, it’s unusual, but good,” I say, “So Cass, when do you reckon we should buy a test?”

“Three Weeks at the earliest I’d say,” She tells us, I’d finished my burger and grabbed a few of Mattie’s chips,

“That’s right, you only love me for my chips,” She says

“Not true, for your OJ as well,” I say picking up her OJ, Cassie laughs

“Well I’ve gotta go, see you tomorrow,” Cassie says, and leaves

Matilda’s POV – Three Weeks Later

Deciding it would be to risky to buy a test in Summer Bay, Lucas and I head out to Yabbie Creek for the day, we enter the chemist and purchase the test

“Thanks,” Lucas says to the teller

“So, should we do this back in Summer Bay?” I ask him

“Yeah, we’ll let everyone know if you are then, they can’t go mental on us any way, because both our mothers got pregnant at 16, and you’re 17, so, yeah” Lucas says, we take the bus to Summer Bay

Chapter Six

Lucas’ POV – Back In Summer Bay

“Lucas, I have some good news!” Matilda tells me, “Congratulations! We are going to be parents!”

“That’s awesome!” I say “We’re going to have to tell everyone then,” I tell her

“We’ll ask everyone to go to Noah’s at about 7 o’clock,” Matilda says, I agree and we start to call everyone we know

7 o’clock

“Well, we’ve asked you all to come here because we have some god news,” I say

“Yeah well, the thing is, um, we are, um, going to, er, be parents!” Matilda tells them, the crowed claps, I look down and see dad and Beth frowning, Mattie and I walk over to them,

“So,” I say

“So what Lucas, you’re 17, both of you, I can’t believe it!” Dad says

“Dad, you can’t say anything, you got mum pregnant when you were 16,” I say

“And don’t say anything either mum, because the same thing happened with you,” Matilda says

“We’re very disappointed in the both of you, and we don’t want you to keep this baby” Beth says

“If that’s the way you two are going to be, we don’t want you involved in Cate’s life” Mattie says, and we go and speak to our friends, Martha is the first one to come over

“Say hello to Auntie Martha,” Matilda says to her stomach,

“I can’t believe it, you two are going to make great parents!” Martha says, everyone comes over soon after that, after 2 hours of congratulations, Matilda and I walk home, phoning Jack as we do so, we start packing as soon as we get home,

“Lucas, Matilda,” Dad says as he enters the house

Matilda’s POV

“Lucas, Matilda,” Tony says, coming into the house

“What?” I ask

“Beth and I are so sorry for saying what we did, we’d love you to keep this baby,” He says

“No dad, we can’t even believe you’d think anything like this, we’ve spoken to Jack, and Matilda and I are going to move in with him for a week or so, then Sally’s said we can move in with her,” Lucas says, we walk out of the house.

Rachel’s POV

“Hey, Lucas, Matilda, how are you, sorry we couldn’t be at the Bar, we’ve been busy planning the wedding, but congratulations” I say

“That’s OK and thankyou, and sorry for invading, we just want to give dad and Beth to come to terms with this, they actually said they wanted us to get rid of Cate or Whil” Lucas says

“Those are lovely names, Cate was you’re mum, wasn’t she?” I ask

“Yeah, she was,” Lucas replies

“Hey Luc, Matilda” Kim says

“Hi Kim,” Matilda says

“Congratulations on the baby news!” He tells them

Lucas’ POV

It had been 4 days since dad and Beth had disagreed on baby Cate/Whil, so we aren’t surprised to see them at the door

“Lucas, Matilda, can we come in?” Beth asks

“Might as well, coffee?” I ask

“No, we’re only here for a few minutes, Lucas, Matilda, we are so sorry about what we said, we didn’t mean it, of course we want you to keep the baby,” Dad says

“Sorry dad, but I can’t believe you would even think that,” I tell him “Come on Matt, we’ve got to get to the hospital,” I finish and we walk out of the house

Chapter Seven

Matilda’s POV

“Okay Matilda, if you would just lie down on the bed, I’ll get started,” Rachel says, I do as she tells me and Lucas moves to the back of the room

“Okay, that’s a good sign, a nice strong heartbeat, hang on Matilda,” Rachel says, she moves the little device around, “Congratulations, you are the proud parents of twins!”

