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In line with the New rules for fanfictions we would appreciate it if you would take five minutes to fill out the following information:

Topic Title – Enchanted

Topic Description – Jack, Martha, Lara

Type of story: one-shot

Rating: M

Main Characters: Jack, Martha, Lara

Genre: Romacnce, Comedy

Warnings: Mild SC

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: A Jack and Martha Romance

Thanks, the Librarians.

I decided to call it Enchanted, because of the holden charm i guess. :P

Here it is, i hope you enjoy it everyone especially PINK as she requested it. :P


Jack and Martha Romance


M Rated

Contains sexual language






It’s early in the morning, Jack can’t sleep. He thinks his current life is too good to be true, a beautiful wife who he is always with, that’s right always.

Now it is a few hours later, and it’s time that he woke that Martha up as she needs to get ready for work, as well as he does.

Have you guessed it yet?

To solve the problems Jack and Martha had in the past, Martha decided to train and become a policewoman so she can spend all of her days with Jack, and she is finding it really interesting, and is really enjoying it.

Jack and Martha are now ready, they walk into the police station all fresh and awake thanks them both having a couple of cups of coffee to help them get through the morning.

“Hey Fitzy.” Jack says.

“Hey Jack” Lara says.

“Hey Martha, I’ve seen you around you’ve been with us a couple of weeks now?” Lara adds.

“Yeah, that’s right 3 weeks today!” Martha says.

“So what are we working on today?” Jack asks.

“Well there has been a kidnap in Yabbie Creek, of a 13 year old girl.” Lara says.

“Do we have any leads?” Martha asks.

“Well, we don’t have the number plate of the car but we do have some descriptions of what the man looked like from a few civilians.” Lara says passing the descriptions to Jack and Martha.

“A dark brown haired man, aged between 30 to 35, had jeans on a leather jacket and a guns and roses t-shirt.” Jack says reading out the description.

“Yeah, well let’s get going, the sooner we’re out there the sooner we’ve got a chance of catching him.” Lara says.

Lara drives them both there in her police car she puts her nee-naw siren on, and she can hear them both in the background, kissing.

“Now, now there’s time for work, and there’s time for play, this work time.” Lara says.

“Yeah, you are right fitzy.” Jack says, putting a stop to his kissing session with Martha.

Lara’s point of view

What are they like? Martha becoming a policewoman just so they can spend all their time together, if only I had someone, I’d love to have someone like jack.

“Right we are here!” Lara says as she looks around to see loads of shops.

“I think, we will get to ask more people if I go on my own and you two go together, but remember don’t want you two going off onto a tangent.” Lara says.

“We shall meet back here at half five as there are a lot of shops, so there are a lot of people to ask.” Lara adds.

Lara walks off in the distance.

The time now was 1 o’clock in the afternoon, Martha and Jack felt like two school kids being told what to do and what does every school kid do when they feel like this? They rebel out of doing what they are supposed to do.

Jack can’t help but notice the Yabbie Creek Inn to his right.

Jack’s point of view

I feel so horny right now. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I know I shouldn’t be feeling like this while I’m on duty, it’s just it’s such a temptation seeing the Yabbie Creek Inn having my wife with me and not doing anything about it. I know the thought should not even enter my mind, but it has and I can’t resist the temptation.

Martha’s point of view

I’m ready to go and ask people about this man; I’ve got to set a good impression as I’ve only been there three weeks. But at the same time, I do want to make up for lost time with my hubby.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Jack says.

Martha nods.

Jack and Martha want to rush as fast as possible to the Inn, but they can’t incase someone spots them; they have to look casual even though inside they are both eager for one another.

They both arrive at the Inn.

The receptionist asks “Hello officers, how may we help you?”

“We would like to book a room for a couple of hours.” Jack says.

“Okay sir, we can offer you the afternoon package with complimentary strawberries and melted chocolate?” The receptionist responds.

“Yeah, we’ll have that.” Jack says.

