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Fan Fiction Request Thread


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I was talking to Jess (sevenpuddings) on Msn, and saying that if i didnt get told what to write then i wouldn't of wrote it for example if someone says to me they want a romance oneshot then i would be able to write it but if no one requested a romance oneshot i would not have been able to write it, i.e. i wouldn't have the inspiration.

Anyway, basically what this thread is about is say people want a fic (oneshot) to read but they can't write one themselves they can request one here, and then maybe after they have read the fic they requested that could help them find the inspiration to write their own fic.

So if you would want to request a fic which would be a oneshot then here is the place for you to do it! :P

Here is a small form to fill out when requesting a fic, if anyone wants to:


Pairings you would like to be in the fic:


If no one wants to request a fic, then that's okay it's just an idea i had came up with. The thread can be forgotten about, if people are interested then just fill out the form provided.

Also, if anyone is prepared to take on any of the requests we get then feel free, just inform the person who gave the request so they know who their oneshot is coming from.

Post and say whether you would either:

- Want to request a fic

- or be prepared to take on a request when there are some :P.

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This is a good idea Aaron. It might save the persistant stream of new threads requesting stories! Also like you say it might inspire the authors. There's an awful lot of threads pinned at the moment so I was going to suggest seeing how this goes and if it becomes popular we can pin it to the forum. Do you think that would be alright?

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