“Oh My God! Twins, this is awesome!” Lucas says

“Hello Cate, Belle” I say, Lucas comes over and hugs me,

“What if they are boys?” Rachel asks as I lie back down on the bed

“Whil and Aaron,” Lucas says, Rachel continues looking around,

“Two strong heartbeats! That’s excellent” Rachel says, I get up off the bed and go to get changed back into my clothes,

“How was it?” Cassie asks as she and half the town standing in the waiting room

“I’m having twins!” I exclaim, the town bursts into excited murmuring,

“We have to go, but meet us at the Bar tonight at 8 for drinks!” Lucas says, we walk out and go home, ready to pack and move in with Sally.

Sally’s POV

“Coming!” I call out; I run to the front door and open it, Lucas and Matilda are there,

“Hi Sal,” Lucas says

“Hi you two, come in!” I tell them, they enter, “I’ll show you your room, follow me” I tell them, they follow me up the stairs to the Room I had when I was younger, “Sorry about the squeeze, but I thought you might like to be together,”

“It’s perfect Sally, just perfect, I love it” Matilda says,

“Yeah, it’s great, brilliant,” Lucas says

“Thankyou, well I’ll leave you to get settled in, Ric and Cass should be back soon,” I say, leaving the room

Ric’s POV

I walk into Summer Bay house, Hand in Hand with Cass; we had finally worked out our differences,

“Hey Ric, Hi Cassie,” Matilda says, she is sitting down next to Lucas, looking at a sheet of paper

“What are you two up to?” I ask

“Looking for a house to rent, after the twins are born, we don’t want to crowed up Sally’s house,” Lucas replies,

“Why don’t you move in with your parents?” Cassie asks

“Because they aren’t going to be involved with my children,” Matilda says

“Okay, well, we’ve got good news to, we’re back together!” I tell them

“That’s wonderful!” Matilda says standing up; she moves over to us and pulls us into a hug, Lucas, also gives Cass a hug and shakes my hand.

“So what have you found?” Cassie asks,

“Nothing, they’re all out of our price range, just,” Lucas says

“Why don’t we all move in together? We can all pay rent, and if we work together, we should be able to put up a bond,” I suggest

“Yeah, that’s a great idea,” Matilda, Lucas and Cassie say, not at the same time though

“Okay, a 2 bedroom house…” Lucas says

“Here’s one, 37 Whale Beach Road,” Cassie says “And It’s in our range!”

“But that’s 2 doors away from our parents,” Matilda says

Lucas’ POV

“But that’s 2 doors away from our parents,” Matilda says

“Matilda, we might have to move there, it’s okay, they can see the twins once a month, please Matilda, it’s our only option,” I persuade

“Only temporarily,” Matilda says

“Thankyou Matilda!” I say to her, I kiss her and she kisses back,

“Give it a rest!” Ric says.

5 days after we had discussed the housing option, I start looking for work; I enter the diner and see Irene

“Hi Irene!” I say

‘Hi Lucas, be with you in a few seconds,” She says, she gives the a customer some change before heading over to me,

“Now, I got your message, and yes there is one job left, it’s like the job Leah, Colleen and I have, serving and stuff like that, are you interested?” She asks

“Yeah! When can I start?” I ask excitedly

“Tomorrow, straight after school if you can” Irene says,

“I’ll be there, thankyou Irene!” I say and leave the diner. I walk back to Summer Bay house.

