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Lost (by -Jade-) - comments


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Wow! :o

When I first read this fic, it was during the Challenge, so my mind was set on judging according to the rules and guidelines. But, reading it now with no limitations, the story is amazing and ten times better! :D There we go, an honest opinion. ;)

This is definitely one of your best fics jackandmartha!!! Nice work. *Pats on back*

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I enjoyed this story, I really did. I thought the emotive language used was stunning, and the feelings described were so real to me. In saying that, some moments felt as if they were repeating ones that have had before. But it kind of worked.

I did love the openendeedness of the story though, I thought it worked well... and because of that, I don't feel the need for a sequel, because its better to leave people guessing.

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Thanks for all your comments guys - they are much appreciated. And Jess, thanks, as always for your fair and honest opinion, I agree with you about the repetitiveness. If I wasn't lazy, I would try and just work over it a bit but I can't be bothered (my laziness is terrible isn't it? lol).

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What a smashing fic. :)

Brilliant stuff girly. Well done.

However, a sequel is vital. Sevenpudd's, I disagree majorly. Leaving people guessing is not a good thing!! I want to know what happens! *stamps feet*

This is going to be one of those things that I'll never stop nagging you about you know? :) Aren't you glad you wrote this fic? lol.

Seriously though, fantastic piece of writing. I enjoyed a piece of writing that wasn't JM! :o Fancy that.. lol.

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