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Story Title: Red

Genre: Angst/Romance/Alternate Universe

Type of Story: One Shot

Main Characters: Eve Jacobson, Lucas Holden

BTTB Rating: A (D)

Spoilers: No

Proof Read: No

Summary: In 2005 Eve disappeared after causing problems. Now, in 2006, she is back and ready to cause more pain and suffering. And how? By targetting one of the most innocent boys she can find.


He was happy. Not excitement happy or loved up happy but he was happy and that was all that mattered to him. He blocked the fact that it wasn't a natural happiness and the glass bottle in his hand was the cause of the feeling.

He felt a tingling sensation on his bare feet and a bright grin broke out onto his face. He lifted his head up slightly and squinted down his body, finding nothing but darkness. At first he thought that he couldn't get his eyes to open. That was until he remembered that it was three in the morning and the sky was pitch black.

He slowly lifted himself into sitting position and took another gulp of drink, finishing off the bottle and throwing it away. He watched with blurred vision as it fell to the sand a few feet away, making no sound as it landed. He dug his feet into the cold sand, gasping as the tingling sensation got more intense. All he could hear was the ocean before him. It filled his ears and blocked out everything else, leaving him in a drunken trance. That was all she needed.

She slowly made her way down to him, her bare feet feeling the same tingle in the cold sand. She had felt the tingle the first time she had ever set foot on a beach and the feeling had never faded. She had never wanted it to fade. The tingle travelled up her body, her mind nearly zapped of any thoughts.

"Want some company?" she asked the boy. He squinted up at her and she gave him a smile, his eyes going to her shiny red lips. As she stood still the night breeze blew her red skirt, goose bumps appearing up on her legs. She didn't care though; the feeling was welcomed.

"Take a seat," he slurred, patting the sand. She sat down and buried her feet into the soft cold sand, smiling as the tingling feeling advanced up her legs. The smile stayed on her lips as she lifted her head up to the sky, her eyes closed. He watched her, completely amazed in his drunken haze. He realized he had either fallen asleep on the beach or was completely wasted. There was no way she was sat right by him, keeping him company. He wasn't that lucky.

"It's a nice night," she murmured, one eye opening and looking at him.

"I guess," he slurred, continuing his staring.

"Shouldn't you be tucked up in bed. I'm sure you have school tomorrow," she said, looking at him fully with big beautiful eyes.

"School sucks," he said, the grin that had been tainting his lips fading. "Life sucks."

"I could try and make it better," she said, leaning in close. He looked at her with curious eyes, slowly beginning to sober up.

"How?" he foolishly asked. She laughed and the sound was like music to his ears. Even in the darkness he could see the sparkle in her eyes.

"Oh I think we can come up with something," she whispered in his ear. He looked away from her eyes and down to her lips, noticing how red they were. They looked so tempting to his drunken mind that he couldn't stop himself. He moved closer to her and his lips connected with hers. He waited for the shove and the slap but there was nothing. At first it started as a sloppy kiss but with just a hint of guidance from the Goddess with him it became more. Her hand went to his neck, her nails dragging gently along his cold skin. His hand went to the back of her head, his fingers entwined in her long curly hair. Her lips left his and went to his neck. He had thought the tingling sensation had been intense on his feet but nothing compared to what he felt at that moment. It didn't stop him asking though.

"What's your name?" he asked quietly. She didn't answer him; she just kept up the assault on his neck and her hands moved under his t-shirt, her nails biting into his chest. Within seconds he couldn't remember what he had asked her. He tried again with a different question.

"What are you doing?" he asked, realizing afterwards that he was an idiot. As soon as he said it she pulled away and stared at him. She smirked at him before roughly pushing him down and climbing on top. She stared down at him, the sparkle in her eyes showing up more. In silence her hands left him and went to her own shirt, her fingers undoing the buttons slowly. As the last button came undone the smile on her face disappeared, lust taking over. Within seconds the red shirt was off and thrown into the sand...

As the sun came up in the early morning sky she stared out to the sea. Her long curly hair fell loosely round her face as looked down, buttoning up her shirt. When she was fully dressed she glanced at the boy passed out by her side. He looked like an angel as he slept on, unaware that he was still on the beach. She smirked and knelt down in the sand, kissing his forehead.

"Lucas. Dear Lucas," she murmured. "If only things were more simple."

When Lucas woke up a few minutes later she was gone, leaving him debating whether it had happened at all.