“Lucas!” Dad says

“What do you want dad?” I ask,

“Well we, that is me and Beth, have heard you might be renting the house two doors down from us! We want to offer you the bond money,” Dad replies

“Are you bribing me? No dad, Mattie, Ric, Cassie and I can manage fine without you,” I yell, I start to walk faster back to Summer Bay house

“The offer is still open, if you want to!” Dad calls out to me

“F*** Off!” I shout back

Chapter Eight

Henry’s POV

“F*** Off!” I hear Lucas shout, I walk over to the beach where I see Lucas

“Lucas!” I call out, he turns around and I wave, he walks up to me

“Hey Henry!” He says

“What was all that about?” I ask him

“Well Me and Matilda are in a feud with Beth and dad, you see, well, Matilda is kind of, um, pregnant” Lucas says

“Oh My God! You got her pregnant!” I yell at him

“Yeah,” He says

“I cannot believe you! Where is she now?” I ask

“At Sally’s” He tells me, I run to Summer Bay house and knock on the door

“Coming!” Matilda calls out “Henry!” She shouts, I see her baby bump

“How could you let him get you pregnant?” I ask her

“Sorry Henry, but it just sort of happened,” Matilda says to me, “Can you please accept it?” she asks me,

“Well if you really want to keep this baby, then I will,” I say to her

“Actually, it’s twins,” Matilda says to me

“Then, if you want to keep these babies, then I will accept it,” I say

Lucas’ POV

“Hey! Henry!” I call out as I get to Summer Bay house

“I’m at the door, and yes I accept the pregnancy,” Henry says as I come to the front door

“Good, we have to be at Noah’s in 5 minutes!” Matilda tells us, we start walking over to Noah’s and I tell them about my big fight with dad

“Can you believe that?” Matilda asks Henry

“What I can’t believe is that you and Mum are fighting, arrěter, okay?” Henry says

“Nous viendra essayer” Matilda replies

“No, tu viendra, ce soir!” Henry shouts

“What are you two saying?” I ask

“We are moving back in with mum and Tony,” Matilda tells me

“What!” I say

“Somebody here has persuaded me to move back home, as long as my loving partner is with me!” Matilda tells me

“Speaking of partners, what happened to Raye?” I ask,

“Well, she wanted to spend time with her family, who am I kidding? We broke up 2 weeks ago,” He replies

“Ětre si désolé” Matilda says as we enter the bar

Chapter Nine

Matilda’s POV

“Well, we just wanted to bring everyone here to confirm we are having twins, if they are girls, they will be called Cate, after Luc’s mum, and Belle, after Luc’s best friend, who, we all know was killed in the chopper crash, and if they are boys, they will be called Whil, after my dad’s best mate, and Aaron, because it has a certain ring to it, Aaron Hunter-Holden!” I tell the whole town

Lucas’ POV – Eight Month’s later

I cannot believe that the past eight months have flow by, everything has stayed the same, Matilda, Cassie, Ric and I have moved into number 37 with Henry and, yeah. We walk to the diner and sit down.

“The baby’s due on the 21st” Matilda tells Ric, Cass and Henry. We hear a gun go off, and a man in his mid-20’s enters the diner.

“Everybody out except these five people, Matilda Hunter, Cassandra Turner, Eric Dalby, Henry Hunter and Lucas Holden!” He yells out, everybody in the diner runs out except the 5 of us,

“What do you want?” Matilda whimpers

“I want one of you dead,” He says

“Who?” Henry asks

“Lucas Holden,” He says menacingly “Remember me?”

“No, should I?” I ask

Matilda’s POV

“Lucas, what’s going on?” I ask

“Remember 8 years ago, Constable D’Silva,” He tells Lucas

“Constable D’Silva, Internal Affairs! But you’re to young to be him” Lucas says

“No, but he was my father, Jack testified against him, well 2 months ago, he died in jail, know Jack needs to feel what it’s like to lose a loved one!” D’Silva yells and raises the gun; he takes about ten steps back before firing, I fell my water break as I see his body fall to the ground

Cassie’s POV

Before he can see he has shot the wrong person, D’Silva runs out of the diner, Matilda starts screaming in pain

“Cassie, call Rachel, tell her I’m in labour, and Henry has been shot!” She yells, Irene comes into the diner and sees Henry’s body on the ground

