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Game Over

Guest Pierced Musie

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Story Title: Game Over

Genre: Drama/Angst/Alternate Universe

Type of Story: One Shot

Main Characters: Peter Baker, Eve Jacobson, Drew Curtis

BTTB Rating: A (V)(D)

Spoilers: No

Proof Read: No

Summary: In the final showdown between Peter & Eve, Peter realizes that Eve always gets what she wants.

Game Over.

"What is my big plan? What do I want?" she said, pondering over the questions. She looked up at the ceiling, one finger tapping her lips as she thought. He watched her through half closed eyes, seeing right through the act. He saw the small smile on her face; the smile that never failed to make his skin crawl. He caught the lustful sparkle in her eyes; lust that he knew only appeared when she was bringing pain to others. Like the pain she was causing at that moment.

"I thought it was obvious what I wanted," she said quietly, taking a step closer to him. Her hand went to the metal, gripping it tightly until her knuckles went white. He knew what was coming next and braced himself for the feel of burning. His eyes shut tightly and he gritted his teeth as the rod was twisted slightly. The pain was becoming less and less with each turn, the wound becoming numb. She knew this, of course.

"Open your eyes," she said, the warning tone in her voice making him do as he was told. His eyes slowly opened and he stared at the woman, seeing the all too familiar sick smile on her face. She stared right back at him, one hand still on the metal rod that was lodged into his stomach.

"What do I want?" she repeated, her voice just a whisper. She took one last step closer to him, her face inches from his. "I want you."

"This won't bring her back," he mumbled, trying to get away from her. The task wasn't the easiest when you are chained up by a hook. Her other hand on the back of his neck made him still; making him unable to move. She stayed unusually silent. Instead of using words, something she was good at, she used actions. The grip on the metal tightened even more and with a quick pull the metal slid out of his body. She held up the metal and he couldn't help but glance at it, the blood stains on the end making feel even more queasy. She just laughed.

"You think I'm doing this just for Sarah? You really don't know me that well. I don't care about anyone else anymore. I'm doing this because you screwed up more lives than you realize," she explained.

"So this is punishment?" he asked.

"Punishment is not the right word. I'm just correcting some of the mistakes that you haven't bothered to correct yourself," she went on. "You let down Sarah Lewis by treating her like the enemy. You let Noah Lawson die because you didn't do your job right. You betrayed your own brother by trying to steal Leah. That was after Amanda."

"How do you kn..." he started. A finger on his lips stopped him.

"I know everything about you, Detective Baker. Hell, I know one little secret that not even your family know about," she said, her tone like a child with a secret. He stared her in the eyes, trying to figure out how much she knew. Within seconds he realized that she knew everything.

"You touch him and I will kill you," he said, his hatred in full view. She just grinned at him, making him feel sick. The rod fell from her hand, the sound of metal hitting concrete echoing in the abandoned abattoir. He waited for her to move away. Waited for her to start talking again, telling him of her plans but it didn't come.

What did happen shocked and disturbed him to the core. She moved her head forward, her lips falling on his. With her hand still on the back of his neck and his chained up hands still on the hooks, he had no way of pulling away. All he could do was stand still as she kissed him. At first it was rough, like he had expected. But as the seconds ticked by her kiss became slower, her soft lips warming him. He closed his eyes, trying his hardest to not respond to her. He knew this was part of her game and, for the first time, he was not willing to play.

The minutes ticked by as the kiss continued until suddenly the feeling was gone. He opened his eyes as her hand went to his face, her fingers digging into his jaw. She looked him right in the eyes, all playfulness gone.

"You'll kill me? Peter, you'll never kill me," she murmured, her voice low. All he could do was stare at her, understanding her words straight away. There was nothing he could do. He couldn't even stop her as she elbowed him in the face.


The car came to a stop at the welcome sign, the engine grumbling to a halt. She slowly got out of the car and moved round to the boot, leaning on it as she stared out at the view. She had done the same thing upon arriving in Summer Bay. It felt natural to do it as she left. Her job was done and now she could continue her life.

"A new life is just what I need," she mumbled to herself. The banging below her and the muffled shouts brought her goodbye to a halt and she turned round to stare down at the boot of her car. In silence she unlocked the door and pulled it up, grinning down at what was hidden inside. He stared up at her, glaring at her. He struggled against the rope binding his hands and feet, his voice muffled by the gag in his mouth. It was not the best position to be in at that moment.

"You can struggle and shout all you want but just remember what I told you," she said, watching him as he stopped struggling and shouting.

"Game over," she finished, slamming the car boot shut and locking it back up. With nothing left to do, Eve got back into her car and sped off.


The knock on her door made her look up and she smiled as he walked in. He moved slowly into the room, obviously unsure on if he should be there or not. She gave him a smile of encouragement, indicating for him to take a seat. As he sat down she stood up from her seat behind the desk, moving to close the door of her office.

"I didn't know if you were going to come back or not," she told him.

"I wasn't sure either," he admitted.

"I'm glad you are here though," she replied as she moved back to her chair. She stared at the teenage boy, waiting for him to open up. He looked down at his hands, as if he was too scared to talk. She waited patiently.

"I talked to my uncle this morning. They still have no idea where my Dad is and they still haven't found Eve Jacobson. I know he didn't want to say the words but I think they are all beginning to give up on finding him alive," he explained, trying to hide the fear but failing miserably.

"Drew, I know this is hard to take in but perhaps they are right. It has been almost six months since he disappeared and no one has heard from him. You have to adjust to the thought that he may be dead," she told him, sympathy in her voice.

"I'm not exactly close to him but I can't let go," he said, shaking his head. It was obvious that the boy needed some comfort. Making the choice to break the rules just once, she stood up and moved round her desk and put her arms round him. Immediately he moved into her touch, some of the emotions beginning to come out. She just hugged the boy as he cried in her arms, about a man that he never actually knew.

Minutes slowly went by until, when he felt stronger, he moved out of her touch. He gave her a small smile, a blush tainting his cheeks.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly.

"Don't be. I know how it feels to lose someone close," she told him.

"Tell me about him," he replied, his voice gentle. She moved back to her chair and sat down, taking off her glasses and placing them on the desk. She sat back, her eyes on the boy but not really seeing him. She was too focused on her thoughts.

"She meant everything to me. Her name was Sarah Lewis..."

The End.


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