She came to him again, this time when he was sober. He had been laid in his bed, wide awake, as he remembered her. The gentle scraping on the door had alerted him to her. At first he had thought it was someone robbing the place but, as he slowly got out of his bed and opened the door, he realized that no one would bother robbing his area of the house.

He had waited a few seconds and listened to the visitor move around. It was when everything went silent that he reacted. He slowly opened the door and squinted out into the dimly lit room, finding her immediately. She just smiled up at him with the shiny red lips he knew oh so well.

"How did you..."

"None of that matters," she said, halting his words. She stood up from the sofa and stretched, the resemblance to a cat phasing the teenager. He glanced her up and down, taking in the short red dress she was wearing.

"The only thing I know about you is that you like red," he said, warning signs beginning to go off in his head. One look at the beautiful smile and any thoughts he had were completely gone again.

"I can't stay long," she told him.

"Why come here at all?" he asked slowly. The smile from that night appeared on her lips and she moved over to him, her lips seeking out his. He tried to push her away but she had strength that he had never felt before. Her hands went to his bare chest and she pushed him back into his bedroom, closing the door quietly behind them.

"We shouldn't be doing this. I don't even know your name," he said, trying to pull away. The smirk that he had found so breathtaking that night appeared and he was a goner. She pushed him right onto the bed and pounced on him.

When Lucas came round from sleep the next morning he found Matilda standing over him, tears in her eyes and a red bra in her hand. When she chucked it on to his chest he flinched, looking down and finding scratch marks on his skin. When Lucas glanced back up, he found disapproving looks from his family.


It was over. She sat across from them with a smirk on her face. She was the one handcuffed to the table and the one looking at a future in a prison cell and yet she was the one smirking at them.

"Game over," Peter said, satisfied with the result. His head hurt and his face would be bruised for a few days but he had caught the bitch. She just continued to smirk. Her attention went from Detective Baker and to the other police officer in the room. His arm was in a cast and he looked pale but he was there to see her confessions. That was all Jack Holden cared about. And yet she just continued to smirk at the both of them, as if she knew something they didn't.

"I think we're done here," Peter said, Jack agreeing. Her eyes stayed on Jack and she watched him stand up and go to the door. Just as he was about to walk out she began to talk slowly.

"How is Lucas? I hope the scratches weren't too deep. I was trying to be gentle with him but I just get so carried away," she said. His head whipped round and he looked at her, his face growing even more pale. Her smirk grew bigger. It took two police officers and Peter to stop Jack doing something they knew he would regret.


He stared down at the envelope on the ground, seeing his name written in red ink instantly. When they asked about the post, he just picked it up and stuffed it into his pocket, telling them it was nothing. He didn't want to read it. He wanted to throw it away and go to his family. Talk and laugh with them like he had for the last two months. He had almost forgotten about everything. Almost.

It was midnight when he opened the letter, taking in the neat writing in red ink. He read it over multiple times before the words sunk in. Even then he didn't fully understand it. She had killed people. She had hurt people he knew and loved. Yet he couldn't stop the feelings he felt as he read the words...

When Jack found his brother in the morning he was barely breathing, passed out in a pool of drying blood from the cuts on his arms. The cuts that spelt out two familiar names.


He saw her every single time he closed his eyes. He could feel her hands on his body and her soft lips on his. He had tried to cut out the feelings but had failed. Now he was the laughing stock of the Bay, everyone knowing that he, Lucas Holden, had fallen for the Summer Bay stalker.

The second time he tried to make the memories fade they decided that he needed help. With everyone judging him he was shipped off to a retreat. No one ever said mental institute to his face. They just talked in quiet voices about how Sarah Lewis met her at an institute.


She had found him with ease. A new name and a new image for herself. An occupation as a therapist for teenagers and she was ready. When she had found him she had done whatever it took to get herself assigned to his case. She had walked into the room full of confidence. He had come back from lunch to find her sat on his bed, waiting for him with a familiar smirk on her face.

She got a bright smile in return.


The call had been short and simple. The drive to their destination hadn't been. On the way Peter had only spoken once and that was to tell Jack that she had escaped from prison. The only thing Jack had done was give the detective directions to where Lucas was.

After a drive that seemed to have lasted forever, the race to Lucas's room had been a blur. They had raced up the flights of stairs and found the room, bursting in. Time came to a halt as they took in the scene.

She was on the floor, dark red blood tainted her top and her hands. A shard of glass lay by his feet, his eyes watching her. As the spark in her eyes dulled he felt nothing but relief. Eve Jacobsen was dead and Lucas Holden was guilt free.

The End.


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