“I’ve called an ambulance!” She tells us,

“Irene, Matilda’s in labour, can you help?” Lucas asks, he runs into the kitchen and grabs a tea-towel and presses it over Henry’s wound to stop the bleeding

“How far apart are the contractions?” Irene asks

“Ten minutes!” Mattie screams

“That cannot be good!” Lucas says, Ric takes the tea-towel from Luc and he comes over

“We’re going to have to deliver this baby!” Irene tells us

Chapter Ten

Lucas’ POV

Matilda removes her jeans and underwear just as Rachel arrives with the police,

“Rachel! Help Henry, and instruct us on delivering a baby” I tell her,

“Okay, grab a few tea-towels, a basin of water and some scissors” She replies, I go to the kitchen and grab the things

“Ah! The pains are about 2 minutes apart!” Matilda yells

“Start pushing!” Rachel tells her as she deals with Henry, Matilda starts screaming again

“You can do it Matilda!” Cassie says

“I can see the head!” Irene tells us

“Push!” I yell, the head comes out completely

“Hey, Lucas, we caught, Oh My God!” Jack says

“Jack, this isn’t the time, I’m delivering twins here!” I say

Jack’s POV

“Here, let me help, I’ve seen loads of wh***s give birth in city hospitals, sorry not helping” I say, I kneel next to Luc and Irene,

“Okay Mattie, give us a big push,” I say, she pushes, “Now, one more, gentle” I tell her, she pushes gently, Irene pulls the baby out, and Luc cuts the umbilical cord

“Hello Cate,” He says

“Lucas, wash her, grab a pen and some paper, also some sticky tape and write in big letters Hunter-Holden, and in small, Cate, then tape it to her wrist” Rachel says, Lucas follows her instructions, as Matilda starts screaming again

“Okay, it’s time to deliver your second child, and the ambulances are here, right on time, go to the boy who was shot, we’ve got everything under control here,” Rachel says, coming over to help us

Lucas’ POV – At The Hospital

“Here they are!” Rachel says, bringing in Cate and Belle, Matilda had given birth to Belle like 1 hour after Cate, “Would you like to feed them now?” Rachel asks

“Yeah,” Matilda says, Rachel instructs her how to do so, and she feeds the children

“Can we come in?” Cassie asks from the door

“Yeah!” Mattie says, and half the town comes in “Okay, Cate and Belle, meet your Uncle Ric and Auntie Cass, Uncle Jack and Auntie Martha, Grandma Colleen and Grandad Alf, Auntie Leah and Uncle Dan, Uncle Rob and Auntie Tash, Auntie Sally, Uncle Kim and you’ve already met Auntie Rach, Auntie Irene and Grandma and Grandad,” Everyone smiles as they see our little girls, Belle starts crying, which sets Cate off,

“Well, I think we’ve all overwhelmed them, we’ll come back later”, Cassie says, everyone follows her and Ric out accept for dad and Beth

“Hello Cate, Hello Belle,” Dad says, “Can I hold one?”

“Yeah, here’s Cate” Matilda says, passing Cate over, Jack comes back in, “I knew I was forgetting to say something, Henry is okay and you can go and see him, and Greg D’Silva has been captured, he’s in custody now,” he tells us, Matilda gets into her wheelchair, dad holds Cate while Beth holds Belle, I push Matilda into Henry’s room, he sees us

“Hey!” He says, “I hope I didn’t scare you!”

“You kind of did, you perdant,” Matilda says

“Désolé! Chienne!” Henry replies in French

“Oh!” Matilda gasps, “Cate and Belle, meet Uncle Henry,”

“Well Matilda, we better get the girls back to their room,” I say “We’ll be back in to see you a bit later, by Henry!” I push Matilda into her room,

“Today has been really eventful, hasn’t it?” Matilda says

“Yeah, It has, and it’s about to become more so, Matilda Hunter, will you marry me?” I ask

“Yes!” She replies


Don’t worry; I’m working on a sequel called Crash 2- After The Wedding


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