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Just Like Heaven...

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Story Title: Just Like Heaven

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Whole Cast & Orginals

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: V/D

Summary: What goes on after death is discovered by the SB residents, and some of them find it hard to move on from Earth...

[This has been edited to make it better]

Just to let you know, the characters that will mainly occur are:




Josh West

All the other past on characters

Other characters back in SB, and what's going on there

A few originals

and TRacey+Zoe+Sarah later on!

Just Like Heaven

The sound of the screeching tyres still rung in Tasha's ears as she finally faced the facts of it all.

"I can't believe she's gone!" She gulped, letting the long-awaited tears stream down her face, and letting her emotions out - finally.

"Martha! Martha, please wake up!" Tasha had begged desperately, trying to cause some sort of movement or stirring from her friend, just to ease her mind a little, letting her know that it's not all over.

Tasha looked at Martha's bleeding head, and then her legs, stuck under the seat infront of her. She looked at the tree branch, stuck through the window. She looked at everything she had caused.

Martha felt herself floating through the soft, fluffy clouds. They were cold and wet, but they were still 100% beautiful in her eyes. In the foggy, wet distance, she saw a faded plane coming towards her.

"Oh no..." She breathed. It wouldn't stop for her! She'd be dead, for sure! THe white light above her was too far away, and she wasn't ascending any faster, but the plane seemed to speed up.

"No!" She screamed, but she was the only one to hear herself.

The plane got closer, and closer....until it just went through her.

"What the...." She looked down at herself. She didn't look any different. Just maybe a little wet and foggy and faded, but still the same Martha. THen she realised that she was floating. She moved her hand through her stomach.

"Amazing!" She whispered, awestruck.

Suddenly, the white light got brighter, and she was so close that she could feel the warmness and happiness of heaven.

"I heard an old Summer Bay Girl's coming up. They say she's passed on from a horrible car crash." Noah Lawson said, taking a gulp of strong coffee, filled with sweet sugar. He was positive everything tasted better up there...even brussel sprouts!

He looked over at the sacred water fountain, with a statue of God that spurted sprays and trickles of clean, clear, crystal water out of it. He looked at the blue skies around them, the colour looked even better and the sun looked even brighter from where they were. Everything seemed perfect....of course, that was, if Josh West wasn't there to contaminate the place.

To Josh's dismay, he had to take courses and lessons and tests to be sure he didn't have to go to hell. He had convinced all the angels he was as perfect and truthful as could be, but somehow, God couldn't be fooled. This frustrated Josh. As soon as he realised what Summer Bay had done to him, he wanted cold, harsh revenge, and he even had a plan to get it....but without God on his side, nothing could be achieved.

"Oh My God!" Noah breathed as he heard the news from the heavens gossip queens. All the Colleen's of the world had formed and made a club. They were big fans of Noah because he helped one of them fix their heaven-home or something, and now they told him everything - even the stuff he didn't want to know.

Flynn looked down at Sally Fletcher, his beloved wife. Heaven had taught him not ever to be jealous, but sometimes not even his God could fix the jealousy he was feeling towards Brad. He wanted Sally to be happy, he was glad she was....but he would much rather it was him protecting Sally, instead of Dr. Brad Armstrong.

Okay, short chapter everyone, but it's only just kicking off.

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