“Okay that will be 100 dollars, would you like to pay by card or buy cash.” The receptionist asks.

“I’ll pay by cash, thanks.” Jack says handing over the 100 dollars.

“Here are your room cards.” The receptionist says.

“Thanks.” Jack replies.

“Enjoy your stay here!” The receptionist says as Jack and Martha walk off.

Jack uses his room card and lets him and Martha into their room.

“This looks lovely!” Martha says.

“Quick, draw the curtains before anyone sees.” Martha adds.

Jack draws the curtains, and puts the night light on.

Martha sees the rose petals on the double bed, of what looks like from four different coloured roses.

“This is perfect!” Martha says with glee, she so prefers this to asking people in shops.

“Glad you like it, it’s all for you.” Jack responds.

Jack and Martha both strip down to their underwear but carefully, hanging up all of their uniform along the way so that they don’t crease it.

They want a bit of foreplay first, before they do “it” to make them feel more relaxed and at ease with each other.

So the underwear comes off.

“Oh it feels so good.” Jack says in response to Martha’s “actions”.

Then the inevitable happens, they want to do it but have to wait for a while because the foreplay “activities” took some of Jack’s energy so the underwear goes back on for a while.

“Look, champagne!” Martha points out.

“No, we can’t fitzy will definitely know something is up then.” Jack says.

“Okay, we will have some another time then.” Martha responds.

“Now, how about some strawberries and chocolate.” Jack suggests.

“Yeah, how about them! I’ll go and get them.” Martha says.

Martha takes the strawberries out of their personal fridge, and the bowl of melted chocolate out of the small oven provided.

“It’s really neat isn’t it? How they can provide a fridge and an oven!” Jack says.

“Yeah, it is now close your eyes and you’ll get a surprise!” Martha says as Jack closes his eyes and she dips a strawberry in melted chocolate and puts it in his mouth.

“Mmmm, tastes gorgeous.” Jack says.

“Good, now where’s mine?” Martha asks cheekily.

Jack dips a strawberry in chocolate and places it in Martha’s oh so delicate mouth.

“Yummy, it tastes really refreshing.” Martha says.

Jack has now got his energy back, and has put his condom and now begins to ride Martha.

“I love you Martha.” Jack says as he goes in and out of her, like an eager customer to a sweet shop.

“I love you too Jack.” Martha says, with a massive grin on her face.

They have now finished, and Jack rushes off to have a shower.

Martha looks at the time, it’s now 4 o’clock.

Jack has had his shower, and comes out in a towel and asks Martha to pass him some boxers to put on.

Martha gets dressed, and is now ready and is thinking.

Martha’s point of view

Today has been fantastic. Jack is fantastic. I love him to bits. It’s one of the best times I’ve had with him in ages and it feels so right when you know you shouldn’t be doing it.

Jack’s point of view

I feel so good, ready to go out of here and pretend we have been asking people. Martha is Amazing. I’ve got everything I need when I have her.

Jack is now ready, and it’s 4:30.

“Okay, let’s go.” Jack says.

Martha and Jack come out of the room, and hand the room cards back to the receptionist walking out of the Yabbie Creek Inn.

“Right, we have one hour to ask as many people we can.” Jack says.

Martha and Jack rush around asking people, and one place managed to something the man’s bank.

Martha and Jack have the address of the man who has kidnapped the 13 year old girl.

It’s now 5.30.

Lara, Jack and Martha meet up.

“Manage to find anything?” Jack asks.

“No, because all of the shops down my side are either clothes shops or food shops.” Lara says feeling disappointed.

“Oh, well we managed to find the man’s address. That’s a good enough lead isn’t it?” Jack says proudly.

“Yeah, I would say so.” Lara says.

“How did you find that? The bank down the road does he’s accounts and they wouldn’t give us his address but we said it was a serious police investigation and that we need it and then they handed over his address.” Jack responds.

“Well, well done.” Lara says.

Lara drives both of them back to the police station, and this time they weren’t kissing in the back. I wonder why?

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